Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Board of Directors Working Session March 15, 2018

ECIA Board Working Session Agenda

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Open Meeting / 4:00 pm

Community Center Classroom Building

Call to Order/Attendance- Vice President Antone Forneris, Secretary Jody Price, Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez, Director Pam Henline, and Director David McDonald were present. Not present were President John Henriksen and Director David Yard had excused absences. Staff: Isabel Ugarte had an excused absence. Jennifer Rodriguez, Mark Young, Courteney Handy were present.


Approval of Agenda—Jennifer will be removing the part of Antone moving his own motion. Approved by all.

Variance Requests:

3 Azul Loop requesting a variance to allow for a 2 foot tall coyote driveway liner/ fence to encroach 3 feet into the 50 foot roadside setback.—Moved to the consent agenda.

16 Herrada Road requesting a variance to allow for 2 6 foot tall screening fences to encroach 5 feet into the 20 foot rear setback.—Moved to the consent agenda.

General Manager’s Report

  • The late notices will go out March 30th to all residents who have not paid their dues. Office staff is working with the residents to clear the accounts.
  • Porch and Associates have finished their audit and copies are available.
    • Treasurer requested to have a motion to approve the audit in the next meeting-moved to the consent agenda.
  • Uriah Urioste and Loren Quintana have filled both positions of the maintenance positions. Both will assist with reports, and work around the ECIA.
  • HOAMCO, Isabel, and Michael Franciosi are looking for an Assistant General Manager.
  • Nominations petitions were accepted.-The Election committee looked through the nomination petitions and we have four candidates running. Claudia Ahlstrom, Antone Forneris, Emily McCormick, and David Yard. Announcements will be sent out via eblast, web posting, and the annual report.
  • The Contract with Poolpro is still being discussed and needs to be signed by Poolpro. Kelsae Pedersen—Pool Supervisor—will be returning to work in august, making the ECIA look for another supervisor to help after she leaves for work. Kelsae will continue to be the ECIA supervisor.
  • A quote was given regarding adding more parking lot lights outside- around $1500. Formal proposals will come from the Facilities and Grounds (F&G) committee.
  • The Railroad room floor is still being reviewed by Isabel and Jean Crawford.
  • Wi-fi was discussed. Century link will be giving more options for the Railroad building.


  • Motion from F&G was made to remove all four elms and the Russian olives.
  • Dog park signs were made and will be installed March 19th.
  • Pool ad hoc committee—met with Pool pro and reviewed the contract which will go to F&G, then the board.
  • Talk of raising the lifeguard hourly pay—could post ads at the community college.
  • $60,000 is in our budget for the Hike and Bike trails and it is being discussed how it will be utilized or if trails need to be fixed.
  • Stable Committee-March 29th is the scheduled horse count and stable check. Will be updating the horse files to be accurate on the horses, their shots, and records.
  • Information committee-Ms. DiAna Guiterrez and Marrilyn Ferrel, both are no longer members of the committee. Jody and Courteney will be working on the Welcome Packet and the new website design.
  • Formal contract will be drawn in the future regarding the insurance policy and the goats.—Notice will go out in the April Vistas regarding the goats.

Consent Agenda Items

  • Review of February 15, 2018 Board Working Session Meeting Notes; February 19, 2018 –Approved Board Meeting Minutes; and March 1, 2018 Special Board Meeting Minutes—Approved
  • Review of February Covenant Compliance Report
  • Review of February General Manager’s Report

Action Items

  • Review of revised ECIA Drone policy and discussion of next steps – Young / Forneris—Mark will continue to draft the policy and revise the revisions. A Vistas Article will occur in the future.
  • Review of Amanita Thorpe goat contract, including insurance coverage – Henline/Young-- Formal contract will be drawn in the future regarding the insurance policy and the goats.—Notice will go out in the April Vistas regarding the goats. Tape will be at the office so residents can mark off the areas they didn’t want the goats to walk on.
  • Review of ECIA Committees best practices and discussion of outreach by Board Liaisons – Forneris
  • Reviewed the idea of having Jennifer use her notary license to certify documents from ECIA residents. Jennifer will look into the HOAMCO policy regarding the purpose of a Notary Republic and what a notary can sign or not for HOAMCO/ECIA.
  • Review of proposals for collection-related legal services and discussion of next steps – Gutierrez / Forneris
  1. 1. Hays & Friedman 2. Moses Law Firm—The Board is leaning more towards the Moses Law firm.
  • Recommendations concerning tree removal at pool – McDonald/Forneris—Will post notices in the Vistas, website and will do an eblast.
  1. 1. Facilities & Grounds/ Heads Up – 2. Environmental Ad-Hoc/Paul Bryan Jones, ISA
  • Environmental Ad-Hoc Committee proposed Interim Pesticide Procedure -McDonald/Forneris-- F&G will be sending their proposal to cut the stumps to the board for approval. There was talk of having the trees taken down by herbicides. The least toxic materials must be used to remove the trees.
  • Changes in Architectural Plan Submission Form for New Construction – McDonald
  • Requirements for Meetings and rentals on ECIA Property –Handy—the question was asked as to whom should be required to bring insurance to the ECIA property if some members are not ECIA residents. Suggestions were: create a yearly waiver that members will sign. What about AA-doesn’t that remove the whole point of the group?
    • What about the $100 damage deposit?
      • This is topic is tabled.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Day, Annual Meeting, July 4th celebration –Handy—the volunteer appreciation is under way. Cowgirl will be served and volunteers will receive a padfolio. The annual meeting is set for May 7th. The 4th of July is underway. Band tryouts will occur March 31.


  • Improving HOAMCO relationship with ECIA by resolving financial reporting issues (including A/R concerns) and home sales reporting –Gutierrez / Forneris / Ugarte—Will be discussed further at the Finance committee meeting.
  • ECIA Legislative Team Report – Gutierrez—Will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Review of Guidelines for ECIA postings on NDE -- Price / Henline—will be discussed at the board meeting.
  • Report on facility management software – Ugarte / Forneris—Mentioned at meeting.
  • Conservation Committee Report – Henline—Nothing to report now.
  • Facilities and Grounds Committee Report – Forneris—Please see above.
  • February Financial Report – Gutierrez—Mentioned at next meeting.
  • Information Committee Report, including efforts to attract new members – Price—Nextdoor events will be utilized for ECIA. Courteney will start using the Nextdoor event tool to promote events at ECIA. Jody will draft a form on how we want committee members to interact with social media. The next board article will be coming from Pam. A future issue will be covering all of the amenities.
  • The road committee was discussed and mentioned as the county is still grading roads and the discussion of R.A.P. and the roads that may be completed in the future. Would the R.A.P. be a solution to the dust problem in Eldorado—No. ECIA has no position on R.A.P., it is up to the county. The county and Road committee should work together on future project. –Will discuss again at the April meeting.
  • Establishing ECIA Pet Memorial – McDonald

Open Board Discussion


Next Scheduled Meeting: ECIA Board of Directors Meeting -- Wednesday, March 21, 2018 in the Railroad Building / 7:00PM: Open Meeting

Notes recorded by Courteney Handy