Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the June 6, 2018 meeting

Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3pm.

In Attendance were committee members Karen Murry, Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, Russell Winslow, Lee Onstott; ECIA Board Liaison Claudia Ahistrom and David McDonald; Board Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; Finance Committee members Dan Drobnis and Sal Monaco; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte, Maintenance Supervisor Roberto Hurtado; Pool Supervisor Kelsey Pederson; Pool Ad Hoc Committee representatives: Jean Crawford, Mike Schneider; Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee representatives: Marie Aragon, Bob Johnson, Guy Monroe, Bob Christe, and Nina Jo Lerner; Road Committee Chair Felicia Probert; Public resident Sheila Susa; F&G Committee members Todd Handy and David Lovro excused absences.

Approval of Agenda:  Approved

Approval of May 2, 2018 Minutes: Approved

Public Forum:

  • Jean Crawford recognized Karen Murry as Resident of the Year.
  • Felicia Probert announced the County road paving of Amistad -Buena Ventura will start Monday June 11, 2018. Capital Request Funding is paying for paving.
  • a) Mike Schneider wanted to relay that the baseball field is getting a great deal of use with teams. Nolan asked if Mike would like to help with baseball field project.
  • b) Mike S. expressed displeasure with the amenities survey. He felt it was too open ended, weird and focused more on sports and art.
  • c) Mike would like to set up a water polo game one evening a week in the pool. He would need available time and space for the weekly game. Kelsey, Isabel will schedule.
  • Nina Jo Lerner expressed concern about RAP applied to a few Eldorado roads and the removal of gophers and prairie dogs from the ECIA common grounds.

GM Update: Isabel Ugarte

Recently HOAMCO discovered that one of its employees at the ECIA office was making unauthorized purchases on ECIA credit cards.  HOAMCO dismissed the employee and is reimbursing the ECIA fully for all losses due to this incident.

  • Open Problem Tickets:
  1. a) CC Basketball Court: Backboard nearest tennis courts needs new padding, left side pad has broken off. There was no response from first request; second ticket submitted 4/3/18. Needs a new rubber cylinder to repair and is on schedule for repair.
  2. b) Outside furniture at CC: Wood used in outdoor furniture warping badly. Consider other materials. Maintenance changed out the boards for thicker boards. Completed.
  3. c) WiFi Signal at the CC: WI-fi signal, especially in the out buildings, weakens drastically when multiple users on the internet. Trond Peerson contacted to advise on alternative approaches. Isabel will check on status.
  4. d) Jean Crawford would like creation of an open ticket: Women’s new toilets are leaking and need repair.

Pool Opening Roberto and Kelsey

  • Pool heater was malfunctioning and needed to be repaired. Heater is now working and pool is at 80+ degrees.
  • Pool can’t be tarped at night due to problem with tarp roller. Might need to order another tarp roller.
  • Lifeguards are still being hired.

Pool tree Stump Cutting and Backwash Evaluation:

  • Roberto repaired some of the backwash pipes and will have Roto Rooter go through the lines to clear. Conducting weekly backwash of 275 gal/min for 2 minutes.
  • Russell commented that the tanks are full and discharge water is overflowing. A meeting to be scheduled next week with HOAMCO maintenance, to explore this issue.
  • 2018 pool stickers are in and available.
  • Question raised about backwash cut trees. Trees were flush cut and stumps ground down. Why were tree stumps ground down as contract was only for flush cut. Will be checked.

 Relocation of the Dog park Entrance: Roberto and Nolan

  • Should be complete with new summer entrance away from pool and winter entrance by pool.

Critter Elimination:

  • Gopher Patrol is coming out and setting traps for the gophers. All traps are well marked and netted.
  • Trent is relocating the Prairie Dog colonies.

R&R 2018 Project status:

  • Isabel is still updating her status report. Will send update to Finance Committee before June 18th meeting for review.

Other Update Items:

  • Hike-Bike Path:Isabel drafting RFP to cover work planned for 2018. See Hike-Bike Update below. Isabel hoping to have RFP’s for email vote by F&G and get to Board for the June Board meeting.
  • F&G committee review of upcoming projects, and the procurement of bids from companies. Will schedule a July special meeting to get up coming projects approved and scheduled for the late summer/fall. Russell would like to schedule monthly updates to move projects forward.

Board Liaison Update: David McDonald

  • David would like committee updates from F&G and Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc at the ECIA Board’s working session.
  • Review of $25K set aside for CC handicap access and heating/cooling.
  • Capital Funds of $20K set aside for stable gate.

 Ad Hoc Committee Updates;

Pool: Jean Crawford

  • Awaiting Pool infrastructure plan’s. Mark Young is checking with the County for plans.
  • Requesting GM Isabel’s approval to schedule pool games during the summer.
  • Jean had a CC water usage concern, after last month’s large valve leak. Suggested Badger beacon water meters with text leak alert system. GM Isabel, with the blessing of ECIA board president David McDonald, Board VP Claudia Ahistrom, and Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez ,has contacted the water company and ordered 3 new water alert meters to prevent future large water bills due to unknown leaks.
  • A better Pool closure alert is being set up with e-blasts, website notification and possibly alerts via text messaging and notifications on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Jean requested better handicap parking spots by pool entrance for drop off and loading of residents. Pool tarps are ordered for the pool to maintain pool temperature and new pool roller will be explored as well.
  • Pool furniture was power washed and broken straps fixed.
  • Jean presented a bid from Exerplay for two new pool shade structures to be purchased and installed. Bid was for $24,579.83 for both including tax. Russell and Jean would like approval as soon as possible (8 week order lead time). Could probably order in January for 2019 Pool season. Nolan will take to Finance Committee as soon as copies of bid documentation received.

Dog Park: Marie Aragon

  • Marie requested a rewrite of Dog park application to include the dog owner’s Driver’s license. As it is illegal to keep a copy of license on file, a suggestion was raised to take a photo of dog and owner instead to keep on file if needed.
  • Presented a rough draft of 3 requested shade structures and needed locations in park. F&G will explore if this is a Capital expense or a maintenance project.
  • Dog park did a one day survey, and wondered if the entrance had to be moved during pool season as there is a lull in dogs during the heat of the day. ECIA Board requested the Dog Park entrance moved during pool season for liability issues. Entrance has been moved for the season.

Landscape: Nolan read off David Lovro’s comments.

  • No new plantings till end of draught.
  • No plantings by dog park till entrances are finalized.
  • Still haven’t received promised drawings of CC irrigation system as promised.

Hike-Bike Paths: Lee Onstott and Felicia Probert

  • Work to be requested includes transverse crack fill and fog-seal on the paved portion of Ave de Compadres and fog-seal of Ave Torreon, Ave Casa del Oro and Ave del Monte Alto/Vista Grande from the CC to Chusco Rd.  Three driveway aprons need to be paved as well on Casa del Oro. Will work with County and ECIA Board to check if County will be applying herbicide, and if yes, can a safe product be used.
  • Felicia commented that the new hike-bike signs need to be installed on the right for consistent visibility.
  • Felicia reminded again that the County is scheduled to start paving Amisted from Ave de Monte Alto to Buena Ventura this Monday.Project should take about two weeks.

Dirt Road Apron Extensions: Felicia Probert

Felicia mentioned that the County will be starting the scheduled road apron paving soon and when projects are started the truck weight tickets need to be collected by the ECIA. Felicia will ask Robert Martinez for procedure. She reminded the committee that the Road committee’s next meeting is June 25 from 3-5pm with Robert Martinez if any F&G committee members would like to attend.

Old Business:

  • Depot Building Flooring; Jean Crawford presented a bid from Illmatic Construction Inc. for a polished concrete flooring. Demo to seal and burnish would cost $7700 with an additional $600 for color addition. If flooring is approved by the ECIA board, then it can be scheduled for this year. Additional info on scope of work to be obtained so proposal can move forward.
  • 5 year planning: F&G needs to get info to the Finance Committee before the June 18 meeting. If Pool needs new roller reels, it needs to be submitted to the board for approval. If pool needs a new or spare heater, it also should be explored.
  • Depot Lighting: Need to address electrical lighting around the Community Center. A list will be procured for needed electrical repairs and additional lighting.
  • Introducing Pickle Ball to Eldorado: Motion to approve four court basketball re-striping for addition of pickle ball games. Motion approved. Nolan will take Capital Project Request to Finance for concurrence and forwarding to Board.

New Business

  • Preventive Maintenance vs Replacement. Committee is frustrated by lack of preventive maintenance on key asset components. Also questions why we do not stock back up parts for essential systems (such as pool heater) that when fail, cause inability to use amenities or other facility and ground components. Roberto agreed to make list of suggested items for purchase as back up, and will develop list of what he thinks needs regular maintenance with oversight tracking (e.g. pool tarp roller).
  • 2019-20 R&R Planning. Nolan to schedule second review meeting with Finance Committee to complete review.


Committee Comments: Russell and Fred would like to see pool activities for children during the summer months.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned late at 5:35pm

Next Meeting July 11, 2018 at 3pm in the Classroom.



Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the May 2, 2018 meeting

Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3pm.

In Attendance were committee members Karen Murry, Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, Russell Winslow, David Lovro, Lee Onstott, and Todd Handy; ECIA Board Liaison

Antone Forneris; Board Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; HOAMCO Maintenance staff Uriah Urlost and Lauren Quitana; Community Relations Coordinator Courteney Handy; Road Committee Chair Felicia Probert; Dog Park Ad Hoc Representatives: Marie Aragon, Mark Johnson, and new member Taylor Ward; Pool Ad Hoc Committee representative Jean Crawford; and HOAMCO Architectural Compliance Mark Young.

Approval of Agenda; Approved with addition of R&R Update under Old Business

Approval of April 4, 2018 Minutes: Approved

Public Forum:

  • Mark Young discussed use and cost of establishing electric solar panels for the Community Center and Pool. Cost for roof mounted solar for the CC would be roughly $99K to install. Ground arrays for the Pool would be roughly $98K to install. F&G voted against pursuing solar at this time as not cost effective.
  • Mark also discussed the possibility of one or two electric car charging station(s) at the CC. Prices obtained were reasonable and F&G voted to investigate the use and cost of car charging stations at the CC. Item will be added as “New Business” on next meeting agenda. Mark will develop additional details, including alternative vendors.

GM Update: GM Isabel was not able to attend.

  • Open Problem Tickets: GM Assistant Jennifer is tracking the delivery of the Basketball court wind screens and is hopeful they will be in Thursday in time to install for adult league opening day May 3. Otherwise the old screens will be installed as interim.

Board Liaison Update: Antone Forneris

  • Antone mentioned the need for repairs to mitigate the drainage problem at the pool entrance.

Ad Hoc Committee and Other Updates:

  • Community Activity Survey: Courteney is working with tech support to get survey available. If not operational by May 20th, Nolan will pursue getting out an ECIA Facilities survey.
  • Pool: Jean Crawford and Russell Winslow were disappointed the Pool Pro engineering study is postponed due to contract and presented a “Lessons learned from Pool Engineering Study RFP and Issuance of Contracts for work” report. Pool season starts Memorial Day weekend. Lifeguard hiring is still in process. HOAMCO maintenance staff -- Uriah and Lauren, are pool patching and finishing deck painting. Pool rules are being updated. Pool rentals for parties are no longer allowed due to liability. Shade structures were researched and one 30’x10’ shade is being considered. The sun shade by the kiddy pool will need a new weld to support wind resistance. Nolan will pursue a Capital Projects Request for the pool shade covers once the order specs are made available.
  • Dog Park: Marie Aragon asked if the existing Dog Park is being considered as a new soccer field. Nolan replied in the negative. The Ad Hoc group is researching new structures and areas for dog park shading.  Marie presented a Dog Park Committee report.
  • Landscape: David Lovro will be designing a landscape plan for around the CC Marquee and existing entrance to the dog park.
  • Hike-Bike Paths:
  • 2018 maintenance Sectors: Lee Onstott presented an Eldorado Hike- Bike Trails repair and maintenance schedule. He also discussed ways to spend the H/B budget for 2018 and 2019.
  1. Replace worn and faded signage on paths. This should be an operational expense.
  2. Apron Extension paving - -County project to improve our priority dirt road aprons (where they intersect the hike-bike paths in 2018).

Motion: To approve funding for all 4 priority phases for road aprons out of 2018 hike-bike allocation. Motion was approved by vote of 6-0.

    A list of County suppliers will be obtained to get a correct bid for the materials for the  

    road apron project. County would like to schedule apron project for fall 2018.

  1. Av del Monte Alto and Av Vista Grande (Monte Alto to Chusco Rd) - - seal coat and repair small areas where weeds have come through the pavement.

   There should be ample funds available in the 2018 R&R to cover these three items.

  • Eldorado “Walkability” Project: Felicia Probert, John Reynolds and Nolan Zisman are working together to increase the walkability in and beyond the greenbelts. One new path possibility is along Ave. Eldorado from Torreon to the Stables. The group is developing candidates as pilot projects to connect hike-bike paths, trails and roads around Eldorado. This research could include possible car parking areas for access to path/trails.
  • Multi Purpose Field: Motion to proceed with Phase One was approved by the ECIA Board. Orders for the creation of the baseball field warning track and purchase of portable fencing will be placed.  
  • Ad Hoc Environmental Chemicals Policy: Karen Murry is still working with the committee for a viable pesticide policy.

Old Business:

  • Depot Building Flooring: Jean Crawford examined click lock vinyl floorings and the possibility of polished concrete flooring for the Railroad Building. Starbucks uses a polished concrete flooring, but it can be loud. Vinyl flooring, especially floating click lock panels would be better at noise cushioning. Russell suggested fixing the drainage issue at the depot to prevent damage to new installed flooring.
  • Introducing Pickle Ball in Eldorado: Nolan had a meetings with the Eldorado pickle ball, basketball and tennis player representatives. The pickle ball players would prefer the basketball court and the basketball representative thought it would be alright with sharing their courts with pickle ball teams, so long as use needs could be met between the two groups. It would cost roughly 3K to convert CC basketball courts for multi use with pickle ball. Cost would include purchasing of portable fencing and re-striping of existing courts.
  • Parking Lot re-striping and drainage repair: AFJ has submitted 5 proposals for parking lot maintenance.F&G voted to approve two of the five proposals at this time:
  • Proposal #9704, dated 4/30/18— Repair about 105 sq. ft. of broken asphalt in  

    parking lot. Cost- $1740+tax. 

  • Proposal #9706, dated 4/30/18— crack seal and seal  coat approx. 94,000 sq. ft.  of parking lot, access roads. Cost $2,245 plus tax. Note the timing of this may or may

   not be affected depending on our recommendation to install additional lighting in the

   parking lot, assuming there is budget this year to pursue.

New Business:

  • Dog Park Leash Issues- ECIA Bord Directive:
  • ECIA Board was worried about liability issues with the pool and dog park entrances close together and the problem with some owners’ unleashed dogs running loose between the cars and the dog park gate. The Dog Park Ad Hoc group prepared a report about possible new entrances or fencing to funnel and control dog unexpected interactions. F&G will work with the Dog Park Ad Hoc to come up with a usable solution for this pool season and beyond.
  • Fred suggested an ECIA letter for policing dog leash violations that would be printed on an acknowledgement form that the dog owners would sign as having been read at the time they renew their dog park permits. This could help the exposure to frivolous legal actions by owners who, after signing the document, encounter a “problem” with their dog in the parking lot or dog park.

Committee Comments: Lee Onstott asked if we can have AFJ fix the cracks forming on the newly redone Av. Eldorado path that is less than a year old. Their proposal will be reviewed to see if it is still under warranty. He also suggested the Environmental Ad Hoc try some of their “non- or low toxicity” solutions on weeds growing on or adjacent  to the hike-bike trails.

Adjournment: Meeting went over schedule, and with the approval of the committee continued until  adjournment at 5:25pm.

Next Meeting June 6, 2018 at 3pm.