Agenda-Environmental Ad Hoc Committee


Environmental Advisory ad hoc Committee meeting

Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 2 pm, ECIA Conference Room

1. Trees at the pool: Review and update of the outcome of latest ECIA board working meeting of March 15, 2018, re management of invasive trees at the pool, where it stands now.  David, Antone, Peggy

2. Facilities & Grounds proposal re trees at the pool: update on F&G's "revised" proposal and discussion, David, Antone, Karen.

3. Joint meeting with Facilities &Grounds Committee, Wednesday, April 4, 2018: Discussion and preparation for our committee's participation in our first joint meeting with Facilities & Grounds Committee tomorrow.

Decide which of our committee members will attend.

4. ECIA wells: update, Karen, David to share any information they have.

5. Mission statement/Charter of Environmental Advisory ad hoc Committee: Discussion, our committee's responsibilities, David, Antone, Patty

6. Herbicide use by HeadsUp Landscaping at ECIA: Discussion of herbicide used for invasive clover on the grass at Community center, update on other locations herbicides may have been used by HeadsUp Landscaping on ECIA common property, David, Patty.

7. Interim Pesticide Policy: status of policy with ECIA board. Will Information committee be changing/modifying Interim policy written by David with our committee's input? David, Antone

8. Agricultural Vinegar Research: (aka Horticultural Vinegar) proposed as a less toxic herbicide for use on Elm saplings and Elm/Russian Olive stumps at pool backwash, Peggy

Next regular Environmental Advisory ad hoc Committee meeting, May 1, 2018, 3 pm, ECIA Conference room

Next scheduled meeting: Joint meeting of Environmental Advisory Committee with Facilities&Grounds Committee, Wednesday, April 4, 2018 3 pm, Conference room




Environmental Advisory ad hoc Committee

February 16, 2018 3pm, ECIA conference room

Priority: Ask if anyone can Chair meetings/group

  1.  Mission statement of group
  1. Proposed Mission statement:

We are stewards of the Earth and Environment including our land, water, air, plants, animals, people and all living creatures. Our mission is to promote a safe and healthy Eldorado Community through ecologically sound and sustainable environmental practices that protect human and environmental health and safeguard the Earth. Our desire is to to help Eldorado become a model community in regard to environmentally sustainable practices.


Our Goals:

To develop a comprehensive, sustainable Environmental Stewardship Policy for the Eldorado Homeowner's Association, known as the Eldorado Community Improvement Association (ECIA) and,


To research, advise and educate the ECIA, HOAMCO and the Eldorado community about environmentally sustainable practices and,


To also provide continued oversight to the ECIA/HOAMCO regarding ongoing environmental stewardship for all of its facilities and grounds, hike and bike trails, greenbelts, roads and Community Preserve.

  1. Set goals for establishing a new Environmental Stewardship Policy that will be in 3 parts:   A. Pest control policy, first priority  B. Environmental policy for maintaining facilities/new construction, second priority  C. Annual Environmental Audit, third priority.
  1.  Re:Interim Pest Policy, request Moratorium on all pesticide use including herbicides. A. Environmental Advisory Committee has been appointed to review all proposed or planned pesticide use and develop a comprehensive Pest Control Policy. B. Environmental Advisory Committee must obtain pertinent information about the ECIA's proposed or planned use of pesticides, including herbicides before any Interim Pest Policy can be finalized. C. Pesticide use including Herbicide use by HOAMCO/ECIA:
  2. A. Proposed use by ECIA to use herbicides on Elms/Russian Olive trees at pool to kill stumps once trees are cut.

Suggestion made by HOAMCO General Manager Isabel Ugarte for Environmental Advisory Committee to meet with Isabel and Facilities&Grounds, Pool ad hoc committee and Landscape ad hoc Committee to discuss this issue. Set up this meeting.

  1.  Discussion of any proposed or planned use of pesticides including herbicides for any upcoming work on trees at pool, any Hike/Bike trails by ECIA or Santa Fe County, ECIA parking lot, ECIA grounds or any other areas.
  1. Set meeting time for next meeting



Environmental Advisory ad hoc Committee Meeting

March 6th, 2018 3pm, room to be determined

  1.  Recommend and approve Chair and Vice Chair for committee.
  1.  Present Certified Arborist Paul Bryan Jones' Bid for" Phase I " soil excavation and inspection of tree roots and his proposed plans for managing trees at pool/ pool backwash and discuss
  1.  Present Environmental Advisory Committee's memo re: research and recommendations to board liasons (Peggy)
  1.  Present any information obtained re: wells at ECIA ( David, Karen)
  1.  Present information on Herbicides used on Siberian Elms/Russian Olives including toxicity, persistence and mobility in soil and potential well contamination if used on tree stumps (Patty)
  1.  Determine what will be presented by Antone and David re: trees at pool to entire ECIA Board at next working meeting.
  2. A. Antone and David to write a motion for Board re: Paul Bryan Jones' bid to do excavation of soil and investigation of tree roots and foundation at pool
  1.  Interim Pesticide Policy, final draft, David to present to board