Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the January 10, 2018 meeting

Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3:02pm

In Attendance were committee members Karen Murry, Nolan Zisman, David Lovro, Russell Winslow and Lee Onstott; ECIA Board Representative

Antone Forneris; ECIA Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; HOAMCO Maintenance Mike Armijo; Pool Ad Hoc Representatives: Jean Crawford, Mike Schneider; Dog Park Ad Hoc Representative: Marie Aragon; Landscape Ad Hoc Representative: David Lovro; Public Attendees: Dan Drobnis, Todd Handy, Paul Fink, and Sue Shriver; Fred Raznick excused absence.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of November 1, 2017 minutes: Approved

Public Forum:

  1. Jean Crawford noticed Community Center parking lot had a few areas with inadequate lighting and felt HOAMCO maintenance should evaluate lighting situation and try to remedy for safety.
  2. Jean Crawford noticed during Tuesday night’s public speaker meeting in the Rail yard room that the lighting was inadequate. Asked that Rail yard room lighting be evaluated and maybe increased.
  3. Jean Crawford asked about a line item at the budget meeting about Direct TV access.
  4. Jean Crawford suggested F&G inquire of HOAMCO GM if we can save money on rented port a potty’s used around Eldorado. Suggested we get a bid from Andie’s as a possible lower cost rental company.
  5. Paul Fink and Sue Shriver attended F&G meeting to explore Eldorado’s committees and learn about Eldorado.

GM Update:

  1. a) Tennis Court windscreens: Conflicting homeowner reports were received about whether to take down or leave up the windscreens over the winter. Maintenance Supervisor will look into the matter to address all issues. Nolan suggested for the wind screen on the south side fence, looking into making it retractable so players or staff could put it up or down, depending on needs. Issue was raised about flapping net on Tennis court. GM and maintenance will inspect to determine if new nets are needed, or if repair is in order.
  2. b) GM will look into options for dimensional wood used in ECIA exterior applications (Decks, benches, fence posts). Wood can deteriorate quickly vs more expensive plastic wood products. Will explore options with Jean Crawford.
  3. c) Water Tower Railing: JC Handyman Services rebuilt all the railings and replaced 3 cracked boards underneath where the tank sits and repainted all the railings.
  4. d) Prairie Dogs: Are in hibernation. Trent will be back out for an inspection in April.

     Gophers: Gopher patrol is called out as needed.

  1. e) Environmental Ad Hoc Committee: The Committee’s first organizational meeting will be January 19 2018 at 3pm at the CC.

Mr. McDonald drafted an Interim Procedure for Pesticide/Herbicide Application to be reviewed by the Ad Hoc Committee.

Board Liaison Update: Antone Forneris

  1. Requested F&G resend list of Ad Hoc Committee members to ECIA    board for 2018. F&G secretary Karen Murry sent list to Antone to forward to ECIA board.
  2. ECIA board is evaluating health and safety at the Community Center.

Requesting HOAMCO GM Isabel consult with the Fire Marshall about CC room occupancy rates. Also installation of safety panic bars at doors, and ADA accessibility to CC.

  1. c) ECIA Board is interested in investigating air quality around Eldorado (road dust, odor from glues and paints).
  2. d) Expressed a desire for an Official survey be created and sent out to Eldorado owners (mail and website), for feedback on Eldorado amenities (pool, tennis courts etc).

Sub-Committee Updates:

  • Pool:

The following Companies were provided with the Pool RFP:

Armando with A1 Pools: Will submit a bid week of 1/15/18

Adam with Bluewater Pools: Is not interested in bidding.

Jacob with Lee Sure Pools: Did not reply to our phone calls or e-mails.

Steven with Poolside Services: Has sent bid

Rusty with Pool Pro: Has replied

Nolan will see to it that standing and pool ad hoc committee members receive the rest of the proposals for their review of all proposals and  recommendations. These should happen as soon as possible so that all repairs needed to keep the pool in operation in 2018 can be scheduled before the upcoming summer pool season.

  • Landscape: Long term project completed. Will move forward with upcoming planting projects after Pool review.

   SuAnne Armstrong resigned Ad Hoc Committee and will be missed.

  • Dog Park: Maintenance Mike Armijo:Fence repair is 90% completed. Sprinkler heads will be removed and tripping hazard corrected by end of January. New chipper purchased by HOAMCO will be used to grind down new wood chips for the dog park. Marie requested that area under new gate be dug down and gravel added to prevent ponding problems. She also requested a larger dirt bern be added along fence to prevent erosion. Short survey by the Ad Hoc felt the walk to new gate was a bit long. Ad Hoc would like to have an updated new dog park sign. Marie would like to be notified of the upcoming parking lot planning meeting to voice requests from the dog park about parking. Marie Aragon and Jean Crawford will work together to create a parking lot stripping design to benefit both pool and dog park.
  • Hike-Bike Paths: Hike/Bike path along Ave. Torreon past the Senior Center, AFJ corrected the dips with asphalt at water well access. Lee will attend January 11th meeting with County to review upcoming Eldorado Hike-Bike path projects and funding.The projects are the “base course” portions of the path along Ave de Compadres; Ave Vista Grande between Chusco and Ave Buena Ventura; and two smaller segments along Ave Vista Grande, one near the intersection with Ave de Compadres and another near the intersection with Ave Casa Del Oro that have drainage problems.

   ECIA Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez expressed that the board would like to                             

   work with the County to match funds to be able to schedule upcoming

   hike-bike projects. Lee would like replacement signs purchased to 

   replace existing worn unreadable signs. Request was made to ensure

   2018 PASER rating are developed. 

  • Multi-purpose Field: Still awaiting word on Prairie dog relocation efforts.

Old Business:

  • F&G Officer Election:

   Nolan Zisman was elected Chairman

   Fred Raznick was elected Vice-Chairman

   Karen Murry was  elected Secretary

  • F&G Charter-Mission Statement was approved.
  • Prairie Dog Remediation: HOAMCO GM Isabel is still reviewing options for homeowners to use to mitigate/eliminate the rodent problem and check state regulations on prairie dog status.
  • Depot Building Flooring: HOAMCO GM Isabel is still reviewing possible flooring options. Will look into low odor glue and material for air quality.

New Business:

  • Community Input-Survey or Town Hall

   Request was made to supply survey to Eldorado Homeowners through

   mail and web to evaluate Eldorado amenities and possible new desired

   amenities. Nolan will draft up a survey to be reviewed by the committee.

   Nolan also mentioned that past ECIA F&G, Conservation, and Stable

   committees had been expected to develop and maintain 5- year plans.

   He would like to see F&G resume this practice, starting with the results of

   the survey.

Committee Comments: Nolan requested we should consider, possible for our five-year plan, more direct trails to be made for bikes and walkers to and from the Eldorado School and the Library.

Next Meeting February 7, 2018, at 3 pm

Adjournment 4:30 pm