Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the July 11, 2018 Meeting

Call to order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3:05pm

In Attendance were Karen Murry, Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, Russell Winslow, Lee Onstott, David Lovro, Todd Handy; ECIA Board Liaisons Claudia Ahistrom and David McDonald; Board Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte, Maintenance Supervisor Roberto Hurtado, Courteney Handy, Assistant  GM Julie Navarro, Assistant to the GM Anna Hansen; Pool Supervisor Kelsae  Pederson; Pool Ad Hoc Committee representatives: Jean Crawford, Mike Schneider; Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee representatives: Marie Aragon; Public residents  Carrie Morgan Cannella, Kathy Aishiole, Jon D’Amore.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of June 6, 2018 Meeting minutes: Approved

Public Forum: David McDonald read the Community civil conduct rules for public comments.

  • Kathy Aishiole asked who is responsible for maintaining the three Eldorado entrances: County maintains the easement right way; entrance at Amistad (Joe Miller/County); Ave Vista Grande (County); Ave Eldorado (La Paz). Who is responsible for Agora marque and CC marque? The signage at Agora is owned by Agora management but sign notification is from ECIA. CC Marque is ECIA.
  • Carrie is a baseball coach and was very happy with the maintenance of the multi sport field. Nolan described the two phases proposed for the field and the hopes that more Eldorado teams will be able to enjoy their use. Carrie asked if there was any plans for fundraisers to help improve the field. Nolan asked for possible ideas.

Security screening and portable pitcher’s mound for baseball field. Nolan would like to work with Carrie for project ideas and help planning. Motion was made to move forward with the security screening and portable pitching mound for the baseball field. Approved by committee.

GM Update:

  • Pool Operating Issues: Kelsae is in contact with pool equipment vendors (tarp and reels) to get quotes for purchase and repair costs. GM will forward the pool proposal.
  • Poo; tree Stump Cutting: Heads Up Landscaping quote was for flush cut of tree clump at backwash area. The stumps were additionally ground down.
  • Dog Park Entrance: New east summer entrance to the dog park will be complete in a few days and handicap parking spot and gravel path has been completed.
  • Critter Elimination: Gophers are being eliminated by Gopher Patrol. The prairie dogs are being caught and transported to new habitats.
  • Retaining Vendor for 2018 Hike-Bike Path Maintenance: GM asked 7 vendors and none replied. Lee has RL Leader response but no quote. They plan to come and inspect the scope of the project work.
  • Pickle ball Demonstration Project: ECIA Board tabled the project until more info could be gathered on price, location and striping.
  • Railroad Room Floor Replacement: Project may start in early August with a two week pre-notification. New flooring with be polished concrete.
  • EAWSD: ECIA CC is receiving large monthly water bills from EAWSD since April. Looking into reasons for larger water billing, possibility of leak and how to remedy this new problem. HOAMCO and EAWSD are not in agreement about meter readings. F&G Committee asked if meters can be inspected. David McDonald will talk to EAWSD to see if we can resolve this issue.
  • ECIA management is now fully staffed with a new Asst. GM and Asst. Manager.
  • Poll Consulting study: Rusty with Pool Pro will review pool contract for scope of work. The Pool Pro Contracting Study will be brought up at the July 26th ECIA Board meeting. Russell reminded F&G that Pool Pro is already approved and just needs a contract and signage.
  • Isabel would like to create a monthly small Bio to highlight two staff members.

Board Liaison Update: July 23 4pm ECIA Board working meeting and July 26 7pm ECIA Board meeting.

David asked about Pool weather notification alerts.

Kelsey has set up Thunder and Lightning text alerts and would also like to set up an alert system on Facebook. Info committee would like the alerts to only go out to Eldorado residents.

Ad Hoc Updates:

  1. Pool: Mike supplied a list of possible pool activities. Nolan asked Mike to prioritize list. Todd mentioned two complaints, one about conflict with lap swimmers, and one that the swim teams only be Eldorado residents. GM Isabel mentioned that 1400 pool stickers/passes were distributed this summer so far. Jean would like to propose a swipe card(bar code) be used in pool passes to monitor pool usage. Water Polo would like to have games Thursday instead of Wednesday. A youth triathlon is being organized for later this summer. Triathlon combines swimming, biking and running and would provide a goal for kids to develop their fitness, focus, discipline while enjoying the community’s amazing infrastructure. ECIA Board will review insurance to see about liability.
  2. Dog Park: Taylor, Courteney and Marie met to discuss and compile a new set of Rules and Regulations for use at the dog park. Taylor and Marie finalized the results and upon agreement of members, sent copies to Courteney and Nolan. These will need to be approved by the ECIA Board. Taylor will go to the Monday July 23 4pm working meeting to request review of changes. Dog Park Charter was written by Marie, reviewed and approved by Ad Hoc Committee and sent to Nolan. A large one way directional sign is requested for the CC parking lot to keep the flow of traffic going safely. Especially important with the new summer east entrance to the dog park. Marie asked about the need for more wood chips be used in the dog park. Request was made for more dog poop bags for containers.
  3. Hike/Bike Paths: The County has completed their 2018 PASER evaluation of the network. Lee and Nolan will meet with County rep. at CC on July 12 at 8:30am to go over the County PASER rating for the hike/bike paths, and discuss the right-of-way along Ave Eldorado, Torreon to the Stables, and get the recommendations for a civil engineer to study the base course portion of Ave de Compadres. Need to review and come up with a viable weed abatement treatment for problem sections on Compadres Hike/Bike path.
  4. Environmental Advisory: Russell Winslow nominated for Environmental Advisory membership. As depot flooring project has very little out-gassing (most during floor construction) committee recommended 2 week notification before (e-blast, marque and signage), signage and caution tape during construction, and signage for one week after. Hike-Bike path maintenance, ECIA Board requested approved vendors to please consider our eco-friendly environment and to please use eco-safe herbicide if possible. ECIA Board asked for a special joint meeting of Environmental Advisory and F&G to work on ideas for CC weed abatement and CC ailing piñon trees (possibly 9 trees) treatment options.

Old Business:

  1. Depot Building Lighting: ECIA needs an electrician/ contractor already vetted and ready for bids. F&G will explore how to set up a list of reliable vetted vendors for use in 2019.
  2. 2019-20 R&R Planning (Need to make assessments of amenities up for replacement, including review task force). Nolan will take recent updates/ revisions to Finance Committee for review at their 7/16 meeting.
  3. Digital Marque Sign Pilot Project at CC entrance: Review of CC Outdoor sign replaced with 80” TV Monitors as a demo project.

Need for a second F&G Meeting due to length of Agenda and R&R review.

Follow-up meeting set for Friday July 13 at 1:30pm at the CC.

Adjournment: 5:15pm.