Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds committee

Minutes for the August 2, 2017 meeting

  1. Call to Order: Fred Raznick called the meeting to order at 3pm.
  2. In Attendance were committee members Lee Onstott, Karen Murry, Fred Raznick. ECIA Board Representative: Antone Forneris; Finance Committee Chair Dan Drobnis; Pool Ad Hoc Representative: Jean Crawford; Dog Park Ad Hoc Representatives: Marie Aragon, Bob Johnson, Bob Christie; Nolan Zisman (perspective member); David Lovro and Russell Winslow had excused absences.
  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved
  4. Approval of the July 5, 2017 minutes: Approved
  5. GM Update: 1) Pool Closure Explanation: Antone Forneris explained that the pool deck surface was dangerously slippery and the the pool was closed so the deck surface could be repaired. There was a universal expression of frustration that it took more than a week to get the explanation for the closure out to the community. It was recognized that it is important for F&G members to be apprised at the earliest possible date to avoid getting “blind sided” by inquiring residents.                                                                                               2) Prairie Dog Update: Trent Botkin came out to the ECIA the last week of July. Approximately 7 additional prairie dogs were removed from ECIA property. He plans to come out again in the middle of Au After they feel that the job has been completed, he will submit a report to the ECIA office.                                                                          3) Community Center and grounds maintenance and repairs:        a) New carpet has been installed in the conference room and classroom.                                                                                                        b) Bids for the water tower have been received in 2016. Staff is in the process of checking that the bids are are still valid for 2017.                 c) Staff is looking into finding a parking barrier to place at the entrance of the dog park to keep residents from parking/blocking the entrance. Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee feels painting a handicap parking space would work.                                                                                d) The dog park has been surveyed and a topographic map has been provided to ECIA staff. GM will be meeting with Lee Onstott to discuss drainage. The Ad Hoc Committee supplied photos, repair requests and a detailed drawing of the drainage problem area and a possible fix. Lee will work with Bob Christie on pursuing this issue.              e) Irrigation/water audit has been completed. Landscape Ad Hoc Committee to review the audit with GM.                                                  4)ECIA CC Parking Lot: Venders (AFJ Paving and Sunland Asphalt) have been contacted to assess and submit their recommended repairs for the ECIA parking lot ( to include drainage issues in front of the pool). 5)Ticket Reporting System: All Tickets were previously not being routed to the GM. This has been fixed. GM has spoken with webmaster Jack Arnold to see if he can pull all tickets that have been submitted via website. This cannot be done. “ I see that this particular form was built before we had the capability to archive all the submissions. The newer forms, for architectural submissions and variance requests, are archived. I believe that the F&G reports were going to a committee member before they were coming to you.” Since this has been fixed, the GM has received very few forms. However, the forms that have been received, are mostly from one person. Upon receipt of the legitimate requests or complaints for maintenance around the community, the tickets are issued to maintenance staff to address. Once completed, maintenance staff reports back to the GM. However, one of the GM’s concerns is that the form is being used to complain about matters not having to do with maintenance of the community. i.e. sharing opinions on policies or how the association should be managed. F&G would like to see a “Problem Ticket” Log  be created on any ticket coming in via the Facilities Problem Ticket application. Those pertaining to F&G will be tracked by the Committee to ensure they are acknowledged and addressed. F&G would this log to be sent to the committee to review.
  6. ECIA Board Representative Update: Board is still reviewing and making recommendations re: the HOAMCO new contract. Board would like more staffing to more timely address the maintenance needs, and finance records broken down monthly for expenses, repairs, and upcoming projects. Yearly projections of maintenance done electronically.
  7. Old Business: a) Hike/Bike Trails Update: Final PASER meeting scheduled for Friday, August 4th at 11 am. Lee Onstott will be present for meeting. Bids from AMJ and Sunland have been obtained and are in review.           Motion: Lee made the motion that AFJ’s proposal for work on Avenida Vista Grande and Avenida Eldorado be approved by the board so work can begin as soon as possible. He also proposed that once the contract is approved necessary steps be taken to have AFJ repair (pave) the breaks on the hike/bike trail on Avenida Torreon where the water company has unpaved crossings to access their wells. These breaks have significant drop offs and are a safety issue for hike/bike users. Motion unanimously approved by committee to send to the board for approval.                                                                        b) Landscape Ad Hoc Committee: New Planting Plan in the design process for outside the Southwest side of the Pool wall to soften its ap                                                                                        c)Pool Ad Hoc Committee: Jean Crawford met with her Ad Hoc Committee on Tuesday. Concerns were raised about safety, maintenance, gate access, shade awnings, pool decking and bathroom cleanliness. Brief discussion on possible addition of future diving board (unable to comply due to insurance concerns). Jean was asked to compile these items into a memo or report to F&G so  that they can be addressed with as separate problems or as “new business” items. Fred Raznick proposed working with HOAMCO to get bid proposals to create a Pool Master Plan (a 5 year plan) for repairs and renovations for upcoming pool maintenance.                                               d) Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee: Marie Aragon, Bob Christie and Bob Johnson in attendance. Bob Christie supplied a detailed diagram of the dog park entrance drainage problem. A full detailed report of Dog park issues was presented. Nolan Zisman offered to submit Facilities Problem Ticket requests for the issues and send them to GM Isabel for necessary handling. One of the items in their report Request #4 (running a ditch from the faucet to the new tree outside the fence) will be added to the F&G meeting agenda as an “Old Business” item. Lee and Bob Christie will work together on the Dog Park Drainage issue. Dog Park fencing bids have been received and are currently under review by the GM and F&G committee member Russell Winslow. A list of questions was presented at meeting that are being asked of the contractors about the fence  project.                                                                                    e) Labyrinth Project Status: Update from Chris Harrell: Work is progressing steadily on the labyrinth! Mike and I have excavated the soil, we have laid the weed cloth, and now backfilled with 12 CY of base course. Karen Murry’s donation of weed cloth covered about half of the site so I bought more on my own. No reimbursement required. To save @$150 in renting a tamper, I have been rolling the site with my SUV daily. Utilizing the evening rains to moisten the base course, each morning I drive over the site and have achieved a solid foundation. Request#1: Next step- delivering the 2” mulch from the Buckner Recycling. Mike has suggested that we rent a large trailer from Home Depot and make one trip. Besides the cost of the trailer rental (@$150 not including the deposit), the only charge from Buckner is $5.00 per CY as a tipping fee. He will probably get @6 CY- so that would be $30.00. Again, since we did not have to rent a tamper, this savings still keeps us under budget. Request is being reviewed and working with GM Isabel.                                                                                                     Request #2: I need permission from the Landscape Committee to lightly trim the three piñon trees on site  so an adult can walk under them- to 7ft. F&G Committee gave permission to trim the piñon trees. Chris sent a drawing of the proposed 5 circuit labyrinth design. It is in the general shape of a peace symbol.Once the Labyrinth is completed, Chris would like the ECIA and Labyrinth Resource Group to co-sponsor a ribbon cutting ceremony for the official first public walk. A marimba band is arranged to play for this event hopefully later in August.            f) Water Tower: Bids to repair the water tower had been received in 2016. Staff is in the process of checking that the bids are still valid for 2017.
  8. New Business: 1) F&G Budget. All Ad Hoc Committees need to have Budget Proposals by August 15 for Board Approval. Committee Chair will present F&G budget requests to the GM by August 25. David Lovro will provide Ad Hoc Landscaping Committee budget numbers.
  9. Committee Comments: None
  10. Next meeting September 6, 2017 at 3pm.
  11. Adjourn 5pm.