Bette Knight, Chairperson:

Committee Members: Kathie Graham, Secretary
Mary Cassidy, Jeanne Calzada, Butch Gorsuch

ECIA Board Liaison: Jody Price
Alt. Liaison: Emily McCormick



for the Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

1.0    The Mission Statement

The Mission of the Election Committee is to:

  • conduct and ensure the fairness and integrity of any Eldorado Community Improvement Association (ECIA) election process;
  • confirm a quorum of Members has been met for the Annual Meeting of Members, in accordance with the ECIA Bylaws; and
  • fulfill all provisions delineated in the ECIA Election Procedures;\

2.0    Background Statement

The purpose of the Election Committee is to conduct elections for ECIA Board positions, proposed amendments to ECIA governing documents, conduct removal elections of Directors and to conduct any other election related matters as directed by the ECIA Board.

3.0    Working Procedures 

The Election Committee meets monthly or as needed to promulgate policies and procedures for any election process and to conduct elections, validate and count ballots in accordance with ECIA Election Committee Procedures.  Three members in attendance at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.

The Election Committee communicates to the ECIA Board and to lot owners through its assigned liaisons and by posting agendas and minutes of its meetings in a timely fashion on the ECIA website.  The committee also publishes articles concerning election activities as well as requesting notices be placed on the ECIA marquee.

Minutes of the Election Committee meeting may be approved at the next Committee meeting or by email approval by a majority of Committee Members.  Email approval of the minutes will be confirmed at the next regular meeting.  Approved minutes will be filed in the ECIA office.

4.0    Level and Scope of Activities 

The Election Committee supports the ECIA Board by preparing, organizing and following through with all responsibilities as stated in the ECIA Election Procedures.

5.0    Products and Reports Requirements 

The Election Committee is responsible to:

  • maintain and adhere to the ECIA Election Procedures;
  • contribute articles for publication to encourage community participation in an election, noting dates and deadlines as established in the Calendar of Key Election Dates;
  • reserve the Community Center or other community rooms and request time on marquee(s) as detailed on the Calendar of Key Election Dates;
  • organize and oversee candidate forums and an informal “meet and greet”;
  • receive the name of each attending candidate or his/her one designated observer who wishes to witness the ballot tallying and notifying appropriate staff and other candidates or approved attendees of the date, time and place of ballot counting;
  • ensure the security of the election Ballots, Proxies and Return envelopes; and
  • conduct impartial elections and proxy results by ensuring validity and accurate counting of each Ballot and/or Proxy. Certify in writing to the Board Secretary the election results and total Quorum Proxy count.

6.0    Committee Membership and Responsibility

Committee members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, professional manner when communicating with Board Members, fellow Committee Members, ECIA Staff, outside contractors, Eldorado residents and other members of the public, including in electronic communications and on social media.

Committee members who violate this policy by acting in an unprofessional, inappropriate or unacceptable manner will be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, censure, removal as committee officer, or removal from the committee by a majority of the Board of Directors.

  • The Election Committee shall consist of no more than five (5) or fewer than three (3) Members and optionally one (1) Alternate. The Alternate will be a non-voting member unless requested by the Chairperson or their designee, to be a voting member to complete a quorum.  
  • Candidates to be an Election Committee Member shall attend at least one regular monthly meeting prior to consideration to be an Election Committee Member. If the candidate wishes to pursue becoming a Member, the candidate shall be interviewed by the committee on the second or subsequent regular monthly meeting.
  • All Members must be in Good Standing with the Association. It is the responsibility of each member to attend regularly scheduled meetings.  Notice to the Chairperson shall be given if not able to be in attendance.  Two unexcused absences in any twelve-month period may be grounds for removal from the Committee.
  • Members must be able to uphold the high standards required by the Election Committee regarding impartiality and confidentiality of the election results and reliability regarding participation in the annual Board election count.
  • Potential members are recommended by the Election Committee and appointed by the Board of Directors. The appointments continue unless revoked by the Board or upon resignation of the Committee Member.
  • Election Committee Officers (e.g. Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary) are nominated and voted upon by Election Committee Members. Nominations and voting are to be conducted during a regular committee meeting and shall be listed on the agenda.  An Election Committee Officer’s nomination is confirmed by a majority vote by Election Committee Members where quorum has been met.  Election Committee Officers are to retain their appointments until (a) they resign their position as an Officer; (b) resign their position as a Member; or (c) are replaced by a new nomination and successful vote by the Election Committee.
  • Voting Members of the Election Committee must be available to count Ballots in elections set by the Board of Directors. An Alternate may assist with counting of Ballots and is to be knowledgeable of Committee actions.
  • Candidates for election, current Board Members or their spouses may not serve on the Election Committee. If an Election Committee member accepts nomination to the Board of Directors, then that member must resign and be replaced.

7.0    Resources Required and Available

The Election Committee will require staff assistance as noted in the ECIA Election Procedures.  Staff will also assist in posting the agenda and approved minutes of Election Committee meetings on the ECIA website as well as posting bulletin board notices and information on marquees.



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