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Home to great folks, rich culture and beautiful views, Eldorado at Santa Fe is a community of 2650 homes situated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, approximately 25 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza.

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December 1 2017

About 90 percent of ELDORADIO’s 24-hour day is a random variety of comfortable classics, gentle jazz, friendly folk tunes and world music, even a bit of Broadway now and then, all free of chatter and advertising. Holiday musical spice increases daily until by Christmas Eve, Eldorado homes ring all day and night with familiar, sometimes unusual seasonal sonic serenity. The station’s regular features continue, including BreakTime  at 10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Topics for this quarter-hour “relaxer” include holiday and other stories on Tuesdays, as well as poetry, comedy, history and interviews with interesting people though the week. Each morning at 7 a.m., Eldoradoans can wake up with weather, music and a listing of activities in Eldorado and Santa Fe for the day, services not available anywhere else on the radio dial or television screen.


On weekends, ELDORADIO’s Saturday Matinee at 12 noon, recorded live performances, will also include some of the station’s centennial tributes to Leonard Bernstein, as well as other concerts by orchestras, chamber ensembles, jazz bands and soloists. These include previews next spring of Santa Fe Opera’s local premiere of Candide, as well as preview performances of the SFO’s four other 2018 operas. Recorded local concerts, The Clancy Brothers on St. Patrick’s Day, Tom Lehrer, and a Broadway show or two highlight Saturdays.

Sunday’s noontime Retro Radio  showcases “golden age” programs from 50, 60, even 70 years ago. It also includes some of the station’s Bernstein tribute: the young conductor’s memorable network debut pinch-hitting for Bruno Walter with the New York Philharmonic in 1943, and leading his last concert in Boston in 1990. Familiar comics like Jack Benny, Charlie McCarthy, George Burns and Gracie Allen are regulars at noon on the Sunday, along with dramas, dance bands, mysteries and other favorites from old-time radio. On Jan. 1, ELDORADIO offers an all-day New Year’s in Vienna.

From time to time, ELDORADIO drops in brief previews of live musical performances in the Santa Fe area. The station is a non-profit hobby service to the community, operating under Federal Communications Commission restrictions with one-tenth of a watt power, which limits its coverage to Eldorado.