Agenda - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Board Working Session Agenda

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Open Meeting / 4:00 pm

Community Center Classroom Building


Call to Order/Attendance




Approval of Agenda


Variance Requests


  • · 31 Domingo Rd Homeowner is requresting a variance to allow for a new small

accessory structure to be built at the height of 10 feet tall.

  • · 10 Condesa Rd Homeowner is requesting a variance to allow for and existing coyote

to remain encroaching 11 ft into the 20 ft setback.


Consent Agenda Items


  • Review of March 15, 2018 Board Working Session Meeting Notes; March 21, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes; April 3, 2018 Special Board Meeting Minutes.
  • Review of March Covenant Compliance Report
  • Review of March General Manager’s Report

Action Items


#1 - Review of revised ECIA Drone policy and discussion of next steps – Young / Henriksen

#2 - Next steps on “Fees for Amenities” Option – Board

#3 - Review of proposals for collection-related legal services and discussion of next steps – Gutierrez / Henriksen

#4 - Draft Interim Procedures for Pesticide Application – Forneris / McDonald

#5 - Facilties & Grounds Committee Issues  – Forneris

  • Discussion leading to a vote at the April Board meeting on Elm tree removals near swimming pool.
  • Dog park safety issues: 1) dog owners violating ECIA leash policy going to and from vehicle to park 2) employee safety when working inside the dog park.
  • F&G Committee's request that the Board approve their Pool Recommendations.

#6 - Appointment of Stephanie Levy and Debra Link to Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee – Forneris / McDonald.

#7 - Review of changes in Architectural Plan Submission Form for New Construction –  McDonald

#8 – Paving of Aprons Project – Forneris / Gutierrez

#9 - Succession planning/refining Board officer duties – Henriksen / Forneris

#10 - Review of  ECIA Committees best practices documents – Henline / Price.

#11 – ECIA Board  Resolution Approving  Establishment of A Subcommittee  of  the Information

           Committee  /  Yard.

#12--Recommendation from the Information Committee to make the May edition of the Vistas go to the public after the announcement of the Board election, ie. May 10th.  


  • Conservation Committee Report – Henline
  • Election Committee Report – Price
  • February Financial Report – Gutierrez
  • Information Committee Report, including efforts to attract new members – Price
  • Road Committee Report – Henriksen
  • Review of Guidelines for ECIA postings on NDE – Price / Henline
  • Report on facility management software – Ugarte / Forneris

Open Board Discussion



Next Scheduled Meeting: ECIA Board of Directors Meeting -- Wednesday, April 25, 2018 in the Railroad Building / 7:00PM: Open Meeting