Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the November 1, 2017 meeting

  1. Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.
  2. In Attendance were committee members Karen Murry, Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, David Lovro, and Lee Onstott: ECIA Board Representative Antone Forneris; ECIA Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte; Assistant Gloria Silva, Maintenance Mike Armijo; Pool Ad Hoc Representatives: Jean Crawford, Mike Schneider; Dog Park Ad Hoc Representatives: Bob Johnson, Bob Christie; Landscape Ad Hoc Representative David Lovro; Public speakers: Sue Garfitt and Sue Daniel; Public attendees Dan Drobnis, Felicia Probert; Russell Winslow excused absence.
  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved
  4. Approval of October 4, 2017 minutes: Approved
  1. Public Forum:
  2. a) Eldorado 285 Recycles representatives Sue Garfitt and Sue Daniel,

      gave an informed discussion about the proper ways to recycle at the

      Community Center and the shortage of adequate recepticles. Isabel will

      schedule a meeting with 285 Recycle and staff to discuss options.


  1. b) Pool Ad Hoc representatives Jean Crawford and Mike Schneider

      brought a full size arial map of the pool and dog park areas. They had a

      meeting with the Dog park representatives in October to discuss CC

      parking lot safety options.The CC Parking lot is scheduled for 

      maintenance in 2108 and possible re-striping may be needed for pool 

      and dog park visitors.

      Jean requested a new GIS Department map of the Community Center

      area be purchased for $24. Isabel approved. A Topographical survey of

      the parking lot drainage was also requested. As for 2018 parking lot re-

      striping, a request for cost analysis must go through ECIA board        

      approval. Fred Raznick asked that whatever design the Pool and Dog

      Park Ad Hocs. come up with needs to promote safety in the parking lot.


  1. Board Liaison Update:
  2. a) Antone Forneris said the ECIA Board is still working with the Finance

      Committee on the Preliminary budget review. Assessments will need to

    be raised in 2018.

    The current budget for Pool maintenance or replacement is too low and

    a pool reserve will need to be established for future major repairs/

    replacement. F&G committee members agreed unanimously  that ECIA

    needs to start accelerating a reserve of $600,000 for future use of the

    Pool and Hike/ Bike trails.

  1. b) ECIA Board is looking into changing the By laws to allow electronically

    Skyped meeting and voting.

  1. c) F&G is being asked for ideas for the base course portion of Hike/Bike

    trail on Compadres, and for recommendations on funding of

    maintenance on Chusco to Ave, Buena Ventura, working with the road

    committee and County to advance these projects.

  1. d) The Board will be appointing a new Pest Control Policy Ad Hoc group.

    The Ad Hoc Committee Members are:

    Bob Blanchet of Road Committee

    Karen Murry of Road and F&G Committees

    Gerald Gulseth of Conservation Committee

    Patty Mann Homeowner

    Ann Netzow Homeowner

    Paul Drumright Homeowner

  1. Finance Liaison Update:

    Joseph Gutierrez mentioned the Finance Committee is working with the

    ECIA board on the preliminary budget.

  1. GM Update: Isabel Ugarte, Gloria Silva, Mike Armijo
  2. A) Status of Open Problem Tickets:

 Dog Park Ad Hoc Requests: a-e

  1. Repair fence: Maintenance has been replacing warped fence posts. To be completed week of 11/13/17.
  2. People and dogs trip over sprinkler heads: Heads Up will remove sprinkler heads.
  3. Wood chip strips are too sharp, hurt dogs feet: When Xmas trees are mulched, chips will be processed with a chipper and additional chips added.
  4. Faucet continues to drip: TLC repaired faucet but continues to drip. May be a faulty faucet.
  5. Improve drainage at gate: Entrance was removed. Still need to work on higher berms to redirect drainage in old entrance area.
  6. B) Flag Post:

Community Center Flag pole is missing the New Mexico flag. F&G members recommended  adding new flag. A NM flag will be purchased and added to flag pole with US flag.

  1. C) Water Tower Railing:

Maintenance Supervisor obtained a bid from JC Handyman for $2300. JCH is an insured and licensed vender. Once vendor packet is received this work will be scheduled in November.

  1. D) Critter Remediation:

Prairie Dogs are in Hibernation. Trent will be back out in the spring.

Gophers: Gopher Patrol is called out as needed.

9) Ad Hoc Committee Updates:

  1. Pool:

Pool Pro reported the following: We blew out the lines, drained the filters, heaters and pumps. “We protected the lines with antifreeze. I did want to bring to your attention a matter from last summer for your consideration. We had done an inspection for you in July and didn’t notice the skimmers on the perimeter of the pool are badly cracked. Since you are gong to do the deck soon, I wanted to be sure you include replacement in your project.” A meeting has been arranged with the GM, Pool Pro and Maintenance supervisor to discuss the water inside the pool. Pool Pro recommends pool not to be drained. GM will ask reason.

GM met with Jean and Mike from the Pool Ad Hoc Committee to go over updates on the Pool Project.

The following was reported:

  • a Total of 1,500 passes (new and renewed) were issued during the 2017 Pool Season.
  • Copies of the pool permits for 2107 were given to Jean and Mike.
  • GM has sent an email to Jerome (NM State Pool Inspector) to arrange a meeting to include pool ad hoc committee.
  • Jean reported that Russell has been working with Pool Pro and will be providing an RFP to F&G Committee for review.
  • GM has contacted Jerome Romero NM State Pool Inspector to provide us a copy of the pool inspection report.
  • Jean suggested Pool Pro contractors be contacted in January to start setting pool repair schedule. Mike S. should be included in pool inspections because of his background. Pool Pro noticed a main drain fracture near the bath house. Nolan requested a RFP for F&G to review  and send to the ECIA board for review. Isabel addressed the ponding of water and drainage on pool deck. Isabel is still working on possibilities ( adding cleaning of bathhouse as part of housekeeping duties on Pool Job description) to keep the Pool bathhouse cleaner for the 2018 season.
  1. B) Landscape: Elms to be removed around Pool area are causing damage to the pools pipes and surface flooring and the need is critical to remove these trees. After removal, would like Heads Up to use herbicide on cut tree trunks to prevent trees from growing back; everyone in Landscape group agrees that it is necessary to use an herbicide as proposed by Heads up.

Also the description which trees are to be removed is confusing and they suggest confirming which trees will be removed. Their understanding is that there are 3 elms, one of which has a small Russian olive growing among its many trunks at the backwash pool.  If the board wishes, they are willing to include the area where the trees are being removed in their landscape plans for 2018. It would make sense to include this area with the scheduled and approved plantings on the south and west sides of the pool wall and the dog park fence.   

Motion: To Use an approved Herbicide ( carefully poured and capped off), subject to the Pest Control Policy Ad Hoc Committee’s review,  to prevent the Elms from regrowing after cutting down.

F&G  Unanimously approved.


  1. C) Dog Park:

The Ad Hoc group met with Lee Onstott, Russell Winslow and the maintenance crew to discuss the drainage issue. An additional entrance has been added to the west end of the park; a berm will be built in the area around the existing entrance to keep water from encroaching into the Dog Park from the parking lot. Completed 10/19/17.

Maintenance crew will enclose original fence opening and open a new one closer to the new gate and a walkway will be made with gravel. This work is scheduled for week of 11/06/17.

Both Bobs wanted to thank Jason and Mike for all the hard work with maintenance with the Dog Park! Want GM Isabel to send an accommodation to the ECIA Board!

  1. D) Hike-Bike Paths:

-Two Torreon Drops bid proposal to be reviewed by Lee Onstott.

-Three sections need to upgrading next year:

  1. The base course portion of Ave De Compadres.
  2. Ave Vista Grande between Chusco and Ave Buena Ventura.
  3. A small section of AVG across from the storage units on AVG.
  4. ECIA Board is looking to the County to repave the sections.

Need Capital Outlay Grants.

ECIA Board to work with County Public works Supervisor Robert Martinez.

10) Old Business:

  1. a) Depot Flooring: Depot flooring is no longer under warranty. Fred suggested asking SF Flooring about re-gluing loose flooring (and the need to replace molding to cover gap in edges due to shrinkage) or new floor replacement as two separate quotes.
  2. b) Problem ticket software; Jody Price is still investigating options. The existing system can be used in the interim.
  3. Community Survey: Jody also researching best software to use for this. To include possible desired uses for ball field (like maybe a soccer field or driving range. Have to wait to proceed until Prairie dogs are under control. Anyone suggested including possible full-service recreational center if the pool needs to be replaced.

11) New Business:

F&G Officer Election -Charter-Mission Statement Update: Deferred to next meeting in January as time ran out.

12)Committee Comments:

 Pot Luck was enjoyed by all! Thank You!

13) Next Meeting January 3, 2018 at 3pm

14) Adjourn 5:05pm