ECIA Staff
General Manager Isabel Ugarte 466-4248  isabel
Assistant to GM Open Position      
Assistant to GM  Open Position  

Architecture and Covenant Compliance Coordinator Mark Young


ext.15 MArk
Maintenance Supervisor Robert Hurtado 466-4248  
Community Relations Coordinator/Vistas Editor Courteney Handy


ext.12 me3
Administrative Assistant Jamila Lopez


ext. 11  Jamila
Maintenance Yuriah Yrioste 466-4248  
Maintenance Loren Quintana 466-4248  
Facility Attendant Patty Stevens  466-4248   
Facility Attendant Katrina Pederson 466-4248  
Pool Manager Kelsae Pederson 466-4249    


ECIA Office (505) 466-4248  
ECIA Office FAX (505) 466-4249  
Pool  (505) 466-2511  


ECIA Governing Board
There are two board meetings a month; the Work Study Meeting and the Board of Directors meeting. You can find the dates and times on our Events Calendar. Please attend and get involved! See our Board Agenda web page here.
President  David McDonald (505) 466-4248

Vice President

Claudia Ahlstrom (505) 466-4248

Jody Price

(505) 466-4248
Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez (505) 466-4248
Director Pam Henline (505) 466-4248
Director Emily McCormick (505) 466-4248 
Director John Henriksen (505) 466-4248