Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the April 4, 2018 meeting

Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3pm.

In Attendance were committee members Karen Murry, Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, Russell Winslow and Todd Handy; ECIA Board liaison Antone Forneris and Board Member David McDonald; Board Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; ECIA Finance Committee members Dan Drobnis and Sal Monico; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte, Assistant General Manager Jennifer Rodriguez, Community Relations Coordinator Courteney Handy, Maintenance Supervisor Mike Armijo; Environmental Ad Hoc representative:Peggy Cooke and Road Committee Chair Felicia Probert; David Lovro and Lee Onstott were excused absences.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of March 7, 2018 minutes: Approved

Public Forum:

  • Environmental Ad Hoc representative, Peggy Cooke, gave information on agricultural vinegar (could be harmful, especially if used near chlorine), and Garlon (it has glysophate which is dangerous). She gave the recommendation of the Environmental Ad Hoc that the elms by the backwash be flush cut and no herbicide be used to treat the stumps as it is a danger to the nearby well. She recommended that the other two elms by the pool be trimmed to prevent the pool filter clogging due to blown leaves.
  • Russell asked if agricultural vinegar could be used on the hike/bike paths as a weed abatement. Nolan asked that Lee Onstott be consulted.

GM Update:

  • Isabel discussed that maintenance is mostly done for the May pool season opening. Small leaks were repaired and hot water is available in the bathhouse. Pool Pro is finishing their pool evaluation. Mike will be painting the pool decking with prepared paint to prevent slippage, and mats will be used when needed during season.
  • Maintenance staff: HOAMCO has a full time maintenance staff.
  • Isabel mentioned the Railroad room flooring is still being evaluated. Four different examples of flooring are being reviewed by Jean Crawford working with Isabel on this.
  • Courteney, working with ECIA board member David McDonald, created an ECIA survey of interest in more activities using Eldorado amenities called Lifestyle Programs Survey. It will be evaluated by the F&G committee.
  • WiFi at the Railroad room was discussed with a possible addition of a new router. Courteney is working on recommendations.
  • Direct TV in the CC. Isabel researched and found limited use and would like to cancel service. She will check to ensure there are  no “penalties” for canceling the service contract. Courteney is researching as well with possibility of bundling Century Link and Direct TV.

Board Liaison Update: Antone Forneris

  • The current “By Laws” state all ad hoc committees report to the board. New “By Laws”, if approved, will allow standing committees to create their own subcommittees to work on specific topics, but with a life in sync with that of the parent standing committee.
  • Problem CC Elms trees around pool area. Environmental Ad Hoc committee recommended that the elms by the backwash area be flush cut and no herbicide used as it is too close to the ECIA water well.  F&G would like the backwash elms be flush cut and removed as well and the two elms by the pool entrance and wall be trimmed to limited the pool filter clogging issue. The ECIA board will make final decision.


Ad Hoc Committee/Project Updates:

  • Pool: ECIA board signed Pool Pro proposal and is awaiting Pool Pro’s signature. Checking to see where the contract is to date.
  • Dog Park: Awaiting work on new signage. The Ad Hoc wants to place thick bolts on the metal hinges of the gate posts to heighten gate thus preventing scraping of the gates over stones. Maintenance reported that if the gate is lifted then a large enough gap will appear and smaller dogs may escape though the gap. Ad Hoc also asked about digging a 6” french drain at the entrance to prevent indentation and puddling of area during raining season and maintenance will start on this in May. Maintenance added berms to keep monsoon rains from flooding the dog park. Maintenance will add new benches inside the dog park. New signage regarding dogs needing to be leashed outside the dog park  was installed at the dog park and is awaiting final evaluation by committee.
  • Landscape: Nothing at this time.
  • Hike/Bike Paths: State CAP allotment of $100K was approved and the funds were be sent to the County for use in 2019. There are three recommended projects: ( the “base course” portions of the path along Ave de Compadres; Ave Vista Grande between Chusco and Ave Buena Ventura; and the two smaller segments along Ave Vista Grande, one near the intersection with Ave de Compadres and another near the intersection with Ave Casa Del Oro that have drainage problems). Lee would like ECIA to buy new signs for the hike/bike street intersections that have faded. Lee would make a list of # of needed signs. He and Felicia Probert made a priority list for apron paving at hike/bike street intersections (County to provide labor and paving machine and ECIA the cost of materials). Felicia presented the priority list for F&G review. Operating budget for 2018 is $30K for Hike/bike crossings (aprons). Public relations to notify affected homeowners about apron paving. $60K is available for Hike/bike path maintenance.  F&G will prioritize how to spend the $60k and get rough estimates.
  • Multi-purpose Field: Nolan met with Gopher control, Prairie dog relocation and Head’s Up and developed options for the field. Prairie dogs will be relocated, gophers will be trapped and Mike is clearing the fields and filling holes. New holes will be flagged and Gopher Patrol will be out in 48 hours to trap and eliminate. Mike will mow weeds. Head’s Up will give an estimate for a warning track around the field and artificial grass. Estimates for temporary fencing for outfield baseball/ softball use will be gathered as well.

Old Business:

  • Depot Building Flooring: covered in GM update.
  • Community Survey: Courteney distributed a draft of HOAMCO’s community activity survey to be administered soon. Nolan asked for any suggested additions to be sent to Courteney by the end of the day Monday. The proposed facilities survey will be deferred for a few months until after the results of the activity survey have been reviewed and the Annual Meeting has been held.
  • Pickle ball Court: Nolan will meet with the representatives of the user groups and discuss how to get pickle ball started. Proposed bids for a dedicated pickle ball facility at the CC would cost around $122K for court, slab and shed.  Compadres Park pickle ball court would cost $74K. Todd asked if the CC volleyball court could be re-purposed to pickle ball. Nolan will investigate.
  • Parking Lot Lighting: Still awaiting bids.
  • Parking Lot resurfacing: AFJ gave a bid for around $25K for resurface and re-striping of the CC parking lot. The pool and dog park ad hoc committees came up with a new striping design which was slightly modified by Russ and Nolan. AFJ agreed to do this additional striping for the same bid price, using the revised aerial drawings as the plan for striping. The project is scheduled for May 2018.

New Business: none at this time

Committee Comments: None at this time

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 5pm.

Next Meeting: May 2, 2018 at 3pm.