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Home to great folks, rich culture and beautiful views, Eldorado at Santa Fe is a community of 2650 homes situated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, approximately 25 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza.

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The poultry lawsuit, ECIA v. Billings et.al., remains in the hands of the New Mexico Court of Appeals.

alt    Greenbelt Trail Pilot Project Completed   

   October 8, 2014


The ECIA Conservation Committee has now completed the Greenbelt Pilot Project in the  Pueblo Canyon Greenbelt area.  This work had been approved by the Santa Fe County Land Development Office and is a 2.6 mile long, class 4, multi-use trail for walking, biking or horseback riding and its location is shown on the below map.  anyone has any questions, please contact the ECIA at 466-4248.


 Thank you, 

The ECIA Conservation Committee

Contact the ECIA office at 466-4248 for more information.

To provide an additional measure of personal privacy with respect to Eldorado resident property files at the ECIA, members of the ECIA Architecture Committee have developed a new Access Authorization form. This new one-page form can be found on the ECIA website under Resident Resources/ Forms and Applications/Property File Authorization. It will be used when anyone wants to access the ECIA property files of an Eldorado resident. Such persons will be required to go to the homeowner to complete this form, which will authorize the applicant to review any house plans, approvals, correspondence, or other information contained in the files sought. Examples of persons who often come to the ECIA seeking such information include realtors, contractors, architects, and landscape contractors. With this new form, homeowners will be able to specify exactly who has authorization to access their property files and what file contents may be reviewed. For additional information, please call Mark Young at the ECIA at 466-4248.

Woven or rolled bamboo fencing is not a compliant fencing material in Eldorado and we ask residents to not use this fencing material, either alone, or as part of an existing fence. To learn more about compliant fencing materials and styles, please refer to the ECIA Guidelines on this website or call the ECIA at 466-4248 and ask for Mark Young.

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Residents who have been in Eldorado for more than a decade will remember relatively green and attractive playing fields next to the community center. However, six years of drought out of the last ten have taken a heavy toll on this amenity, forcing some difficult decisions about how to maintain this portion of our community park. Listed below are several options, along with costs, life expectancy, advantages and disadvantages. The numbers given are approximations, but are based on extensive research done by committees and staff.

Santa Fe County has now implemented County Wide Fire Restrictions. This means that in Eldorado there is no open smoking, open fires or fireworks allowed of any sort. This includes the preserve and greenbelt areas as well. For further information see the county website at http://www.co.santa-fe.nm.us/.

Message from the ECIA Board of Directors regarding proposed amendments to the ECIA Bylaws. 04/22/2013


It has come to the attention of the ECIA Board of Directors that a certain amount of misinformation is being disseminated regarding the consequences and intent of changes included in the proposed new Bylaws.  We want to be sure that the Eldorado community fully understand the proposed Bylaws.  Whether the new Bylaws pass or not is perhaps of secondary importance.  What is important is that each lot owner be able to evaluate the proposed amendments based on their real merit, not on faulty interpretation.