Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2018 1:30pm CC (July second meeting)

Call to Order: Nolan called the meeting to order at 1:31pm

In Attendance: Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Todd Handy, Fred Rasnick, Russell Winslow, Lee Onstott, David Lovro; ECIA Board Liaison Claudia Ahistrom; Board Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; Pool Ad Hoc Committee representative: Jean Crawford.

Approval of July 13th Agenda: Approved

Review of R&R for 2108:

  • Russell wanted to know where the CC project money allocations go if not used in the calendar year. Are the project’s cost assessments rolled over or put on a future year for replacement.
  • Russell requested a backwash inspection assessment of the existing backwash system and projected cost to repair and or replace the backwash. Fred suggested contacting Ralph Dotson of AAA Allied Septic to come out and do the assessment of existing system. Would like the backwash project be moved up in R&R from 2020.
  • Pool bath house Shower and flooring: Suggestion was to fix plumbing, seal holes in walls and ceiling,fix broken tiles and repaint. Should be funded out of pool reserves.
  • 12 new plastic chairs purchased for pool area.

Review of R&R for 2019:

  • Compadres Court surface: Establish a dedicated 4 pickle ball/ basketball facility including fencing, storage building, accessories. Paint lines on concrete.
  • CC Lighting and Fans: the lighting engineer designer to be retained and the F&G team leader to be Jean Crawford.
  • CC Ranch House furniture: Fred, Karen and David to head the task force on review and estimated life of existing furniture and if any new upgrades need to be explored.
  • CC Play ground area: Fred, Karen and David to inspect, review and determine if any equipment needs to be upgraded or additional equipment should be purchased.
  • Compadres Play ground area: Fred, Karen and David to inspect, review and determine if any equipment needs to be upgraded or additional equipment should be purchased.
  • Pool tarps and rollers to be reviewed and bids made for cost replacement.
  • Dog park benches and enlarged/ modified shade structures to be determined.
  • Combine drainage by Pool with Hike/Bike maintenance, one vendor with asphalt.

Review of R&R for 2020:

  • Compadres Park Shade covers and fabric screens for park umbrellas: Fred, Karen and David to review and make recommendations.

Community Survey of Amenities:

  • Review of draft Amenities survey suggested; move more popular amenities to top and group reason for amenities to top portion. Addition of a cover letter. Combine amenities to simple use and add section for requests, improvements etc. New draft amenities survey is being drafted. Suggestions for distribution include e-blast, online and paper survey and download form from website.

Old Business:

  • Electric car charging station moved to August meeting.
  • Rebuild problematic sections of hike/bike trail to reduce on-going deterioration and maintenance expense. Create design a plan for Compadres trail. Possibly divide Compadres hike/bike trail into two sections. One section use the material  used on the SF Rail Trail and the other  possibly use material Rhino Snot. Will explore options and material consistency.
  • Explore possible weed abatement options for hike/bike trails.

New Business:

  • F&G and Finance would like to create a vetted list of contractors for upcoming CC projects for 2019.
  • Review the CC water usage and try to find out why water charges have drastically increased. What is the pool’s consumption of use. Need to review and inspect meters to detect if there is a leak.

Adjournment: 4:30pm