Minutes - Information Committee

Notes from Information Committee Meeting – Sept 4, 2018

Anne Salzmann, Cheryl Shields, Jon D’Amore (by phone).  Board liason Jody Price present.  Members and visitors introduced selves.

Election of New Officers continued to future meeting when additional members have joined committee.

Courteney Handy brought up 3 new message boards being put up in the ECIA offices and pool area with the goal of better organization of flyers and more professional look. 

Discussion of changes to the Vistas calendar, i.e. list fewer repeating items in calendar.  Discussion ranged but general agreement seemed to end with keeping items in.  Offer of help in how to present the calendar by one of the visitors who has indicated interest in joining the committee.

Discussion of draft charter moved to next meeting.

Reminder of Welcome Packet update meeting set for Monday, October 15 at 7 PM.  Comments were made about adding information about restaurants, the Lensic, covenants (discussion for and against this)

Approval of August minutes moved to next meeting when they can be presented with missing vote item added.

Update on appointment of new Board Members moved to next week.

Content brainstorming for October Vistas – volunteer fair article, 285 article, stable committee article on therapeutic riding idea, arts group fall show, Ask Eldo question suggestion about airbnb in Eldorado perhaps leading to longer article in future.

Questions asked by members of audience about RAP article in Vistas and why there has not been one.  Temporary Chair and only current member of the Committee who was on the Committee at that time remembered article presented and edit suggestions being made by members. ECIA Board President at the meeting said he was working on one with Better Eldorado person.