Chair: Russell Winslow

ECIA Board Liaison: Bernardo Monserrat

Alternate Liaison: 

Names of Members: Fred Raznick, Robert Blanchet, Terry Reilly,  Ken Kleiber

Meeting Time & Place:  Meets as called

Charter for the

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Road Committee

1.0 The Mission Statement 

The mission of the Road Committee is to advise, assist and recommend to the Eldorado Community Improvement Association (ECIA) Board of Directors (Board) policies involving the improvement, maintenance and repair of roads in Eldorado. The recommendations of the Road Committee shall be based on their collective judgment as they balance the needs of the community with available financial resources.

2.0 Background Statement

Eldorado has evolved into a maturing community concerned with preserving and improving its property values and living environment.  This growth is exemplified by an increasing level of community interest in and support for roads that improve the quality of life in Eldorado.

Recognizing that roads in Eldorado are the property of the County of Santa Fe, it is imperative that the community have an effective interface with the County road organizations.  This is one of the most important tasks of the Road Committee.  Of equal importance is the need to evaluate and incorporate the needs of the Eldorado community, while factoring in the realities of County and community resources.

The Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) has established the Transportation Advisory Committee (Santa Fe County Resolution 2015-13).  The primary tasks of the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) include reviewing the road maintenance list annually and making recommendations to the BCC, and to review and make recommendations on road operation and maintenance policies, and to review all elements of transportation funding affecting the County including limited funding for roadways, trails, bikeways, transit improvement/facilities/services, pedestrian improvements, and bicycle improvements.   The TAC is made up of 13 members including two from Commission District 5 which encompasses Eldorado and one at large member.  Members will be appointed by the BCC based on letters of interest, qualifications, and County-wide representation. 


3.0 Working Procedures

  1. The Road Committee shall consist of a committee chair, secretary, and ideally an additional 5 or 6 members. A quorum is half the voting members.  Meetings may be conducted with less than a quorum, but no votes will be taken without a quorum. 
  2. Every effort will be made to make decisions by consensus. Each committee member will have one vote.  A simple majority will be required to carry a vote.
  3. The Road Committee shall meet a minimum of four times annually. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed. Robert’s Rules of Order will govern the running of the meetings.
  4. A meeting notice shall be published in the ECIA Vistas and on the ECIA web site
  5. Meeting agendas will be utilized and distributed to all attendees.
  6. The Eldorado community is invited to attend and participatein all regularly scheduled Road Committee meetings.
  7. Minutes from the previous meeting may be reviewed, revised and approved via email amongst a quorum of the Road Committee. The electronically approved minutes will be incorporated in the following business meeting as a point of record. All approved minutes will be sent to the ECIA office for posting on the website.
  8. Regularly scheduled meetings shall be conducted at the ECIA Community Center.
  9. The Road Committee Charter shall be reviewed periodically, but not less than biennially, and updates made and submitted to the ECIA Board for review and approval.

4.0 Level and Scope of Activities

  1. The Road Committee will provide support to the ECIA Board as follows:
  2. Serve as the “eyes and ears of the ECIA Board regarding roads and signage.
  3. Advise the ECIA Board in representing the Eldorado community on matters and concerns affecting the improvement, maintenance and repair of Eldorado roads and signage, safe and efficient use of Eldorado roads, as well as future community needs in these areas.
  4. Suggest and promote effective means of communicating with the Eldorado community.
  5. Provide information, including concerns, regarding the improvements and maintenance of Eldorado roads.
  6. Prioritize road improvement, maintenance and repair needs based on ratings assigned and population and traffic densities on Eldorado roads;
  7. Strive to recommend a current member of the Road Committee for membership on the TAC.
  8. Interaction shall be with resident groups and other relevant community groups, including those at the direction of the ECIA Board, and with the County road organizations. The Road Committee will make every effort to make the Eldorado community aware of the role of the Committee and promote communications regarding concerns, problems and suggestions from the community to the Road Committee.

5.0 Products and Reports Requirements

  1. Coordinate inspections of Eldorado roads at least 2 times per year or as needed, rating them in terms of ride quality, erosion, and dust;
  2. Separately document specific problems such as stop signs down, potholes, severe ruts, trees overhanging roads or blocking line of sight, and other needs as they are discovered;
  3. Maintain a data base of Eldorado road history:
  4. Reports on Road Committee activities and recommendations to the ECIA Board as requested.
  5. Meeting minutes and other reports (e.g., road inspection results, road and signage needs, specific problems).
  6. Annual Road Committee Report for the ECIA Annual Report.

6.0 Committee Membership and Responsibility

  1. Membership
    1. Committee members must be members of the ECIA in good standing as defined by the bylaws of the ECIA.
    2. A prospective member must attend two consecutive regularly scheduled meetings of the Committee before he/she can be recommended to the Board for appointment by a majority vote of the Committee. Excused absences will be permitted between the two meetings.  Once this is accomplished and with the recommendation of Committee, the candidate’s name will be forwarded to the ECIA Board for approval. 
    3. It is the responsibility of each committee member to attend regularly scheduled meetings and abide by all Committee rules, roles and responsibilities.
    4. Three consecutive unexcused absences are grounds for dismissal from the Committee. An excused absence is defined as one in which the planned absence is communicated to the Chair in advance of the scheduled meeting. All other absences shall be deemed unexcused. 
    5. Committee members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, professional manner when communicating with Board Members, fellow Committee Members, ECIA Staff, outside contractors, Eldorado residents and other members of the public, including in electronic communications and on social media.
    6. Committee members who violate this policy by acting in an unprofessional, inappropriate or unacceptable manner will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to censure, removal as committee officer, or removal from the committee by a majority of the Board of Directors.
  2. Chairperson
  3. Annually, a Chairperson shall be recommended by a majority vote of the Road Committee and submitted to the Board for approval. The Chairperson shall lead the Committee and coordinate its business.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Chairperson to ensure that the blend of experience, knowledge, skills and perspectives of the Committee members supports its mission and work.
  5. The Chairperson will be responsible for ensuring the good standing of the Committee’s membership by:
  6. nominating for ECIA Board approval new candidates who have met the meeting attendance requirement (as described below) and are members in good standing and/or,
  7. informing the ECIA Board of any member with three consecutive unexcused absences.
  8. Secretary
    1. The Secretary is responsible for drafting the minutes or official record of the meetings and recording the exact wording of any motions prior to the vote. The duties of the Secretary will be completed by a single volunteer or on a rotation basis among current Committee members.  

7.0 Resources Required and Available

  1. Administrative supplies shall be obtained from the ECIA office.
  2. Financial needs to operate the Road Committee shall be budgeted, like other ECIA committees.

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 Road Committee Chair



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ECIA Board President



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