Eldorado/285 Recycles maintains a website that provides up-to-date information on existing recycling and composting opportunities. It develops/encourages new recycling options and waste reduction ideas through the periodic publication and distribution of Recyclopedia Tips, Reference Guides, and other materials. Eldorado/285 Recycles maintains containers for the collection of #5 plastics, batteries, athletic shoes, plastic writing instruments, bottle corks, and rubber bands at the La Tienda shopping center as well as containers for metal cans and plastic #1 and #2 bottles at both La Tienda and the Agora mall. Containers are also available for use at public events. Eldorado 285 Recycles actively promotes backyard composting of food and yard wastes and recycling by our local institutions and businesses.


Tip #1 Eldorado Area’s Best-Kept Recycling Secret!
Tip #2 What Else Can I Recycle Without Driving to Santa Fe?
Tip #3 How Well Does Eldorado Recycle? Good News or Bad News?
Tip #4 Eldorado Family’s One Year Recycling Results.
Tip #5 How do I Start a Compost Pile?
Tip #6 Eldorado’s Curbside and Recycling Services
Tip #7 Using the ReUse Area at the Eldorado Transfer Station

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