Minutes - Information Committee

ECIA Information Committee



Meeting of June 19, 2018


With only two committee members present, Bill Dunning and Dag Ryen, no formal action was taken.

Also present were ECIA Board members David McDonald, Emily McCormick and Pam Henline, HOAMCO editorial coordinator Courteney Handy, and eleven visitors and observers.

There was a brief review of the webmaster’s report, supplied by Jack Arnold, and a review of the previous month’s Vistas.

With regard to old business, committee members requested an update from management on the status of the installation of a marquee along Avenida Eldorado.

Given the resignation of former committee chair Gershon Siegel, committee secretary Dag Ryen invited those present to engage in a general discussion of ECIA information issues, focusing initially on the article submitted by Jon d’Amore on RAP application.  Mr. d’Amore was present to defend the accuracy of his article.  Committee members agreed that the article could run as an opinion piece, but were awaiting further guidance from the Board.

In the general discussion that followed, it was argued that earlier Vistas articles on the RAP issue had been biased.  Visitors called for more factual reporting and less editorializing in Vistas content.  It was suggested that all articles in the newsletter should be by-lined.  There was additional discussion on how to get association membership feedback to the committee.

On another item of old business, committee members present accepted an offer by Dan Drobnis to draft an overview piece to accompany the current welcome packet.

The content of the August issue of Vistas was discussed it was agreed that the issue should include photos from the Fourth of July celebration, a piece on the upcoming ECACA fall art show, a notice on school reopening, and an announcement of the upcoming Volunteer Fire Department event.  Other possibilities mentioned were a piece on the community water situation in light of the current drought, and a piece on the status of efforts to designate the upper stretches of US 285 as a safety corridor.

Dag Ryen

Secretary, Information Committee