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Home to great folks, rich culture and beautiful views, Eldorado at Santa Fe is a community of 2650 homes situated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, approximately 25 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza.

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October 12, 2017

33 roads are slated for resurfacing with recycled asphalt paving. The project has begun and will continue through the fall and into winter.  Visit this link for more information.

October 11, 2017

Saturday, October 14th

The Book of Life (PG) 6:30-8:05pm

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (R) 8:15-10:00pm

Saturday, October 21st

Hocus Pocus (PG) 6:15-7:50pm

The Others (R) 8:00-9:45pm

Saturday, October 28th

The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG) 6:15-7:40pm

Nightmare on Elm Street (R) 8:00-9:45pm

Bring a blanket, pillow, & picnic to enjoy in the Railroad building

Free popcorn & popsicles

August 28 2017

ECIA staff and Board members have been working with Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District (EAWSD) staff in response to potential sources of water contamination identified in the District's recently completed Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP). On June 21, 2017, EAWSD General Manager David Chakroff sent the ECIA a letter that requested a response to a specific potential source of contamination – the ECIA Horse Stables. If you’re reading this online, a copy of this letter may be downloaded by clicking on the following link.

Mr. Chakroff’s letter states, in pertinent part, as follows:

May 24 2017

Volunteers are needed to serve on all committees.  If you would like to help the Eldorado Community by volunteering, please contact the ECIA office at 505-466-4248.

April 21, 2017

Resident Claudia Daigle is seeking to continue her lawsuit against the ECIA relating to ground-based solar arrays and other permanent structures. She originally filed a motion requesting reconsideration of the District Court’s decision. But, on March 13, 2017, Judge Sandra M. Singleton, issued an order denying Ms. Daigle's request for Finding of Fact and Conclusions of Law. At the same time, Judge Singleton, ordered Ms. Daigle to pay attorney’s fees, calling her efforts a misuse of the judicial system. The judge also gave Ms. Daigle until March 24 to appeal her case to the New Mexico Court of Appeals. On that day, Ms. Daigle did file an appeal. According to ECIA legal council, Ms. Daigle will have to pay for court transcriptions of the record and will also have to file a docketing statement within 30 days of her notice of appeal. It appears likely that the appellate court would issue a notice of proposed disposition within about three to four months later, which would be sometime between late June and late July.

January 7 2016

In an effort to make the submission of Architectural Plans and Variances requests easier, the ECIA Architecture Committee has worked to develop forms for these submissions and make them available on this site. The forms may be found under the menu Resident Resources>>Forms & Applications. Or at these links:



We ask that any residents who complete these forms be sure that they are complete when submitted or they cannot be processed.

If you have any questions at all please contact Mark at the ECIA at 466-4248 or e-mail him at mark@eldoradosf.org


Water wise and drought tolerant plant material for planting and soft-scaping and screening.

Apache Plume

Height:  3 to 5 feet                 Spread:  2 to 6 feet

Soil type:  Well draining soil, no clay

Exposure:  Full sun

Water Very drought tolerant

Look:  Soft, airy, lacy, not dense

General:  Growth controlled by water, do not over water

Gray Rabbitbush, Chamisa

Height:  2 to 6 feet                 Spread:  2 to 4 feet

Soil type:  Well draining, alkaline

Exposure:  Sunny

Look:  A dense look

General:  Fast growing

Fourwing Saltbush, Chamiso

Height:  1 to 6 feet                 Spread:  4 to 8 feet

Soil type:  Tolerates saline, alkaline soils, very dry soil

Exposure:  Full sun

Look:  A dense look, round or mounded shapes

General:  Fast growing

Curl-Leaf Mountain Mahogany

Height:  4 to 15 feet               Spread:  4 to 8 feet

Soil:  Gravelly, rocky, well draining

Exposure:  Full sun to some shade

Look:  Not dense but full growth

General:  Slow to moderate growth

Non-Native  Butterfly Bush

Height:  3 to 12 feet               Spread:  5 to 12 feet

Soil type:  Well draining soil

Exposure:  Full sun, some shade

Look:  A dense look, round or mounded shapes

General:  Fast growing

Non-Native  Russian Sage

Height:  3 to 5 feet                 Spread:  3 to 4 feet

Soil type:  Average soil, good drainage

Exposure:  Full sun

Look:  A dense look, round or mounded shapes

General:  Fast growing

Large Screening Material

Desert Olive, New Mexico Privet

Height:  Low to 15 feet                   Spread:  8 to 10 feet

Soil type:  Found wild in sand, loam, clay and lava

Exposure:  Open sun

Look:  A dense look, deciduous in winter, multiple trunks

General:  Fast growing at start and with water

Oneseed Juniper

Height:  8 to 15 feet               Spread:  9 to 12 feet

Soil type:  Tolerates dry very dry soil well draining

Exposure:  Full sun

Look:  A dense look

General:  Not a fast grower, needs water to establish

Pinyon Pine or Piñon Pine

Height:  15 to 20 feet             Spread:  15 to 20 feet

Soil type:  Dry to very dry soil, well draining

Exposure:  Full sun

Look:  A dense look, well shaped when mature

General:  Not a fast grower, needs water to establish

Plant Material Not Recommended

          This material has shown up on many community lists as do not plant material. Some of the reasons listed are, non-native, water intensive, and very invasive in local habitats.

                   Russian Olive

                   Salt Cedar or Tamarisk

                   Chinese Elm

Siberian Elm


Reference Material

Xeriscape Plant Material,  by Denver Water

Native Gardening in Northern New Mexico,  by Native Plant Society of New Mexico

Southwestern Landscaping with Native Plants,  by Judith Phillips

New Mexico Gardener’s Guide,  by Judith Phillips

March 2, 2015

Santa Fe County is initiating a process in the US 285 South Highway Corridor Plan Area to update our community plan, and develop appropriate zoning and regulations. Planning meetings are scheduled as follows:

Tuesdays 4-6 PM at the Eldorado Senior Center, 16 Avenida Torreon

March 3, 17, 31; April 14; May 5, 19