jody priceJody Price

A native New Mexican, I lived in both Albuquerque and
Santa Fe in the 1970s but have spent most of my life in
northwest New Jersey. I have a bachelor’s degree from
Boston University in archaeology and met my wife while in
Boston. Amy and I have been married for over 30 years, and
in 2014 we decided to move to New Mexico. We bought
our Eldorado home in July 2014 and came west in 2015.
I have spent 28 years as an IT professional mainly in the
health care industry. I have a history of non-profit work, serving
as a trustee on two non-profit boards back east: the Myhelan
                                             Cultural Arts Center, where I served as both treasurer
                                              as well as board president for a term; and the Musconetcong
                                              Watershed Association, for which I served as treasurer.