Minutes - Information Committee

ECIA Information Committee

Minutes of May 15, 2018 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Chair Gershon Siegel at 7:00 pm.

Members present were Gershon Siegel and Anne Salzmann (1st meeting since Board approval of her Committee membership).  Others present were Cheryl Shields (2nd meeting), David Yard (1st meeting), Amy Price (1st meeting), Jon D’Amore (1st meeting), Emily McCormick (1st meeting as new Board liaison to Info. Comm.), Jody Price (former Board liaison and now Alternate), Joe Newman (visiting), Diana Gries (visiting), Paul Ingram (visiting, may be joining Road Comm.), Elizabeth, (visiting English women) and Trond Peersen (substituting for Courteney).

Dag Ryen was absent due to traveling. Courteney Handy was absent due to illness.

No website analytic report was made available from webmaster Jack Arnold. Trond gave an overview of what a RFP for the website transition re-design, rebuild and transition to a WIX platform.

The committee discussed the redesign of the ECIA website.  In a previous meeting Handy had reported that staff will be soliciting bids from at least three vendors.  Informal estimates have already been received from HOAMCO and Trond Peersen.

The committee discussed improvements to the ECIA/HOAMCO welcome packet.  The committee consensus is that an overview document of some kind, perhaps a pamphlet conveying the most significant and useful information would be appropriate.  Committee members will continue to work on this issue this summer.

The committee brain-stormed content for the June issue of Vistas.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:37 pm.

Acting Chair Gershon Siegel, May 15, 2018