Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds  Committee

Meeting Minutes for September 5, 2018

Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm

In Attendance were Committee members Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Fred Raznick, Lee Onstott, Todd Handy and Mike Schneider; ECIA Board Liaison and Board Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; Dan Drobnis Treasurer; HOAMCO Assistant GM Julie Navarro, Maintenance Supervisor Roberto Hurtado, Courteney Handy, Assistant to the GM Anna Hansen; Pool Supervisor Kelsae Pederson; Pool Ad Hoc representative: Jean Crawford; Public residents: Joe Loewy; F&G Committee Member Russell Winslow excused absence.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of the August 1, 2018, Meeting Minutes: Approved with slight revision.

Public Forum: None

GM Update:

  • Open Problem Tickets: Ms Hansen used the wrong spreadsheet and will provide in the right one.
  • Pool Water Meter Issues: HOAMCO Maintenance Supervisor Roberto Hurtado and Eclipse vendor checked the ECIA water pipe system through trace digging the pipes, and found an infinite loop between ECIA well to EAWSD water meter to cisterns and back to well. Apparently this problem goes back for years but only became apparent due to correcting the calibration of meters, but monthly checking of water usage is still advised. Eclipse will map all the water lines to follow the water lines and flow.
  • Backwash area may need to be moved and backwash rebuilt to make it functional and up to State code. New re-circulation piping needs to be placed 18” above ground. Backwash needs to be set 100 ft. away from the wells.
  • Critter Elimination: Prairie dogs have been relocated away from the ECIA Community Center. Gopher trapping is still ongoing. Maintenance staff to tamp down all the prairie dog holes and advise Eco-Solutions who will come out to confirm elimination.
  • Hike-Bike Maintenance: ECIA Board will review AFJ vendor’s proposal at September 5, 2018 meeting. David McDonald would like to schedule a meeting with AFJ to go over the maintenance and herbicide treatment and finalize a complete contract so proper signage and Eldorado resident notification can be posted. It was also pointed out that the arrows AFJ painted when re-paving the parking lot and entryway have faded and need to be re-done with reflective paint. Staff will advise them.
  • Pickleball demo is underway. At least two seasons have been held so far.
  • Dirt Road Aprons: ECIA Board members David M. and Joseph G. met with County Supervisor Robert Martinez to go over the scheduled work. County is very busy and will have to fit the dirt road aprons into gaps in their schedule. They will give the ECIA as much notice as they can depending on County work schedule.
  • Security Camera at Compadres park: Nolan is still waiting for a response. Todd and Joe would like this expedited and a new camera purchased and installed as quickly as possible. Nolan will work with HOAMCO to see what can be scheduled.
  • Storm-damaged ECIA Community Center Cisterns on August 23, 2018. ECIA Board collected two contractor bids for repair of the cistern system. ECIA Board will review recommended bid at September 5, 2018 meeting. New vendor contract is for a 35’x10’ concrete slab with expansion joints and reinforced rebar. Empty tanks will be lifted, slabs will be poured, tanks will be reset and plumbing connected. Tanks may be relocated out away from the barn wall.
  • Diseased ill Pinon trees at the Community Center: ECIA Board would like to just adjust the watering to deep watering ever 3 weeks at the tree’s drip lines and fertilizing the trees with conifer fertilizer. No pesticide application at this time. F&G would like the ECIA to establish proper irrigation watering at the drip lines of the trees in the future.
  • Community Center Heating and Air system maintenance: John with Electrical Services recommended split units for the Community Center. Electricity capacity may have to be enlarged to accommodate these units. Management now reviewing other bids.
  • Community Center Parking Lot new directional signage arrived and will be installed quickly. New dog park sign has also been received.
  • Hike-Bike faded signage. Fifty new signs will be ordered.

Board Liaison Update: Joseph Gutierrez.

  • Rescheduled ECIA Board meeting September 5, 2018 will review and possibly approve ECIA Agenda items of Cistern repair with Eclipse -$18K and Hike-Bike maintenance by AFJ-$62K.
  • Nolan asked about advertised ECIA CC Project Management Coordinator position. Joseph expressed it will be permanent position and applications are being collected. It will replace the Assistant GM position, so no additional salary expenses are anticipated. Russell asked, via e-mail, about the establishment of a Summer Activities Director. Joseph indicated nothing has come to the Board in this regard.

Discussion of Committee Ad Hoc Status reports:

  1. Pool: Jean Crawford. 1) Would like to have re-calibration of water meter’s be monitored. 2) Would like confirmation of Pool closing date of September 16th. 3) Pool water will be left to winter over to help pool piping, so no Dog Pool event is scheduled this year. Pool Pro will conduct the full pool study after pool closure. 4) Todd commented about how Pool Pro, our pool maintenance contractor for many years, missed the problems at the backwash. Will a separate backwash engineering study be conducted? 5) Jean asked if any new high EAWSD water bills have come in for the Community center. 6) Jean Crawford would like to be added to the badger meter water alert system, in case of future water leaks.
  2. Dog Park: Nolan requested final drawings of the requested shade structures. Due to wear on existing shade structure supports, new shade and structures will need to be budgeted.
  3. Hike-Bike Paths: No new info
  4. Multi-Purpose Fields: Nolan mentioned residents with drone planes and radio controlled planes may come forward to request the fields be made available for flying.
  5. Environmental Advisory: Karen Murry. 1) Community Center piñon trees treatment proposals sent to the ECIA Board for review. 2) Nancy Ostiguy supplied a list of eco-safe products that could be used on the Hike-bike trails. List sent to the ECIA Board for review. 3) Stephanie Levy supplied a list of eco-safe cleaning products for possible use at the Community Center. List sent to the ECIA Board for review.
  6. Playground Equipment: Received from Exerplay a $32k  (excluding GRT and tax) quote for maintenance, new play equipment, and benches. Motion: to recommend acceptance of the Exerplay 32K quote for maintenance of play areas at Compadres Park and the ECIA Community Center. Approved;  will be included in the F&G input to the 2019 budget planning process.
  7. Security Camera Network: Task force reviewing options of outdoor cameras and wi-fi availability. Trond Persson and Jody Price identified as possible additional sources of information. Joe Loewy would like the address for Compadres Park for police GPS accessibility.

Old Business:

  • Jean Crawford spoke with John with Electrical Services, and he recommends adjusting track light cams in classroom and additional track lighting cams be installed in hall and living room to update track lighting system. Possible cost of $200+. Jean will write up a maintenance ticket request for new lighting improvements.
  • Digital Marquee Sign Project: deferred till next meeting after review with HOAMCO Roberto.

New Business:

  • 2019 Activity List: Mike Schneider would like to create a swim/bike/run event for the kids.
  • Establishing an ECIA Marquee on Ave Eldorado: Todd recommended possibly using the sign at the Community Center ( which is possibly going to be upgraded) and to research a spot for proper placement on Ave Eldorado entrance off of 285. This topic will be combined with the Digital Marquee Pilot Project.
  • Mike Schneider asked about the possibility of Climbing Boulders being  installed as a fun exercise structure.
  • Tree Technologies: Karen Murry forwarded a request from Cristine from Tree Technologies to conduct Eldorado workshops for “Tree maintenance in drought times”. Request will be forwarded to the ECIA Board for review.

Committee Comments:

Adjournment: 5:15pm

Next Meeting October 3, 2018 at 3pm.



Status Update


The equipment and accessories have been delivered. Players who responded that they were interested in playing PB have been advised ; they will be notified of the time/date to meet after the courts are set up and ready for play. They are asking for a storage location near the basketball court. The recommended option is to acquire a small Tuff Shed that could be stored near where pickleball is being played - - initially adjacent to the basketball court.

Pool Infrastructure - Septic

 Russell met with Ralph Baker of AAA Allied Septic and Richard Jennings [an associate] on Aug 8th. They are currently busy on a couple other project but indicated they will send him a proposal around mid-September. The proposal will be to research County/State documents to find any information on the septic/backwash/drain fields [if that information exists]. They will video the septic/drain field lines and locate them on drawings. They will research the well to review its classification and depending on the classification detail if we are in compliance relating to the drain field. They did say that draining backwash into the current septic tank is not advisable. They would like to do a drone fly over to establish the locations of existing exposed utilities and the pool complex. They will plot all septic/drain lines on the drone photo. They will also have a small excavator on site in case it is needed to locate lines they cannot video. When Russell receives the proposal he will review it to see if it will meet our needs or require additional scope of work. Once his review has been completed he will send it for F&G review and forwarding to the Board for their review.  AAA will provide a 2nd proposal if we request a backwash design after we review their first report. I expect we will require this and will need it completed so backwash can be fixed before 2019 pool season.

Pool Infrastructure – Consultant Study

The pool study is in the works, Russell has notified them they could start as early as the day after pool closing or on their expected start date of Oct. 1. He will contact Pool Pro to confirm start date.

Pool Ad Hoc Group Meeting with Pool Manager

Meeting was held Sat; Aug 18 with Joseph Gutierrez also present. Key points included:

  • discussion regarding opening pool to outsiders and charging user fees; Joseph indicated that

          since the ECIA is non-profit and an HOA, opening membership may not be possible.

  • the pool ad hoc committee unanimously agreed to move forward with the latest technology for card swipe entry to the pool; the entrance would have to be changed to accommodate.
  • Kelsae advised that staffing was a large issue this season; she had a budget for 15 guards, a manager and assistant manager but was able to hire only 10 guards, one of whom served as assistant manager. The pool ad hoc recommending offering a higher salary to attract more candidates from other locations.
  • Kelsae believes we need a water softener due to the calcium in well water; it was suggested that after the water meter and well linkage study is completed, that Pool Pro provide a comparison of benefits/negatives of saltwater, and options besides chlorine.
  • All seem pleased with the water polo activity; 15 kids and several parents were on hand last week.
  • More pool activities such as the log roll and climbing wall, aqua Zumba and yoga will be considered for the 2019 season; other concepts were mentioned. Kelsae would like to see an Eldorado swim team established.
  • Kelsae has suggested a professional cleaning service be brought in on a fixed interval basis to provide the type of cleaning lifeguards should not be expected to perform at the expense of lifeguarding. Joseph suggested incentives for guards who do end-of-day cleaning.


F&G Reps Meeting with HOAMCO Mgt. Re Lessons Learned This Pool Season

Meeting was held on Monday, Aug. 20. In attendance were Nolan and Jean for F&G, Julie Navarro, Roberto Humberto and Kelsae Pederson for HOAMCO. One purpose of the meeting was to discuss the collection of comments from the pool user community regarding both the pros and cons of this pool season in order for the pool management team to develop appropriate strategies and procedures for eliminating the “issues” and trading on the positives going into next season.  “Issues” fell into three categories: Infrastructure, General Operations and Cleanliness, A brief review was made of the expenditures we could expect to not only keep the pool open next year, but also improve it's attractiveness. The areas to be addressed include:

  • Resurfacing the deck . Fix the water flow issues
  • Remediate the problems with the bath house . Install a new gate/patron ID system
  • Repair the backwash system
  • Acquire new shade structures and deck furniture
  • Modify the entry area to prevent water flow from the parking lot and entry way into the pool area

The costs of these efforts were “guesstimated at $134K and would use funds available in 2018 and 2019.

Upgrading Baseball Field

The group of children using the field this summer is done with their season.  For next season, and with the expectation of not only getting them back, but also adding at least one other team for using the field for practices, a CRF is being put together for a portable pitcher's mound and protective netting for the “dugout” areas.  The R&R for this year also includes the acquisition of additional infield dirt; this will bring the level of the infield to that of home plate.  “Critter” remediation continues and is almost complete. This will allows us to acquire and install dirt for a warning track along the fence by Av Monte Alto and portable outfield fencing.


Possible New Use for Multi-Pupose Field

At the ECIA Drone Policy Forum on Saturday, Aug 18, there were people requesting a space to fly drones and radio-controlled model airplanes. They included experienced pilots and a commercial user of drones.  As the Board  fleshes out what type of policy they would like to see, this topic may become a future F&G project.

 Dog Park

Thanks to Robert and his team for the new gates and walk way.  Bob Johnson has resigned from DPC. Bob Christie, experienced in drawing architectural plans agreed to draw plans, project cost, provide names of resources for the shade structures. The dog park would benefit greatly with a new layer of small chips. They should be spread around the central area and under the shade structures and dogs scatter chips toward the edges of the park.

Playground and Ranch House Asset Assessment Task Force

Fred and Karen have inspected the Ranch House furniture and other related items, three playgrounds; two big swing sets; and came up with a list of recommendations. These are divided into three sections: Maintenance requirements; R&R assets up for review; and new Capital Project requests. This list is attached. Cost estimates are being developed and the maintenance items, especially, will move forward as quickly as these estimates are developed.

Hike Bike Trail Maintenance

Bids were received from AFJ Paving and Roadrunner Paving to perform maintenance on Av. Torreon, Av Casa del Oro; Av. De Compadres, and Av del Monte Alto. Their bids were about 2% apart. Bids and vendors are being evaluated.

Ad Hoc Environmental Group and Pinon Trees

EAAHC Goals and Charter were approved by the ECIA Board. Community Center piñon trees were evaluated by Coates Tree service, Tree Doctor 911, Heads Up Landscaping, NM State Forestry Entomologist Dr.John Formby and Tree Technologies Cristine Freeman-Silver Certified Arborist.  All recommended deep watering at least twice a week. Opening up access to the drip lines was highly encouraged. Virtually all have a different approach to getting rid of the pests that have gotten into the trees due to the drought and lack of sufficient watering. ECIA Board will evaluate all the piñon tree proposals during the Board working session and Board meeting. Environmental Advisory has not yet established a list of green weed treatments for the hike/bike paths. Concerns were raised as the window of opportunity for doing the maintenance work is getting smaller.