Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

                                             Board of Directors Meeting  DRAFT 1

May 23rd, 2018  


The monthly meeting of the ECIA Board of Directors was held on Wednesday May 23rd, 7 PM at the Community Center, Railroad Room.


President David McDonald called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


The roll was called and the following members answered present: Director Henline (PH),   Vice Claudia Ahlstrom (CA), President McDonald (DMD), Director Emily McCormick (EM), Secretary Jody Price (JP) and Treasurer Gutierrez (TG).

President McDonald announced that there was a quorum and proceeded with the meeting.


Mark Young



President McDonald announced that there would be a community open form on Monday June 4th from 6 to 7:30 for discussion of any topic the residents wanted to speak about, and that this would be done in an informal setting.

He also stated that now, and into the future, and at the request of the ECIA  Environmental Ad Hoc Committee, the ECIA at all meetings and special Events would stop using the single use plastic bottles and would use water pitchers and containers and urged all to bring their own water bottles. This will be communicated to the residents in the near future via an e-mail posting and web-blast.

President McDonald announced that there may be some issue with the Pool opening this weekend and that if it opens the water will only be 62F and that this would be cold for many.  As well, Pool manager Kelsey Peterson, reported that they had had some issues with getting the pool chemicals balanced out property but that this should not hold up the opening.  He said to stay tuned on this issue.

Secretary Price then made an open apology to Mr. John DiAmore for comments that he had made at a previous Board meeting. 

President McDonald then made an open Apology to Resident Claudia Daigle for the fact that she had not been given the full 5 minutes under open Forum at the April Board Meeting.  




Consent Agenda: 


05.25.01  Treasurer Gutierrez moved to approve of the April 15th Board Working session notes, April 25th 2018 Board Meeting Minutes and April 3, 2018 Special Board Meeting Minutes. This motion was seconded by Vice President Ahlstrom and passed unanimously.

New Business

05.25.02:     President McDonald moved that the ECIA Board of Directors approve of the variance which has been applied for by resident, Jacy Oliver, and recommended for approval by the Architecture Committee. This Variance request is to allow for construction of small accessory structure at a distance of 37 feet from the primary home and more than the maximum allowed distance of 15 feet. The stipulations attached to this approval are as follows:  

  1. Resident shall paint the shed one solid green color to match the color of the local vegetation.
  2. Resident shall add 16 feet of wood screening fence panels to existing fence to screen the structure from the east.
  3. Resident shall plant a shrub or tree on the west side of the structure to better screen it from neighbors to the west.

Due to the fact that the applicant and the neighbor did not want to build a fence for screening, the Board said that if they wanted to do this they would be required to come back to the Architecture Committee with a variance request to allow for the shed to remain without the screening fence.  This motion was seconded by Secretary Price and passed unanimously.


05.25.03:   Director Henline made a motion to approve of the use of the following policy or the ECIA/HOAMCO office regarding the use of a NM Notary Seal for Eldorado residents This policy would require that any resident may have an appropriate document notarized for free by making an appointment with the office, bringing a valid photo ID, bring any necessary witness with their current and valid photo ID, and bringing lean and organized paperwork which needs the notary seal.  This motion was seconded by Secretary Price and passed unanimously. 

05.25.04:   Director Henline made a motion to approve of the attached waiver, release and indemnification form which is to be used by all volunteers, which includes ECIA residents and guests.  Treasurer Gutierrez pointed out that since minors under 18 could not sign  such a form without their parents signature, that the form should be change to read: If under 18 years of age, will also need signature of Parent of Guardian.  All were in agreement with staff making this change, as a condition of the approval and the motion passed unanimously.

05.25.05:   Vice President Ahlstrom moved that the ECIA Board of Directors approve of up to $2000.00 to create a new entrance to the Dog Park near the northeast corner to avoid conflicts at the pool entrance during the summer.  This would be done by ECIA maintenance crew beginning in June of 2018.  This motion was seconded by Secretary Price and passed unanimously.





  1. President McDonald provided a brief report on various issues at the stables including issue relative to the water meters and that there are still issues with some not reading property and this is being addressed. As well he reported that the manure management program was working well and that they are working on an Emergency Management Policy as well as a meet and greet with the new Board.
  1. Secretary Price reported that he had attended the election committee meeting and that they were working on ensuring that a staff member was present at the lower office area to show where the ballet box was located. They also are researching the protocol for the shredding the ballets from the recent elections and the committee would be contacting our attorney on this issue.
  1. President McDonald reported on the Environmental Ad Hoc Committee and that they continue to work on a policy for Pesticide Application at the ECIA and have come up with a draft document on this issue. He also reported that member Karen Murray was working with the F & G Committee to come up with an integrated pest management policy for the ECIA.
  1. Vice President Ahlstrom reported that the F and G had recently overseen the resurfacing of the parking lots as well as striping. She also reported that they would be involved in the new entrance to the Dog Park.
  1. Treasurer Joe Gutierrez reported from the Finance Committee that his recent reviews have shown that there are only 120 persons who were past due and where liens would be filed against their properties. Overall he said that the community was in good shape financially. He also said that the collections will be moving from Carpenter Hazelwood to a hew collections agency in July.  
  1. Director McCormick reported that she had attended the Information Committee meeting and that there had been discussions on the status of the new website and new logo as well looking into becoming more visible in social media avenues in the future. She also reported that they are looking into either updating or replacing the Marquees possibly with electronic ones with LED lighting.
  1. President McDonald reported that the Road Committee had further discussed the RAP issue and that they were working towards having a meeting with the County and the BetterEldorado group and Felecia Probert pointed out that the County has a hold on the RAP program until further notice.




Open Forum:

  1. President McDonald reminded all that he had a lap top set up on the Board Table so that speakers could see their time left to speak.
  2. The 1st residents were Patrick and Alice Kane of 5 Duende Road who addressed the Board concerning the need for better notification of the monthly Board Meetings. They also asked that that the ECIA or HOACMO develop an organizational chart so that the residents knew of who reported to whom and this would help in knowing where to address complaints or issues. They lastly stated that they felt that having the office closed in the middle of the day was a problem, especially at 10 AM, which recently had occurred.
  3. The 2nd resident to speak was Karen Logan of 13 Duende Road who asked the Board for an update on the Boards process for Evaluating HOAMCO and she asked that residents be involved in this process. President McDonald reported that he would be working with Director McCormick on this issue and would have more information on this. He also stated that part of the evaluation process would be interviewing both Staff member and Committee members. 
  4. The next resident to speak was Gershon Sigel of 11 Bonito Road who wanted to make everyone aware of the new Eldorado Classes and Lectures Series which were on the website at www.eldoradocandl.com and he encouraged all to attend these and be a presenter if they could.
  5. The next resident to speak was Claudia Daigle of 4 Conchas Court who asked about the Board Policy regarding the calling of the Police on residents as this has now happened twice to her and she did not feel that these incidents justified having the Police called.
  6. The next resident to speak was Russell Winslow who questioned the Board about the issue of the voting results not being in the Vistas Newsletter but it was pointed out him that he was mistaken and that they were in the Vistas.
  7. Resident John DiAmore then thanked the Board for a well run meeting.
  8. Resident Gwen Sperling spoke last and thanked the Board for a peaceful meeting with good tenor and urged all in attendance to promote a peaceful community as that is why we all moved here.





The Meeting was adjoined at 8:33 PM and the Board went into executive session. 

Submitted By: Mark Young