Agenda - ECIA Governing Board


Wednesday, October 24th , 2018

Open Meeting / 7:00 pm

Community Center Railroad Room


Call to Order/Attendance




Approval of Agenda


Consent Agenda Items


  • Review of September 24, 2018 Board Working Session Meeting Notes and September 27, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.
  • Review of September Covenant Compliance Report
  • Review of September General Manager’s Report

Action/Discussion Items – Old Business


  • Motion to approve Committee Charters (F&G, Finance, Info)
  • Committee Report

Action/Discussion Items – New Business

  • Motion to approve Variance Request at 52 Balsa Road
  • Motion to approve Facilities Rental Policy
  • Motion to approve Nomination Petition
  • Motion to Appointment of Jim Zebora to Information Committee
  • Motion to approve Holidays for Staff
  • Motion to reappoint Karen Murray to the Enviromental Advisory Ad-Hoc Committee and Facilities and Grounds Committee
  • Motion to formally Accept Financial Audit
  • Motion to move Stable Gate funding source
  • Motion to waive fees for artists at winter festival
  • Outreach program- Deputy Erin Lujan
  • La Paz Storage Requests -Navarro


Open Forum




Executive Session – Legal matters


Next Scheduled Meeting: ECIA BWS Meeting -- Monday, November 26, 2018 in the Clasroom Building / 4:00PM: Open Meeting