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August 28 2017

ECIA staff and Board members have been working with Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District (EAWSD) staff in response to potential sources of water contamination identified in the District's recently completed Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP). On June 21, 2017, EAWSD General Manager David Chakroff sent the ECIA a letter that requested a response to a specific potential source of contamination – the ECIA Horse Stables. If you’re reading this online, a copy of this letter may be downloaded by clicking on the following link.

Mr. Chakroff’s letter states, in pertinent part, as follows:


The SWPP specifically identifies the ECIA Horse Stables as a site of "high vulnerability" for the contamination of EAWSD public drinking water wells and aquifers. The SWPP specifically states:

The ECIA horse stables are notable in the EAWSD's SWPAs [Source Water Protection Areas] because significant historical and current horse burial has occurred at this site.

This site also conducts manure composting, which, in the absence of proper controls, can contribute to contaminated runoff.


We understand that it would be infeasible to identify the location of past horse burials and to relocate those carcasses away from EAWSD wells and aquifers. We would, however, ask the ECIA Board to recognize the Horse Stables as a potential source of contamination to the community's public drinking water supply, and to institute a policy to prohibit all future burial of horses on the stable grounds and on any property within ECIA jurisdiction.

The Board reviewed the District’s June 21, 2017 letter and sought the advice of legal counsel in order to craft a policy that would effectively regulate equine (horse, mule, and donkey) burials within ECIA common property, including the Stable Amenity. Mindful of the need to take action in order to protect our drinking water from a potential source of water well contamination, yet aware of the sensitivity of this issue to the stable community, the Board has unanimously passed a 6-month moratorium on all equine burials within ECIA common property. During the pendency of this moratorium ECIA staff and the ECIA Board will partner with the stable community to identify cost-effective and environmentally sound alternatives to equine burials.

In the months to come the ECIA Board will also be examining the way that manure is stored at the ECIA stables in order to lessen the chances that contaminated runoff will impact the community’s drinking water. Although manure is no longer being composted at the ECIA stables concern remains that the animal waste present at this site is a potential source of drinking water contamination.