Nolan Zisman, Chair

Open, Secretary

Board Liaison, Joseph Gutierrez 
Alt. Liaison,

Fred Raznick, Lee Onstott, Todd Handy, Mike Schneider


Dog Park Ad Hoc:

Chair: Marie Aragon

Members: Guy Monroe, Bob Johnson, Bob Christe, Taylor Ward


Pool Ad Hoc:

Chair: Open

Members: Mary Ellen Donat, Martha Jackson Deutsch, Lori Palmer, Russell Winslow, Mike Schiender, Ted Freedman, Kanah Waltman






I. Mission Statement: The mission of the Facilities and Grounds (F&G) Committee is to advise, assist, and make recommendations to the ECIA Board of Directors (Board) regarding ECIA amenities.  These recommendations will encourage good stewardship, policies and long-range planning for maintenance and improvement of ECIA facilities and grounds while balancing the needs of the community with available financial resources.

II. Purpose of This Charter: This charter is commissioned by the ECIA Board to establish the Facilities and Grounds Committee as an advisory group to work with the General Manager in determining long-range use needs, improvements needed to the existing facilities, amenities and infrastructure, and the beautification of the buildings and grounds.

III.  Committee Working Procedures:

A.  Meetings:

1.  The Committee will meetmonthly at the Eldorado Community Center.  Special meetings will be scheduled as needed.  Robert’s Rules of Order will govern all meetings.

2.  The ECIA Board liaison shall serve to offer advice and guidance to the Committee.

      3.  A meeting notice shall be published in the ECIA “Vistas” and on the ECIA web site. 

      4.  Each meeting shall have an agenda, a copy of which will be distributed to all attendees.

      5.  Each committee member will have one vote except the Chairperson, who will only decide             tie votes. A simple majority of committee members attending a sanctioned meetingshall carry a vote.

      6.  Regularly scheduled meetings are open to the Eldorado community, to the extent deemed appropriate by the Chairperson.

      7.  Administrative supplies shall be obtained from the ECIA office.

B.  Scope:

1.  The Committee shall interact with resident community groups, and others as directed by the ECIA Board.   The Committee will educate the Eldorado community as to its role and promote communications regarding concerns, problems and suggestions from the community via:

a. “Vistas” articles and calendar;

b. ECIA web site and calendar:

c. Periodic “town hall” meetings and resident/lot owner surveys

2. The GM update at each F&G meeting will include a status of Problem Reports that are submitted by F&G members or others. The update shall include the nature of the problem and what action was taken, if any, to correct it. The F&G Secretary shall receive, by email, a copy of all Problem Reports submitted.  

3.  The F&G Committee Charter shall be reviewed periodically, but not less than bi-annually, and updates, if needed, shall be made and submitted to the ECIA Board for review and approval.

4.  When capital requests are submitted by F&G, the ECIA Capital Project Proposal form and related process will be utilized.

IV. Committee Scope and Level of Responsibilities: The F&G Committee will advise and assist the ECIA General Manager, or other Board designees, in effectively maintaining and enhancing our current and future amenities by:

A. Annually updating, prioritizing and recommending to the Board a Repair and Replacement plan for major amenity renovations and new amenity projects by soliciting community input for major capital additions or changes in usage and including recommendations for the most effective environmentally sensitive materials, systems and procedures. 

B.  Participating in the oversight of maintenance and activities related to safe and efficient use of current facilities and amenities, where failure to perform this function may limit the intended use or life expectancy of the amenity or facility:

  1. Perform an oversight role on identified problems or concerns;
  2. Make recommendations on rules and regulations regarding safe and efficient use of facilities and amenities;
  3. Assist the General Manager in the selection, design and prioritization of large maintenance projects.

V. Committee Reporting Requirements:

A. The committee shall prepare and post an agenda each month

B. The committee shall prepare and post minutes each month

C. The committee shall prepare reports and forms as required to carry out its Board directed responsibilities.

D. Providing input to the annual budgeting process:

1.  As projects are identified, make budget recommendations regarding capital improvement(s).

2.  Make recommendations to ensure appropriate operating budgets for maintenance and upkeep of existing facilities and amenities.

3.  Submit an annual budget request to the Board to cover F&G administrative costs and other approved member expenses.

E.  Identify and implement effective means of communicating with the Eldorado community           about the roles, responsibilities and activities of the Committee.

VI.  Officers’ Duties and Membership Requirements

A.  Officers’ Duties and Responsibilities

      1.  Chairperson:

a.  Annually, a Chairperson shall be elected by a majority vote of the Committee and submitted to the Board for approval.  The Chairperson shall lead the Committee and coordinate its business.

b.  The Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that the experience, knowledge, skills and perspectives of the Committee members support its mission and work.

                c.  The Chairperson will be responsible for ensuring the good standing of the Committee’s membership by:

1) By recommending to the ECIA Board for their approval new candidates who have met the meeting attendance requirement (as described below) and nominated by the Committee for permanent membership; and/or,

2) By informing the ECIA Board of any member with three unexcused absences in any twelve-month period, or a member who has failed to attend no less than 50% of regularly scheduled meetings.

2.  Vice-Chairperson

Shall assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson in that person’s absence.

3.  Secretary

The secretary shall be responsible for preparing a record, in the form of minutes of the meeting activities of the Committee. The secretary shall also ensure that the approved monthly minutes are transmitted to ECIA staff for posting on the website.

4. Members

Committee members shall attend a two-hour meeting each month, be prepared to participate in committee discussions and subcommittee projects.

B.  Membership:

1.  A prospective member must attend three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings of the Committee before he/she can be approved as a member in good standing.  Excused absences will be permitted between these three meetings. Once this requirement is met, and the committee has approved the nomination of this person; the name shall be forwarded to the ECIA Board for their approval of the appointment.

2.  It is the responsibility of each committee member to attend regularly scheduled meetings and abide by all rules, roles and responsibilities as defined by the Board.

3.  Each committee member shall attend no less than 50% of regularly scheduled meetings.

4.  Three unexcused absences, in any twelve-month period, are grounds for dismissal from the Committee.

5.  If a committee member fails to attend no less than 50% of regularly scheduled meetings or has three unexcused absences in any twelve-month period, the committee Chair shall submit the members name to the ECIA Board, requesting that the member be dismissed from the committee.

6.  Committee members shall practice civility and treat committee members, the ECIA Board, ECIA staff and the public with respect at all times.

7.  An excused absence is defined as one in which the planned absence is communicated to the Chair in advance of the scheduled meeting. All other absences shall be deemed unexcused.

Approved by Committee

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Approved by Board Action

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