Minutes - Information Committee

Minutes from Info Committee Meeting on August 21:

Change of regular meeting time to First Tuesday of the month – Sept. 4, Oct 3

Addition of meeting solely to discuss the Welcome Packet – October 15

Comments on how to improve interest level of Vistas:

More updates on what is happening in Eldo currently.  Ideas included more updates, where-we –are-in-a-process notes from Board on issues such as airb&b in Eldo,  GM leaving, embezzlement etc.  Also info on things like burglaries etc from wherever that comes from.  Not necessarily long articles – can be short bytes.

More articles that present pros and cons.

Questions that come from residents answered.

Comments included “journalistic integrity”, content including sources and validation, fact-checking

Requesting national HOA orgs for relevant interesting articles to include in ours.

Encouraging people to come to committee meetings

Notes for next meeting:  Review the ideas above; discuss “parameters” for articles

Ideas for posting requests for people to sign up for email Vistas:  continuing with Farmers Market and the Agora on Fridays, a note in the Water Board enclosure note, …

Idea for interviewing aging Eldorado residents and taking down oral history.  Asked for a list of questions for the interviews so there are some similarities no matter who does the interview.

Karen Logan: nominated to be on the Information Committee. A motion was sent to the board.

The next meeting for the Information Committee will be Tuesday, September 4th, at 7PM in the Classroom.