fornerisAntone Forneris

Antone and his wife, Connie, a fiber artist represented by Marigold Arts on Canyon Road, moved to Eldorado in 2013. (Connie’s rugs and wall hangings are featured at Marigold Arts or

Having lived on acreages most of their lives, the spacing of homes in Eldorado was a natural fit for the couple. As Antone is a devoted and accomplished woodturner, having room for his and her studios was another draw to the community.

After receiving an Economics M.S. in 1974 from Southern Illinois University, Antone went on to successfully serve in a multitude of management and executive positions in a variety of large construction and private industry corporations. His last position before retiring was as CEO and General Manager of CaviDyne, LLC, the first company to put the power of cavitation in the hands of the consumer.