Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

                                                                                    BWS 1.18.18

Minutes. Met in the Classroom.

Present: President John Henriksen, Vice President Antone Forneris, Secretary Jody Price, Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez, Director Pam Henline, Director David McDonald,  GM Isabel Ugarte, GM assistant Jennifer Rodriguez.   

Consent agenda: GM Report: pet memorial discussion: David wants to continue this until Feb. David wants to set a time for the Board retreat. There will be an executive session at the end of the meeting as there are items regarding residents that need to be gone over.

Consent Agenda items:

  1. The December 18th BOD minutes. PH: wants to have the GM identified in the notes.
  2. December covenants compliance report.
  3. GM Report:
    1. contacted HOAMCO in ABQ regarding returned mail for undeliverable statements as they go to the HOAMCO office. Staff will be collecting these and get ahold of these homeowners and find their actual mailing address, email, phone, etc. so everyone can get their statement. The future statements will have forwarding addresses added to the envelope
    2. AGM update: had filled the position, with Wayne Harris, but he couldn’t commit to a starting date. Interviewed two other candidates. One interviewee will be meeting with Isabel and JH 1.19.18.
    3. Issue with not following through with the replacement reserve schedule and Isabel will be sending out the schedule for this reserve, so this doesn’t continue to happen. The schedule is spread out in 12 months. The finance committee and the Board will be receiving this to review.
    4. Call from a homeowner Mr. Bonjerno, as he wants to be refunded. A motion will be put on this on Monday.
    5. Stable and containers: met with Amelia Adair, and went through things she had questions on, people are using the containers, but some are not for their manure. Maintenance has been working with the stable owners for the manure. Can’t start on the billing for manure yet, as Isabel wants 2 pickups for the manure and needs a status update on this from Amelia.
    6. PH wonders if the agenda for the BOD meeting is given enough time to be posted online. Isabel said this is enough time as John and she writes it on Friday.

Variance Request: None for this month.

Action Items:

  1. David Yard’s appointment: In the event of a vacancy of the Board, there should be a vote to fill the role of the vacancy. David Yard was the only person who volunteered/applied. Vote on David Yard on Monday to be a Board member. The voting will occur early so David can sit with the Board.
    1. Put on item #1 on the agenda for Monday.
  2. Asset Panda: Online presentation for this group was sent in December. There were two presentations. 1 with Nolan Zisman, and 1 with Antone. This will help us to keep track of all our amenities, and it is custom tailored to ECIA needs. Isabel would like to try it out for a year. The staff does Work orders to fix things that are out of order and there is no way to track the work orders. Asset panda does this automatically for us and keeps it in the system and is a great way to see if the work orders have been completed. Maintenance can receive emails instantly to see what they need to fix for that day. Asset Panda provides training on this product. Software—new line item for the budget to cover the cost. Isabel will be resending information to the board. Jody asked how long this company would take to customize this to our needs and how long would it take to get all of our data into this program—we can upload our files quickly and easily, but it will depend on how long it takes for staff to understand the product. If this gets approved, the next day, Asset Panda will instantly start uploading all of our data. Jody will meet with a representative Bryce, next week to get his questions answered. DM asked if there is backup for this so nothing is lost: we can export the information.
    1. This will be put in February.
  3. Document destruction schedule: There was no retention schedule for the Election Committee added to the Retention Schedule. DM will be adding a motion for it. Isabel will be getting together with DM to discuss a schedule for how this will be done as this will be a major project for staff. DM wants staff to go through every document in our file bins to see if anything needs to be categorized or destroyed.
    1. #2 for New business.
  4. Developing fees for amenities: came up in the open forum. Jh suggested the Board to look at a fee/amenity. This is a three-step process: 1. Make sure our covenants and this idea don’t compromise the ECIA’s nonprofit function (what are legal restrictions). 2. Finance committee to draft a fee schedule/list. Ie. $5 per pool pass.
  5. Placement of Northern New Mexico house: high tipped house. Many neighbors complained about 12 Esquila Rd. as it didn’t match the other houses. In the future DM is requesting that any homes like this, like ground mat solar, send notices for the house being built so neighbors can discuss the possibility of not having the house be placed. PH pointed out that there is nothing that can be enforced on someone for building this house. DM said that we can have a dialogue on the house, but agreed that we cannot stop someone from building this kind of house. The goal is to be transparent and make sure that all neighbors are informed of what kind of home will be placed in ECIA. DM will work on the verbiage on the letter for how neighbors will be invited to discuss the building of new houses. This topic will be discussed at the February BWS.


  1. Conservation Committee:
    1. John Reynolds spoke about the Library Trail which will go from the Library all the way to the railroad trail. It is speculated that the trail may intrude on some people’s lots. Conservation committee will be getting approval from the county. CC didn’t think it needs a permit to do this but wants BOD approval. Will need to use machinery like a tractor-the bobcat. Would like to start this trail asap and it will take about a day to do. CC will flag the trail area so people know. CC also suggested a public meeting to let the community know about this trail. CC asked that there be a trail maintenance class so the community can help to keep the trails functional. An article in the Vistas will go out on this.    
    2. Esquesta lane: a resident has blocked a part of the greenbelt access and CC is asking for ECIA to have markers for the greenbelt. May have to do surveys for the county property and homeowner properties. Isabel will be getting in contact with the county to see what days will work for this tractor work—aiming for March.
  2. Election Committee-DM-it’s busy season as the bylaws are going out and the ballots are being designed.
    1. Agreement to serve will be given to the Board.
    2. Bette Knight and Butch G., election chair brought up the bylaws open forum.
      1. Have the agreement to serve added to the website so it can be reviewed.
      2. Objections to have real-estate contracts should not be public.
  • 11/32 comments from the forum will be discussed:
    1. Add the word written before notice: art. 3 sec. 2
    2. Proper grammar was tweaked on seven sections
      1. Agreeing with non-gendered pronouns.
    3. Article 2 sect 13: one sentence regarding the Board was changed to full-time resident should be someone who resides full time at a lot in Eldorado. 
      1. Was flagged for legal interpretation.
    4. Article 6 sect 1: written records: add organization to meetings
    5. Article 6 sect. 1: records should be written to the retention policy.
    6. Concerns were brought up at the forum: the board doesn’t have the right to higher a management company and the GM should report directly to the Board: Art. 9 1C: added: employers, management company, companies, etc, can be hired. So there is no concern whether a board could hire a management company.
    7. 9 sec. 1: added/changed the bylaws so members not in good standing could not be on committees or the Board. Reverted back to the current 4th amended language where someone has to be a member in good standing to be on these committees and board.
      1. Committees shall not take a life on their own: changed the beginning of the sentence and stated that the committee will not take authority from the board.
    8. 60 days was too long for posting for the annual meeting. The Board would have to agree or not about changing it to 30 days.
    9. 19 Board sanctioned committee members: want to be consistent. Changed to Board approved not Board authorized.
    10. 6: pointed out an extra word in the sentence and that was changed.
    11. R section: things were either removed or not seen as worthwhile comments.
    12. Bette will send the last section to the Board so they can see what was changed.
      1. Will have a motion on Monday about whether this should be passed.
    13. F&G Organization structure:
      1. the new bylaws will allow for subcommittees: Dog park, pool, landscape.
      2. Members can only comprise of members in good standing.
      3. Every ad hoc will have one member from F&G to report back to F&G. Will approach Nolan on this.
      4. Isabel wanted to go on record that when creating the ad hoc committees, Isabel checked that all members were in good standing.
      5. Will have the ad hoc committees for 1 year.
        1. Each ad hoc will be added to their own motions.
      6. Environmental Ad hoc: First meeting will be tomorrow.
      7. Financial report:
        1. The reserve will have about $330,000.
        2. End of the year financials will come out soon.
          1. A motion will be created on this.
        3. $150,000 will be available in April, the remaining amount will be left alone.
        4. Will be putting away $250,000 every year to build on the reserves.
        5. In the future, when investing, the board wants to keep the monies in local banks.
          1. Motion to take care of 2019 and 2020 and discuss for which banks will hold reserves.
            1. Isabel asked that Emily spies, our accountant to be on speaker to discuss this further on Monday.
            2. More research will be done to determine which bank(s) to use.
              1. Will move this idea until the February meeting.
            3. Will buying a new 2014 truck with 34,000 miles for ECIA. Traded in the old ECIA white truck.
              1. Motion to approve the truck.
            4. Information:
              1. Message to the Board for march: Jody—focused on what it’s like to be a new member of the board.
              2. Post on the bylaws will go online.
              3. Courteney and Jody met and will send information on the new website to the information committee at the February meeting. 2-3 templates will be designed, showed to the Information committee, then showed to the board. The website may go live in June.
              4. Nextdoor Eldorado: the goal is to post all of the ECIA events on nextdoor for PR.
                1. Will help to get the events out there.
                2. First dip into social media.
                  1. Would this open doors for people to expect more info, for people to reply to comments, would it deter people from looking at the ECIA website?
                    1. Could post that there would be a no response bar.
                    2. Put a link to the website in each post.
                  2. Create a technology committee?—sub committee to Information committee or change the purpose/title of information committee?
                  3. We need to start working on the annual report.
                  4. Information committee will start working on its charter.
                3. Road committee:
                  1. Felicia Probert was re-elected as chair. This is her 5th and last year.
                  2. There are wishes for the RAP project to continue in the fall.
                4. Stable:
                  1. Henriksen was warmly received as the liaison.
                  2. Amelia Adair was elected chair.
                  3. Talk of horse burials was discussed—JH will bring a prohibition regarding the burial of horses.
                    1. The water district is telling ECIA not to let the animals be buried in the land as it will allow for toxins to get into the water.
                    2. An alternative could be composting.
                    1. Pet memorial—pushed to February.

Drone policy: Mark has created a draft for this.—presentation on drones will be done by Melissa and will be presented at the February meeting.

  1. Safety corridor on 285 will be discussed: a small group of people is getting signatures for the petition. Matthew McQueen will be working on this project.
    1. Does 285—Pecos need a safety corridor? –seen as a dangerous area and adding the corridor could remove that danger.
  2. Board retreat: Isabel will be attending the board retreat. Feb 3, 11:30 AM -3:30 PM. Will decide the agenda for the meeting at the BOD.

The next meeting for the Board of Directors will commence 1.22.18

Notes taken and submitted by: Courteney Handy