Information Committee

Committee Chair: Open

ECIA Board Liaison: Emily McCormick

Alternate Liaison: Jody Price

Committee Members: Ann Salzmann, Bill Dunning, Cheryl Shields, Jon D'Amore, Dr. Amy Price, Karen Logan. 

Staff Member Liasion: Courteney Handy

Meeting Time & Place
 The 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 PM in the Conference Room.


The volunteers of the Information Committee are committed to keeping the members of the ECIA, our neighborhood association, as fully informed as possible concerning the activities, action, and programs of our Governing Board and the committees on which the Association and the Board depend.
The Information Committee publishes the monthly Vistas newsletter that is mailed to every member of the Association and to renters whose properties are owned by members. In addition, the Information Committee publishes a website,, and links it to the Vistas by providing additional information for which the latter publication may not have space in a given month. The policy goal of the Vistas and the ECIA website is to capitalize on the advantages of each medium; providing hard-copy items of information on a monthly basis and providing real-time information when such is required.
An underpinning purpose of the print and electronic media available is to ensure that the building and remodeling guidelines are followed by resident-members and to advance this cause by keeping the readership and viewership of the Vistas and the Eldorado Internet website fully informed of all issues related to the building and remodeling guidelines that must be obeyed as legal documents.
The Information Committee is responsible to the ECIA Board of Directors for the following:

  • Monthly publication of the Vistas newsletter.
  • The Eldorado Community webpage
  • The Newcomer's Packet
  • Draft news releases for the ECIA Board, the President of the ECIA and the General Manager of the ECIA
  • Bulletin Boards of the ECIA
  • Marquee Signs of the ECIA
  • Annual Report of the ECIA Board to the membership of the Association.

If you are interested in becoming an ECIA Information Committee Volunteer please 
attend one of the committee's monthly meetings