Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the May 10,2017 meeting

  1. Call to Order; David Lovro called the meeting to order at 4:00pm.
  2. In Attendance were committee members Lee Onstott, Karen Murry, Fred Raznick, David Lovro, and Russell Winslow approved absence; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte and assistant Gloria Silva; Mike Armijo Maintenance; ECIA board members Antone Forneris, Joseph Gutierrez treasurer and Dan Drobnis; Public Attendees: Felicia Probert, Chris Harrell, Pool Subcommittee group: Mary Ellen Donat, Jean Crawford, David Borton, Michael Schneider; Landscape subcommittee: Sueann Armstrong and DeAnn Gutierrez; Peter Alexander Heads Up Landscaping. Nolan Zisman looking to join F&G committee.
  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved
  4. Approval of April 5, 2017 Minutes: Approved
  5. Public Comments:
  6. a) Felicia Probert discussed the upcoming Road Committee meeting     June 8 2017 with Robert Martinez  County Manager. Invited F&G committee to attend.
  7. b) Dan Drobnis requested a review of the F&G  2017 projects for the Finance Committee.
  8. GM Update:
  9. a) Isabel and Gloria discussed the removal of the Prairie Dogs from the Soccer field in April. Company will be back in June to check if successful. Weeds were cleared and mounds leveled in the area.
  10. b) Pool serviced and set up for opening in late May.
  11. Old Business:
  12. a) Heads Up Landscape company, represented by Peter Alexander, was retained by HOAMCO to work on Community Center Landscaping needs. They requested a variance to use a natural weed controller for removal of invasive clover in the newly planted grass area. ECIA needs to be informed ( with herbicide labeling) to get approval for one time use.

Antone and HOAMCO GM Isabel will review the environmental ECIA policy about herbicide use in Eldorado.

Will be reviewed in June meeting.

  1. b) Pool Subcommittee: 4 members in attendance. Dan Drobnis would like an overview plan to proceed with pool maintenance. Pool decking is a problem. Antone and HOAMCO GM Isabel are requesting a pool expert to review the pool and prioritize pool repairs and maintenance.

The Pool Subcommittee is requested to observe the pool and make written reports of Pool repair and maintenance issues.

If Pool decking is still a problem, pool shoes are recommended.

  1. c) Labyrinth Project was reviewed with Chris Harrell. Costs were discussed. Karen Murry offered a roll of weed cloth to help lower costs.
  2. d) Pazer Rating, Chusco to Ave Buena Ventura, awaiting rating from County review.
  3. e) Azul: can a path be made on road shoulder or side of Azul for pedestrian/car safety? Can Azul be moved to a priority list for review, before anyone is hurt.
  4. f) With help from 3 committees, Facilities and Grounds, Road and Conservation; a master plan for hike bike paths around Eldorado is being reviewed.
  5. g) Landscape Sub-Committee: Review of new planter boxes and stairway/ADA compatible ramp for Community Center.

Bids reviewed and Heads Up was recommended.

Motion: Fred Raznick: F&G Committee recommends entering into a contract, as proposed, with Heads Up.

  1. h) Dog Park Mulch: Looking for an affordable and acceptable mulch for the dog park. Need to work on drainage at Dog Park entrance.

8)     New Business:

        a)Felicia talked about the formation of the Wildflower Conservation Zone with Karen Murry on West Herrada Road. County traditionally mows the bar ditches of paved roads. Herrada Road is now paved. To prevent County mowing and encourage growth of wildflowers and wildlife, Herrada Road residents  are working with the County to adopt sections for homeowners to clean up and encourage wildflower growth.

 Opt In: Homeowner do not want to be mowed and take responsibility for their bar ditches,

 Opt Out: Homeowners want the County to mow.

  1. b) Nolan Zizman would like to join F&G committee but cannot do 4-6 time slot. Committee approved moving meeting time to 3-5pm.

9)     Committee Comments: None

10)   Next Meeting: June 7, 2107 with 3-5pm time frame

11)   Adjourn 5:55pm