ECIA Board of Directors

There are two board meetings a month; the Work Study Meeting and the Board of Directors meeting. You can find the dates and times on our Events Calendar. Please attend and get involved!

For questions, contact Office at 466-4248


President John Henriksen (505) 466-4248 henriksen head shotBio 
 Vice President  Antone Forneris  (505) 466-4248 fornerisBio 
Secretary Michael McDowell (505) 466-4248 mcdowellBio 
Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez (505) 466-4248 gutierrezBio 
Director Pam Henline (505)-466-4248 phenline
Director Jody Price (505) 466-4248 jody priceBio 
Director David McDonald (505) 466-4248
d mcdonaldBio