Chair:Russell Winslow

ECIA Board Liaison: David McDonald

Alternate Liaison: 

Names of Members: Fred Raznick, John Reynolds, Robert Blanchet, Terry Reilly,  Ken Kleiber

Meeting Time & Place:  Meets as called


The mission of the Road Committee is to advise, assist and recommend to the E.C.I.A. Board of Directors policies involving the maintenance and repair of roads in Eldorado. The recommendations of the Road Committee shall be based on their collective judgment as they balance the needs of the community with available financial resources.

Road Problem Reporting:  Your Contribution to the Eldorado Community!

If rain, wind, or other weather events create a problem on the road you live on, or if you notice a pothole has popped up or a stop sign is down or missing, you can report it directly to the County’s Public Works Division.  Here’s how!

Because of the safety hazard that is created when a stop sign is down or missing, the County asks that you report the problem by calling the County Public Works Department at 992-3010.  For any other problem with the road system, including road maintenance requests, you can use the online reporting system, “Report a Road Concern”, available on the Santa Fe County website at works/road_concern.

Residents can type in the name of the county road or use the interactive map to select the area where the problem exists.  The system requires a login in consisting of an e-mail address and a password.  Once you have submitted a request, you can view the status of your request, see if anyone else has submitted a similar request or see if there are any other requests in your area.  Your ECIA Road Committee members can also track all reported problems in Eldorado.  

Eldorado Road Information – The following articles on topics related to Eldorado roads are excerpted from previous editions of Vistas for your convenience.

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          RAP Project Info Sheet 2018