Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the September 6, 2017 meeting

  1. Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3:02pm
  2. In Attendance were committee members Lee Onstott, Karen Murry, Russell Winslow, Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick arrived 3:45pm; ECIA Board Representative Antone Forneris; ECIA Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; ECIA Finance Committee Chair Sal Monaco; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte; Assistant Gloria Silva, Maintenance Mike Armijo; Pool Ad Hoc Representatives: Jean Crawford, Mike Schneider (arrived 4pm); Dog Park Ad Hoc Representative Marie Aragon; Landscape Ad Hoc Committee Representative SuAnne Armstrong; David Lovro excused absence.
  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved
  4. Approval of August 2, 2017 minutes: Approved
  1. GM Update: Isabel Ugarte, Gloria Silva, Mike Armijo

      a)Pool Maintenance Issues: Pool has some ponding areas on decking that are causing chipping. Drainage and ponding need to be repaired.

Water runs off the asphalt parking lot, into the pool area during rain storms and needs to be addressed. Will ask pool ad hoc committee for recommendations. Three trees in the front entrance to pool are problems (roots damage the pool deck and the entrance) and are slated to be removed. New shade is being considered with review from pool ad hoc committee. Have two bids in for pool repair/maintenance and awaiting third bid.

  1. b) Dog Park Fence: HOAMCO is reviewing In House vs sub-contract bids to repair Dog Park Fencing and the drainage issue in front entrance.

Antone asked if a temporary entrance can be supplied during repairs and HOAMCO said yes. Ad Hoc Representative Marie asked if a small pea gravel pebble path can be installed instead of large sized gravel. Asphalt ramp needs to be replaced with small stones and be ADA comparable with railing.

  1. c) Marie asked if wood much can be chipped finer to prevent hurting dog paws.
  2. d) Water Tower Railing: Biding contractor did not have proper license for the maintenance repair. Isabel is looking for new contractors for bids for repair. The water tower railing is a maintenance repair.

     e)Hike-Bike Path Weed Control: HeadsUp landscape Company used an approved herbicide on certain hike/bike paths to remove and contain weeds. Spraying was very early morning (low wind monitoring ) and deemed safe later in morning. Eldorado residents were sent an alert to inform them of the spraying.

  1. f) Pool hours have been reduced due to reduction of lifeguards. Three lifeguards need to be on staff at all times by law. Isabel is looking at temporary replacement lifeguards for last few weeks of pool season.

If Pool Ad Hoc committee has recommendations, please see Isabel.

  1. g) Prairie Dog removal: 6 prairie dogs were trapped and relocated in July. Company came out again in late August and noticed returning prairie dogs in new burrows. F&G will work with Isabel on next scheduled course of action.
  1. ECIA Board Representative Update: Antone Forneris
  2. a) Talked about the weed abatement on certain hike/bike trails.
  3. b) Asked if F&G can recommend to the Board that the Landscape Committee to be an Ad hoc committee. Asked Nolan and received the list of members of this committee with recommendation.
  4. c) Stable issue: is working with EAWSD on possible problems with horse manure and previously buried deceased horses possibly tainting the ground water.
  1. Old Business:

A)F&G Submission for 2018 Budgets:

Moved up Pool Bath House remodel budget to 2018 from 2019.

Looking at temporary repair of drainage at Dog Park entrance before winter. Maintenance will address drainage repair at next meeting in October.

Sal and Joseph were asked if they can be present at the October F&G meeting to review 2016/2017 budgets to make sure all issues were addressed or moved to later years.

  1. B) Hike/Bike Trails:

AJF Contract:

  1. a) crack seal project is scheduled for this week. Seal coat will be applied after.
  2. b) Lee, Mike, Isabel are reviewing contracted maintenance scheduled for the Torreon hike/bike drops which intersect water district pump station driveways and the Torreon school crossing areas.
  3. c) Lee/David are reviewing new PASER rating.
  4. C) Labyrinth Project is complete and ready to be used. SuAnne expressed possible mud problem with berms created in Labyrinth. Will review with designer Chris about possible solution.

D)Repairing Water Tower railing: See GM Update above.

  1. E) Dog Park Ditch: Is being reviewed by Isabel, Lee, Russell and Mike.
  2. F) Dog Park Fencing: HOAMCO is reviewing In House vs sub-contract bids to repair Dog Park Fencing and the drainage issue in front entrance.

Antone asked if a temporary entrance can be supplied during repairs and HOAMCO said yes. Ad Hoc Representative Marie asked if a small pea gravel pebble path can be installed instead of large sized gravel. Asphalt ramp needs to be replaced with small stones and be ADA comparable with railing.

G)Dog Ad Hoc Committee Update: Marie Aragon would like fence repairs and drainage hopefully addressed before winter. Would like wood mulch be chipped finer to prevent hurting dog paws. Mike indicated a chipper could be rented if needed and/or more smaller chips be brought in to cover some of the bad areas.

Nolan requested a “vision plan” for the dog park to cover some of the

mentioned, but not yet documented ideas like the shade covers serving a larger area, running excess water from the faucet to a new tree on perimeter, etc.

It was also suggested that the Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee schedule a meeting with Russell, Mike Lee, and Bob to work on a solution to the drainage problem and bring that to an upcoming F&G meeting.

  1. H) Pool Ad Hoc Committee Update: Would like to help with a Pool Master Plan for maintenance. Would like both bath houses either significantly “cleaned” or remodeled before 2108 Pool opening. Pool decking needs to be addressed/repaired as well. So does water running off the parking lot into the gate area. Mike pointed out that this drainage/ponding at parking lot entrance is a main issue, as it is causing damage to decking.

Isabel has gotten 3 bid proposals for various pool repairs and maintenance.

The Committee is still looking for an overall pool master inspection report.

Pool Ad Hoc Committee would like the pool to be renovated to the point where it doesn’t have to be closed for repairs during the pool season.

Russell commented that the pool will ultimately need to be brought up to code and repairs/renovation done in compliance. Pool may need to be completely renovated to be brought up to code.

Mobile rolling shade covers and or permanent shading was discussed. It was agreed that the ad hoc group would review vendor catalogs and submit recommendations on shade covers. Nolan suggested the Poll Ad Hoc Committee submit a “vision list” of recommendations for Pool maintenance and improvements.

  1. Landscape Ad Hoc Committee Update:
  2. a) SuAnne Armstrong after review of upcoming repairs/maintenance at Dog Park and Pool would like to delay approved landscaping projects till 2018.

F&G agreed and will defer landscape Capital budget for these two projects  till 2018.

  1. b) Landscape Ad Hoc Committee is starting to review Community entrance “Triangle area” budget and recommends little be done. Rocks, drought tolerant planting. Will review area in more depth in Spring.
  2. c) Landscape Ad Hoc Committee has been informed by landscape company HeadsUp that up to a 30% water savings is possible if irrigation system is upgraded. Formal bid of $19K was obtained and will review.

Landscape Ad Hoc will work on a “vision statement” for landscaping by the November F&G meeting. ( This will be the final phase of the 5 year landscaping plan developed and implemented that long ago).

  1. J) Improving F&G Problem Ticket Reporting System:

Jack Arnold is looking at upgrading the Problem Ticket Reports to improve performance and meet the collective requirements of the F&G committee and the GM.

8)  New Business: Due to length of meeting, new Business was tabled till the October 4th meeting. Eddie Marshall will be invited to go over his new project requests (pickleball and paddle tennis courts).

9)  Committee Comments:

Lee: What are the future plans for Hike/Bike projects?

Compadres Hike/Bike project looking at $100K and is over due. AFJ, Lee and Isabel to review.

Russell: Can assessments be increased to cover possibility of new pool renovations.

10)  Next Meeting: October 4, 2017 at 3pm

11) Adjourn 5:15pm.