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June 1 2017

The Santa Fe County Road Department has begun applying a maintenance treatment of asphalt millings

to certain roads in Eldorado. These millings are reclaimed ground up asphalt from other road

improvement projects, and will improve the road surface like the application of gravel or base course

does. Work started in early May and is expected to continue throughout the spring and summer.


There are 33 roads for a total distance of 15.18 miles in Eldorado that have been identified to be

upgraded with the asphalt millings. The roads were selected with input from the ECIA Roads Committee

and County public works staff, and are those that have a history of significant rutting and poor drivability

due to heavy mud during periods of prolonged rain or snow. The list of roads that have been identified

for the millings work follows below. The list is in alphabetical order, not the order of completion. The

County will put a message board on a road several days in advance of work beginning to advise affected


The first step the County crew will do in this process will be to clean out and re-establish the bar ditches

adjacent to the road and to re-crown the road surface. Next, they will apply layers of the milled asphalt

material, some water, and then roll it in. The resulting hard packed surface will be gray in color, like a

road that has been chip sealed such as Enebro Road or the beginning of Camerada Loop. The county

crew completed the prep work on Carlito Road last week and is working on Estambre Road this week.

They expect to begin applying the millings late this week or early next.

These millings were donated to the county by the NMDOT, so the only cost to the county is the

equipment and labor that is already budgeted through normal road maintenance. The most common

complaint that the Road Committee receives from Eldorado residents is about the muddy conditions,

with the residents requesting that gravel or base course be applied to their road to improve the surface.

Funding for actual improvements to these roads including substantial amounts of gravel or base course

is limited, so the donation of the asphalt millings is a significant opportunity to upgrade some of the

more troublesome roads.

The following roads (in alphabetical order), with start and end points, are scheduled to be resurfaced

with the asphalt millings.

Road Name




Alcalde Road

Ave de Compadres

Alcalde Loop


Antigua Road

Ave Casa del Oro

Tetilla Road


Aventura Road

Herrada Road

Ave Eldorado


Camerada Loop

Camerada Road

Camerada Road (Loop)


Camerada Road

Lucero Road

Ave Azul


Carlito Road

Monte Alto Road

Cuesta Road


Cerrado Loop

Cerrado Road

Ave Vista Grande


Chusco Road

Ave Vista Eldorado

Ave de Amistad


Demora Road

Ave de Compadres

Alondra Road


Domingo Road

Balsa Rd

Balsa Rd (loop)


Dovela Court

Dovela Road Dead End



Dovela Road Ave

Vista Grande

Espira Road


Dovela Place

Dovela Road Dead End



Duende Road

Ave Torreon

Palacio Road


Encantado Circle

Encantado Loop

 Encantado Loop


Encantado Road

Ave de Compadres

Ave Azul


Espira Road Ave

Vista Grande

Dovela Road


Esquila Road

Alondra Road

Ave de Compadres


Estacada Road

Herrada Road

Ave Eldorado


Estambre Road

Herrada Road

Ave Casa del Oro


Fonda Road

Ave de Compadres

Guado Road


Garbosa Road

Ave Vista Grande

Mariposa Road


Glorieta Road

Ave Vista Grande

Caliente Road


Juego Road

Glorieta Road

Ave Torreon


Juego Court

Juego Road Dead End



Juego Place

Juego Road Dead End



Mimosa Road

Ave Vista Grande

Ave de Compadres


Moya Lane

Moya Road Dead End



Moya Loop

Ave de Monte Alto

Ave de Monte Alto (loop)


Moya Road

Ave Vista Grande

Ave de Monte Alto


Puerto Court

Ave Vista Grande Dead End



Puerto Way

Puerto Road Dead End



Puerto Road

Chusco Road Dead End



Total Miles 15.18