Minutes - Information Committee

ECIA Information Committee

Minutes Meeting of July 17, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:10, with two committee members present, Anne Salzmann and Dag Ryen.  A quorum (two of three members) was recognized.  As committee secretary, Ryen presided over the meeting.

Also present were ECIA Board liaison Emily McCormick and alternate liaison Jody Price, along with prospective members Cheryl Shields, Amy Price, Jon d’Amore and Karen Logan.  One visitor attended; unfortunately, his name was not noted, but it is hoped that he will continue to attend committee meetings.

Committee members agreed to postpone committee officer elections until next month.

There was a brief review of the webmaster’s report, supplied by Jack Arnold. Web usage was down for the month of June.  Board member Jody Price indicated that the process of updating the website was ongoing.

The draft August issue of Vistas was reviewed. It was noted that a minority of ECIA members receive the newsletter online.  A discussion ensued on how to expand digital connectivity with ECIA membership.  The committee agreed to suggest to the board that an ECIA table be set up at the La Tienda Farmer’s Market and Agora, with a view to gathering more member emails and answering questions about the ECIA.

Director McCormick suggested including a “Question of the Month” feature in Vistas.  Staff will work on incorporating that feature.

In old business, the committee received a staff update on the status of the installation of a marquee along Avenida Eldorado.  Staff has obtained two viable quotes, one for a manually operated marquee and one for an electronic sign board.  Additional information will be needed on the additional cost of running an electric connection to the marquee site.

The committee voted to recommend to the ECIA board that Cheryl Shields, Amy Price and Jon d’Amore be appointed to the committee.  Prospective member Karen Logan will attend another meeting at which her candidacy will be considered.

The group brainstormed content for the September issue of Vistas.  Suggestions included a piece on the volunteer fire department’s barbecue, a piece on a newly appointed board member, updates on the effort to create a safety corridor along US 285, and reminders on safety practices once school is again in session.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

Dag Ryen,
Secretary, Information Committee