Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee




April 6, 2010: Call to Order/Attendance: Vice Chair Jean Crawford called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM. In attendance were: GM Bill Donohue, Todd Handy, Board Liaison Pat Lavengood, Mary Anne Kenny, Janet Wise, Eddie Marshall, Chair Fred Raznick, John Calzada and Jeanne Calzada (Excused were: Secretary Nolan Zisman, and David Lovro)


GIS Presentation by Woody Duncan: The Committee was introduced to Woody who has a background in various industry uses of data collection. His connection to Eldorado is via Marilyn Walker whom he is currently assisting with Neighborhood Watch in their efforts regarding mapping Block Groups. Woody explained that the program exists on a secure online site and that the program is sensitive to the interests and concerns of homeowners. The existing information related to crime and Block Groups is generalized and not pinpointed. He detailed how GIS could further be used as an advocacy tool tocreate additional Block Groups.


Referral to Facilities and Grounds was prompted by the opportunity to become an even greater

community resource as the GIS program could serve a depository role mapping layers of

information relative to, primarily, the 28 acres of the Community Center. Woody explained how

the community involvement in this activity can draft the input of the entire community, up to and

including the students at Eldorado Community School. The Committee will continue discussion of possible applications regarding Facilities and Grounds and the Eldorado community at large. The focus will be on creating a matrix list of what is needed and practical such as electric, phone, and gas lines, etc.


Following the presentation and discussion, Chair Fred Raznick returned to the regular agenda at

approximately 4:45 PM.  The minutes of the March 2, 2010 meeting were approved as corrected.


General Managers Report:

Bill reported that there is no capital projects funding set aside for landscaping. Two new

employees will be hired for June through September to assist with the maintenance of existing

amenities. Bill pointed out that there was no water available last year for any major improvements and that at the present time, the status and condition of the grounds is what it is........he is considering additional irrigation of the large trees out front (soaker hoses with chips for concealment.) Staff has added rocks and mulch and may be able to add a tree or two but there can be no additions at the present time that will require further irrigation with no additional dollars available for extended improvements.

Pat and Jean are working on the foyer and living room lighting projects. The foyer has had track lighting installed but the project is not quite completed. The living room is on hold at present as there are concerns regarding the type of lighting and further work is being done to ensure that the final decision is what is best for the facility.

Follow up on a recent citizen request to have amplified music at a private event has been under

discussion by the Board and will be further considered at an April working session. If approved

by the Board, information will be forwarded to the Facilities and Grounds Committee.


Bill explained that the most effective means of communicating with management regarding identified maintenance issues would be via a "Request for Work Proposal" form for use by both residents and Committee members. This is currently under development.

Additional pool shade covers require a Capital Expenditure Proposal. Bill will draft one for the

next Board meeting to get something to the Board in an effort to get the" theory" of shade covers

approved absent of exact details.

Old Business: Goat herd weed control: Jean reported that the Conservation Committee voted unanimously in favor of goat herd weed abatement on a trial basis. The proposal would involve 200 goats for 15 days working the weeds in the North Greenbelt. Notification of the project would be through Vistas and the web, and homes along the route would be notified by mail.

There was discussion of the pros and cons of the project focused on the value vs. risk and

specifics of notification, insurance requirements, etc. The general consensus is that we are losing

ground in the greenbelt areas and goats have been effectively employed elsewhere and were last

used in Eldorado in June of 2003. Following all discussion, there was a motion by Jean that the Committee propose a Capital Project of $3,500.00 plus minimal notification expenses for a trial 15-day goat herd weed abatement project to take place in a targeted area to be determined. The motion was seconded by Jeanne and received a unanimous vote by the Committee.


Chair Fred Raznick reminded the Committee that it is imperative we get back to the business of

the Log. It was suggested that we consider dedicating a monthly meeting (date to be determined)

as a work session in which we would focus solely on the Amenities Log.

The Committee was reminded that the ECIA annual meeting is scheduled for May 3, 2010. 


Date of next meeting:

The date of the next meeting will be May 4, 201