Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds  Committee

Meeting Minutes for the August 1, 2018

Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to oder at 3:00pm

In Attendance were Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Fred Raznick, Russell Winslow, Lee Onstott, Todd Handy; ECIA Board Liaison and Board Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; Dan Drobnis Treasurer; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarde, Maintenance Supervisor Roberto Hurtado, Courteney Handy, Assistant GM Julie Navarro, Assistant to the GM Anna Hansen; Pool Supervisor Kelsae Pederson; Pool Ad Hoc representatives: Jean Crawford; Dog Park Ad Hoc representatives: Marie Aragon, Taylor Ward; Public residents: Elizabeth McClaren, Joe Loewy, Liz Wirth; New F&G Committee Member Mike Schneider excused absence; David Lovro has formally left F&G Committee.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of July 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes: Approved

Approval of July 13, 2018 Meeting Minutes: Approved

Public Forum:

  • Elizabeth McClaren gives Yoga classes at the ECIA Community Center in the Classroom. She requested that when the Classroom flooring is updated, if bamboo or hardwood flooring could be considered to help with cleanliness. Nolan mentioned the Depot flooring is being redone to polished concrete and that might be a good flooring for Yoga mats.
  • Jean Crawford asked if the empty bird nests could be removed from the portal rafters. Maintenance will remove the empty nests after nesting season in the fall, as the bird season is still in effect.
  • Joe Loewy, chair of Eldorado Neighborhood Watch, expressed concern about the non-functioning security camera at Compadres Park and the issue at the park a few weeks ago. This should be a priority not an agenda item. Isabel said they noticed a problem with the camera last year and believe a lighting strike cooked the camera. Isabel confirmed that the Compadres camera, two pool cameras, and one at the barn are not operational. Camera issue was not brought before the ECIA Board. Currently 8 cameras are live and 4 non-functioning. Committee requested the cameras be examined in a timely schedule and repaired if non-functioning. Committee also suggested that the latest tech be investigated and determine where there are holes in the security coverage, if any. Motion: Establish a committee member or task force to review and ensure the existing security camera system is operational. Project to look at tech to make informed recommendations for locations of cameras and any need for additional cameras( enhance and replace). Lee Onstott will head the Security camera task force with Todd Handy’s participation. Motion unanimously approved.

GM Update: Isabel Ugarte

  1. Community Center: US flag and NM flag are on order. Worn old flags to be replaced.
  2. Ping pong table equipment will be clipped to the table for easy accessibility.
  3. ECIA CC grounds are being mowed down to the ground and now mowers will be adjusted to higher height.
  4. Classroom gutter will be repaired.
  5. Relocation of the Dog Park Entrance is completed and in use.
  6. 6. Retaining Vendor for 2018 Hike-Bike Path Maintenance: Would like to consolidate smaller asphalt projects (the uneven dip by pool entrance) to contract. russell would like contract released in February.
  7. 7. Pickle Ball Demonstration Project: Project will begin in September.
  8. 8. Depot Floor Replacement: Project is scheduled for September 24th.
  9. 9. Electrical Engineer for reviewing and upgrading CC Interior Lighting: Electrical Services supplied ideas to improve lighting throughout the CC. Jean would like to also review heat/cooling system for upgrades as well.
  10. 10. Dirt Road Apron Extensions: SF County expects to complete project over a 3 year period. Per Isabel: Asphalt dump truck drivers will drop off weight tickets at CC.

Board Liaison: Joseph Gutierrez will ask that an ECIA E-Blast be sent out for the County Asphalt project on Ave. De La Compadres.

Sub-Committees and other updates:

  • Pool: Staff, with the assistance of water utility and water consultants, are still trying to identify the root cause of the high utility bills in April, May and June. It was determined that, for some yet unexplained reason, when the water pump is turned on, the EAWSD meter also runs. Detail usage data is being analyzed and efforts are being made to identify the location of all the water lines served by the well and EAWSD meters between the pool and the dog park/landscape infield, and to correct these problems as quickly as possible. Pool consulting contract was signed by the ECIA Board and Pool Pro at the July 26 2018 meeting. Work will begin October 1st. Thanks to Russell for getting it signed. The operation (or lack there of) of the backwash system is still a mystery but steps are being taken to get that analyzed and a correction plan developed. Unfortunately, new trees are growing out of the roots of the two removed elm trees. No corrective action has yet been identified.
  • Dog Park: Cars entering the ECIA lot do not always observe the one-way lines at the entry point. This increases the risk of an accident. A new larger “One Way” sign will be ordered and installed. The Dog Park Committee submitted plans and location for a new small dog park annex and shade structures. Marie asked to check the new dog park entrance gate as it is slightly dragging.
  • Hike-Bike Paths: Nolan and Lee met with representatives of the County Open Space Department to review their PASER analysis of the hike-bike network and other subjects. The portion of Vista Grande trail from Chusco to Ave Buena Ventura was rated a 3.0, which means it is to be replaced. A timetable will be established. discussion was then centered on why so much of our trail network sees large cracks and encroachment of weeds and ants. The root cause appears to be poor sub-base, poor or cheap engineering when the trails were built.The names of engineering firms that could perform core samples at various locations to determine the nature of the bases were requested. As we only had one response out of seven recipients of our latest maintenance RFP, the names of asphalt contractors the County could recommend to help us with trail maintenance were obtained and given to our GM. The County is pleased with the way the rail-trail between Ave. Vista Grande and Ave Eldorado is holding up. Maintenance is via mowing and weed whacking; herbicides are not being used. It was suggested and recommended by the Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc to use the same brown crusher fines and same application methods used by the County on the rail-trail on the Ave de la Compadres hike-bike path.
  • Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc: Russell Winslow has been formally approved by the ECIA Board for EAAHC membership. EAAHC Goals and Charter were submitted for Board approval. Creation of a Text message alert system is under review and advisement by the Board. Creation of a web page for ECIA Notifications of upcoming projects involving chemical applications is under review by the Board. A Special joint meeting of the F&G, Conservation and Environmental Advisory, called by David McDonald, was held on July 26. Attendees walked around the CC and reviewed the struggling piñon trees. Recommendation was made to continue deep watering the trees and have Isabel contact and get multiple bids from various “tree doctor” sources for the piñon tree treatment. Coates, Tree Doctor 911 came out and inspected the piñon trees and wrote proposals for treatment, including less but deeper watering and some trunk application treatments for scale and mites. NM Forestry representative came out and recommended less but deep watering treatment and trimming of the dead branches. Proposals are being reviewed.
  • Pickle Ball: the ECIA Board approved the demonstration project at its July 26th meeting. Arrangements will be made to acquire the equipment and prepare a temporary basketball usage sign.
  • Depot Floor: A schedule and notification plan has been developed. The project is set to start September 26, with notification in Vistas and an e-blast two weeks before.
  • Baseball Field: representatives of the little league users have indicated that providing a portable pitching mound and protective screening of the dug out areas will be useful in attracting greater field usage. Cost estimates are being developed for the 2019 capital project planning. The number of gopher mounds appear to be reduced. Management has just signed a contract for removal of remaining Prairie dogs.

Old Business:

  • 2019-20 R&R Planning: Gathering reports from task forces to update report.
  • Community Survey of Amenities: Nolan will work with HOAMCO to send out survey.
  • Security screening and potable pitchers mound for baseball field. Nolan will prepare Capital Project Request.
  • Digital marqueeSign Pilot Project at CC Entrance; Roberto will cost estimate project for 2019.
  • Electric car charging station: Tabled till Mark Young has the vendor information.
  • F&G Charter is under revision and will be sent out to committee for review.

New Business:

  • CC and Compadres Park Play set task force: Karen gave a report on maintenance and proposals for new equipment and modifications for the 2019 R&R budget. Cost estimates from the vendor are awaited.

Committee Comments: review on costs of the Badger water meters and new Pool equipment proposed purchases.

Adjournment: 5:00pm

Next Meeting September 5, 2018 at 3pm in the CC.