non stop barking dog next doorIf you are encountering a problem with a barking or roaming dog, at night or during weekend, please call Santa Fe Animal Control at 469-1302 to report the problem. Please follow that up with a call to the ECIA offices at 466-4248. Should you have to leave a message for Mark Young, Covenant Compliance Representative, or the ECIA staff, please be sure to leave your name and telephone number with the message. The ECIA staff frequently receives incomplete messages, left by Eldorado residents, who fail to leave their name and telephone numbers, and without this important information, it makes it very hard, if not impossible at times, to initiate covenant enforcement actions. Keep in mind that all complainant’s names are kept confidential during the covenant enforcement process.

Residents are reminded that under the  Dog Ownership Policies and Guidelines,  all residents are now required to keep their dogs on leash when in any of the Eldorado Greenbelts.

Thank you,

Mark Young