Agenda- Conservation Committee

Agenda for February 6, 2018, Conservation Committee Meeting

  1. Secretary Carol Beidleman
  1. Minutes
  1. Guests
  1. Timely distribution of minutes and agendas to the website.
  1. Review and amend annual report
  1. Review CC charter
  1. The goats maybe back (John R)
  1. The access to the Library Trail from Cuesta Lane (John R)
  1. Shed Tool Sharpening – All McClouds Maddocks and Rogue Hoes
  1. Schedule - treatment and/or removal Salt Cedar in Canoncito wetland area
  1. Status of signs for TH’s 2 and 3. Schedule posting these signs
  1. Report on Library trail project. Schedule Flagging of Library trail in preparation of sending notices to neighboring houses.

Reminder buy flags

  1. Report on status of Greenbelt Trails project (John Reynolds)

Jim Oliver -Gallina Park

Lois Owens - Southern Los Alamos.

  1. Pruning Trails – Tom Brimacombe.

15        Marking the Greenbelt access points

  1. Discuss workdays for trail 404
  1. Defer assignment of other projects until the second half of the year.
  1. Old Business – The chair – Whose hat is in the ring?
  1. New Business -  Do we wish to sponsor an earth day roads  and trails clean up