Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the October 4, 2017 meeting

  1. Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3:02pm.
  2. In Attendance were committee members Karen Murry, Russell Winslow, Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, David Lovro; ECIA Board Representative Antone Forneris; ECIA Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; ECIA Finance Committee Chair Sal Monaco; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte (Pre-meeting); Assistant Gloria Silva, Maintenance Mike Armijo; Pool Ad Hoc Representatives: Jean Crawford, Mike Schneider; Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee Representatives: Marie Aragon, Bob Johnson; Landscape Ad Hoc Representative David Lovro; Public speakers: Neil Harris and Dan Drobnis; Lee Onstott excused absence.
  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved
  4. Approval of September 6, 2017 minutes: Approved
  5. Public Forum: a) Neil Harris, representing homeowners on Puerto Road, asked for options to remove prairie dogs on properties.     HOAMCO  will review options homeowners can use to mitigate/ eliminate the rodent problem and check state regulations on prairie dog status.
  1. b) Jean Crawford asked about options for repair of

     the Depot building that is beginning to pull up from the slab.

     She was asked to create a problem ticket so that staff can investigate    


  1. GM Update: Isabel Ugarte, Gloria Silva, Mike Armijo.
  2. A) Status of Open Problem Tickets:

Dog Park Ad Hoc Requests: a-f

  1. a) Dog Park gates do not stay latched; hard to open over stones. Created new entryway and closed off old entrance. CLOSED.
  2. b) Repair or replace fence: Work to be performed later in Fall.
  3. c) People and dogs trip over sprinkler heads: In mid-October Heads Up will remove sprinkler heads to eliminate problem.
  4. d) Wood chip strips are too sharp, hurt dogs feet: Removed trees from around pool will be finely chipped and applied around dog park. Chipper will be used to ensure proper size when chips added periodically.
  5. e) Faucet continues to drip; makes wet surface around it: By mid October TLC will look over faucet and make necessary repairs.
  6. f) Improve drainage at gate: Will add berms, sand and small stones to restrict drainage of water from parking lot into dog park.
  1. g) CC Parking Area: Lights not on in dark: Timer reset. CLOSED.
  2. h) Breezeway: Overhead light is not on when dark out: Procedure revised to ensure light turned on at dark. CLOSED.
  3. i) Torreon Hike-Bike path: Piles of cutting not picked up; blew over path; goat heads growing on path: Area mowed and debris removed; will check again next growing season to ensure goat heads no longer an issue. CLOSED.
  4. j) Tennis Courts: Bushes not being maintained an outside fence: hard to retrieve balls: Bushes have been trimmed; will be regular part of weekly landscape maintenance.CLOSED.
  1. B) Water Tower Railing: Currently waiting for bid(s) from contractor(s) who can provide required paperwork (Insurance, W-9, and license).
  1. C) Critter Remediation, Prairie Dog Removal:Trent Botkin is making ongoing inspections of the athletic field.

Gopher Removal: Gopher Patrol has put out traps in various gopher holes on the grass island. Maintenance has orange fenced off the areas affected.

  1. D) Pool maintenance:
  • The Board has instructed that only those repairs needed to address water ponding to keep the pool safety during open season should be progressed.
  • Since the pool is over 40 years old, HOAMCO was asked to retain the services a consultant to review the entire pool infrastructure to determine the extent of repairs needed to bring the facility up to code vs replacing the facility.
  • The Pool Ad Hoc committee, along with Russell Winslow met with the GM to review “issues” at the pool. These will be included in the scope of the work of the consultant’s review.
  1. E) Landscape: The Ad Hoc Committee is requesting a 2018 maintenance budget of $1500 for Account 5805, Patio and Gardens. This significant    reduction is based on the Heads Up account including things like plant    replacement, fertilizer, mulches, irrigation supplies, etc. that were formally posted to 5805.

The Ad Hoc Committee also requested that any unspent monies in our 2017 capital budget of $9,050 be added to our 2018 budget. The scheduled plantings along the south and west dog park fence line will be deferred to 2018 given the fence is to be replaced/ repaired in the near future.

  1. F) Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee: Committee met with Lee Onstott, maintenance crew and Russell Winslow to discuss drainage issue.

Maintenance staff will do the repairs starting in the fall.The entrance to the dog park will be moved to the west end so work can be done to correcting drainage issues at the current entrance.

Rick Chatroop has provided a closeup topographic map of the dog park and its entrance. This is under review by Lee Onstott, Russell Winslow and GM.

  1. G) Maintenance Update:

1) Special Projects Completed in September:

New fencing has been installed around Barn.

Railings for breezeway steps have been fabricated and installed.

Labyrinth has been completed.

Took remaining trash from Barn to Transfer station.

Installed new chain nets at Compadres park basketball court.

Repaired wind nets at Community Center.

Cut all weeds inside of Barn 22.

Blew out CC  patio for Eldorado Fire and Rescue BBQ.

Put up sunshade for Eldorado Fire and rescue BBQ.

Manually operating irrigation control boxes.

Received bids for Compadres Park Basketball surface.

Received bids for Barn and Railroad building power wash and paint jobs.

2) Ongoing Activities:

Cut weeds around Ave Eldorado and Ave Vista Grande intersections with smaller roads.

Cut weeds around dog park station.

Cut weeds in 5 foot radius around pool.

Cut weeds in baseball field.

Cut weeds in alleyways and open spaces at Stables.

Cut weeds along hike/bike trails.

Rack dirt and pick up tree debris from Stable jumping area.

Prep rec. areas for Summer use.

Harrow the arenas (dependent on water conditions)

Removal of weeds from emergency exit at Stables.

3) Upcoming Projects:

Mark will be taking in the Subaru for maintenance.

 Receive bids for double doors from the Community Center to Breezeway.

Community Center basketball backboard rubber guard to be ordered.

Begin winterizing CC Building and maintenance equipment.

  1. Board Liaison Update: Antone Forneris
  2. a) Deliberating on best approach at stable clean up expense.
  3. b) Board working on approval to roll over Ad Hoc committees to official sub-committees of existing ECIA committees.
  1. Finance Committee Comments:

Review of the 2016, 2017, 2018 R&R, F&G items will be reviewed Oct 5th and sent to F&G for review and comments.  Special F&G session may be called for review of R&R if needed.

  1. Ad Hoc Committee Reports:
  2. A) Pool: Jean Crawford and Mike Schneider discussed the special meeting with GM.

1) Top Questions raised:

  1. a) Is pool residential or commercial? Is pool depth the issue?

It was alleged that any pool deeper than 5’, regardless of ownership and restricted usage, is considered commercial.A commercial pool requires lifeguards and other safety apparatus than a residential pool does not. Russell asked if Pool height is problem, can pool be retrofitted to 5’ or lower to get residential status?

  1. b) Is pool up to code? In need of ADA compliance?
  2. c) Can repairs be made to drainage at pool entrance and pool bathhouse flooring? Will repairs trigger Grandfather issues?

2) A pool consultant would be a better choice that an engineer.

3) Nolan asked a that Problem tickets  should be created for pool maintenance issues.

4) Question was raised if Pool needs extensive renovation, can a new Health facility, including pool(s) be built? Maybe for year round use?

  1. B) Dog Park: Marie Aragon and Bob Johnson supplied a Dog Park Master Plan to be reviewed.

Nolan suggested that the Ad Hoc Committee explore a possible creation of a small dog park. Suggested the Ad Hoc committee might wish to canvass the users to see if they might want to include that in their master plan.

Marie and Bob thanked Lee, Russell, Mike and Rick for all their help.

  1. C) Landscape: Ad Hoc representative David Lovro supplied a Summery Report of 7 year landscape restoration.

The F&G Committee thanked everyone on the Landscape committee for all the hard work to beautify the Community Center.

  1. D) Hike/Bike trails:
  2. a) AJF is near completion on Ave Eldorado and Ave Vista Grande Hike/Bike trails.
  3. b) Fred noticed problem with ants hills and encroaching weeds forming on section of Ave Vista Grande at Compadres. This was recently resurfaced. Area will need to be reviewed.
  4. c) Lee is sending update on Torreon “drops”.
  5. d) Ave Compadres: Request was made to the Board to try to get county to help ECIA pave Ave Compadres Hike/Bike path where the path is a base course surface.

Motion: ECIA  Board to open up a dialog with County to investigate a recommendation to pave Ave Compadres Hike/ Bike trail.

Motion approved unanimously,, will be sent to board for consideration.

  1. Old Business:
  2. a) Problem Ticket Software: Jody Price is reviewing options for a new platform for the ECIA website including the creation of problem ticket reports.
  3. b) Capital Project requests:

Nolan and Joseph suggested a resident survey be sent out to review interest in new projects, including the Pickleball, Paddleball and Health Spa ideas.  Joseph suggested it be sent out in January with assessments.  Nolan will contact Info Committee to see if they have  survey software  or can help us design the survey.

  1. New Business:

Completion of Master Plan for Baseball Field:

Committee agreed we should go forward with this.The original concept was to have a  baseball field that could be used for soccer, picnics, kite flying and other activities. Issues include irrigation, critter elimination and maintenance. Nolan volunteered to head up this project.

Committee Comments:

  1. a) A special F&G meeting may be required before mid-November to discuss changes which might be needed in the capital budgeting for 2018.
  2. b) A Pot Luck will be supplied for next meeting Nov 1st.

Next Meeting November 1, 2017 at 3pm

Adjournment: 5:05pm