Minutes - Information Committee

Minutes of the Information Committee Meeting, November 21, 2017

Present: Gershon Siegel (Interim Chair), DiAna Gutierrez, Pam Henline (Board), Jody Price (acting Board Liaison), Courteney Handy (Community Relations Coordinator/Editor/Designer of Vistas), Dag Ryen.

Message from the Board

  • The announcement that the ECIA Office and Community Center will be closed Nov. 23, 24 and Dec. 25, 26.
  • Isabel is on vacation from 11/22/17-11/29/17.
  • Board Working Session is Thursday, Dec. 14, 4-6 PM.
  • Ed Moreno will be hosting a R.A.P. meeting Dec. 7, 6-7:30 PM.
  • Water Board will meet Dec. 14, 6 PM.
  • January Vistas will have a front pg. announcement.
  • There should be an article on drones in Jan. or Feb.

October’s Minutes

  • Jody did not send in the October minutes.
    • He will send them out by December.

The Future of the Minutes

  • Discussed Isabel’s email about Courteney not doing the minutes.
    • No one present volunteered to do the minutes.
    • Courteney will do the November and December minutes.
      • After those two months, the committee will determine what to do about the minutes and who will take them.

Website Review

  • Courteney is looking into “Hoamco Creative Services” to see what kind of products they have to offer ECIA.
  • Jody will be forming a small committee with Pam and David to discuss the redesign of the website.
    • Jody is aiming for “Wordpress” to be our software. It is cheap and has over 1,000 templates to use.
    • Jody is hoping to keep our current host, which will cost around $40/month.
      • Timeline: Jody hopes to form this committee after the holidays and then hopes to see mockups of possible templates.
      • Future: Dag pointed out that the new website should focus on Board news, updated news in Eldorado, and current events before uploading the archives.


Webmaster Report

  • Jack’s report came after the meeting 11/22/17.
  • Webmaster Activity for October-November
    • Update and add articles to the home pages.
    • Update Mailchimp email list, send vistas mailing.
    • Update/repair agendas.
    • Prepare reports on site stats, and create a visual sitemap to aid in planning for the new site.
    • Upload current Vistas
    • Upload and link Antone’s data files
    • Monitor site security.
    • Communications with staff, community and committee members.
    • Update calendar.
    • Post/repair Agenda (Arch. Comm)
    • Meet with staff
    • Check for system updates

Review of the December’s Draft Vistas

  • The Draft looked good.
  • Dag pointed out a misspelling on Pg. 1: Holliday instead of Holiday
  • Jody pointed out some formatting errors on Pg. 1 and Pg. 5.


Makeup of the January Vistas

  • Michael Mcdowell Bio (Pg. 1)- Marilyn
  • Message from the Board about the Budget (Pg. 1).
    • Trond may have a photo in the dropbox of the group.
  • Utilities and how they will affect Eldorado in 2018-
  • RAP & Roads article/update—Felicia Probert.
  • Bird Article-Pam (when needed, will use).
  • Windmills and Dreams-Pam (when needed, will use).
  • 285 Recycles: Accomplishments of the Year.-DiAna.
  • Election Committee: Bylaws (Pg. 2).
  • Drone Article (Jan. or Feb. Issue).
  • Tree Recycling-Will it happen this year? ECIA office to put out a notice.
  • Trond may have some festive photos for the article-
  • F&G Update-Landscaping-Received and will be in the

Future Topics

  • Jody will approach the board in the next BWS about whether or not to include social media or Nextdoor Eldorado as outlets for information.
  • Have the people Eldorado forgotten about its history? Perhaps the inclusions of archived articles need to be placed in future issues of the Vistas as a reminder?
  • Discuss the Annual Report and ideas to make it more visible, readable, and modern.