Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the July 5, 2017 meeting

  1. Call to Order: Fred Raznick called the meeting to order at 3pm
  2. In Attendance were committee members Lee Onstott, Karen Murry, Fred Raznick, and Russell Winslow. ECIA Board Representative: Antone Forneris; ECIA Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; Finance Committee Chair Dan Drobnis; Pool Ad Hoc Representative: Jean Crawford;  Nolan Zizman (prospective member) and Public visiter Todd Hardy. Member David Lovro was an excused absence.
  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved after correction of meeting start time on agenda and on website- 3pm instead of 4pm.
  4. Approval of June 7, 2017 minutes: Approved
  5. GM Update via e-mail: 1) Dog Park mulch and drainage issue: Mulch was donated by the county and it has been spread at the dog park. Drainage: Lee and Isabel decided that the ground level needs to be surveyed before a plan is draft to solve the drainage problems. Rick Chatroop has been contacted to do the survey of the ground levels. As soon as the survey is completed Lee will create a plan to fix the drainage problem. 2)Prairie Dog Update: Trent Botkin will be back in late July early August to check the field. He will keep us updated as to what the schedule looks like. 3)Basketball court at Compadres park: Gloria, Mike and Isabel inspected the basketball court at Compadres Park and it is in a very poor condition. The basketball court needs to be redone. Isabel will contact contractors to provide bids to redo the basketball court. Isabel will update as she receives the bids. Dan Drobnis reviewed the F&G Finance budget and moved the scheduled $32000 repair budget from 2019 to 2018. He requested that the Community Center basketball court be reviewed as well to group both projects together if needed. 4) Pool Deck and Inspection Update: Isabel has been working with the two pool contractors on the matter. As soon as she starts to receive their bids and reports she will update the committee. She is still working on a third contractor. Questions were raised about whether we need pool contractors or a pool system engineer to help comply bids for repairs and replacements in a master plan. 5) Policy on pest Control: The Board will be revising the current Pest Control policy. Staff have been authorized to go by the current policy until revision is posted. Fred Raznick requested and received copy of the ECIA pest control and pesticide prevention policy. Main points were; non chemical, least toxic as cost allows and the notification of residents if spraying or herbicide are used. Fred recommended HOAMCO notify “Belicia Estates” about herbicide spraying as a curtesy. 6) Community Center and grounds maintenance and repairs:a) Breezeway project has been completed. b) drainage by the railroad room entrance closest to the parking lot will be addressed most likely by Heads Up since they did a great job on the sidewalk by the breezeway. c) Isabel is receiving bids to remove old paint and repaint the railroad room. d) Isabel has received three bids for the barn to be repainted. Question was raised if the barn needs to be painted or stained? e) Carpet in the classroom will be redone. f) Sidings around the Community Center will be repaired. g) Inspection of roofs will be performed. h) Window trim will be repaired as well as power washed. i) the CC and Pool septic system will be pumped. 7) ECIA CC parking lot: Contractors have been contacted to come out and inspect the affected aras in the parking lot and provide bids for resurfacing/paving/striping. 8) Hike Bike trails: Isabel, Lee and Russell have put together an RFP for the trail work. This RFP has been sent to the following companies: Action Asphalt of New Mexico, Sunland Asphalt, Armour Pavement Inc., AFJ Custom paving and GM Emulsion.
  6. ECIA Board Representative Update: Antone Forneris discussed the ECIA board review of the HOAMCO contract. Mr Forneris also discussed the EAWSD/ Stables issue.
  7. Old Business:a) Hike/Bike Trails Update:The County and Chusco to Ave Buena Ventura Project, maintenance for the year ahead. Lee and Russell will try to have bid proposals available for the August meeting. Board can schedule a a special meeting to review and approve hike/bike repairs. Nolan Zisman suggested and F&G approved a Proposal: designated Board member and Chairman of F&G to meet with County Public Works to pursue rehab of Chusco to Ave Buena Ventura Hike/Bike Path. b) Landscape Ad Hoc Committee: CCBreezeway Project: completed. New Planting planned outside the blank Pool Wall and outside of Dog Park Fencing with be discussed next month. c)Pool Ad Hoc Committee: Jean Crawford reviewed a letter from a pool contractor last fall and would like HOAMCO to receive a bid from this company. Russell requested to receive and review the two bid proposals GM Isabel received for pool maintenance. d) Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee: Russell Winslow analysis and comments regarding replacement of the dog park fencing and other fencing. Fencing needs to comply wit the Community Aesthetics. Russell reviewed the fencing around the dog park and damaged posts and rails can be removed and replaced. Russell estimates costs around $10000 to replace 20% of the fence. Would like to review bids for replacement and just repair. Russell offered an opinion that considering repair costs it would be cost effective to replace the existing dog fence and gates. Russell will work with Isabel about dog park and possibly ballpark fencing repair. e) Labyrinth Project: Chris has started project and will update at August meeting. f) Water Tower: Maintenance of water tower was discussed. It was the consensus of the committee to repair the railings.
  8. New Business: a)Nolan Zisman regarding a “previously used” tracking of Problem Tickets, i.e, how problem issues are brought to F&G and tracked until the problem is resolved. Nolan distributed a Problem Ticket Process Flow Chart. Nolan would like to see a log created and start monitoring problem issues. ECIA Rep, Antone proposed reviewing what Isabel suggests to identify and follow problem issues and repair response. An electronic log and report book with repairs was discussed. b) GM review 2018 draft budget with F&G and discuss major F&G components. c) Have Earth Day Eldorado clean up Day be reestablished. Have a Pre- Eldorado Studio Tour May clean up day to beautify Eldorado for guests visiting the Eldorado Studio Tour in mid May.
  9. Committee Comments: See above.
  10. Next Meeting: August 2, 2017
  11. Adjourn 4:50pm.