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Home to great folks, rich culture and beautiful views, Eldorado at Santa Fe is a community of 2650 homes situated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, approximately 25 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza.

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2014 Sept 8: STAGE 1 Water Restrictions Lifted

EAWSD's Stage 1/Guarded Condition Water Alert has been lifted as of Monday, September 8th.

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Herrada Road Paving Project Fact Sheet

 (As of:  October 15, 2014)  

    On Wednesday, October 15, crews will begin moving the mail and paper boxes along Herrada Road from the temporary to the permanent locations.  Mail and paper boxes will be placed at the end of each driveway on the street in the corner area of the walking path.  In accordance with USPS requirements mailboxes must be 4 foot high.  If a post is too low or damaged, the County will replace the post at no charge to the resident.  If a Herrada road resident has a damaged mailbox that they would like to replace, they are advised to purchase a new one as soon as possible and provide to the County crews who will install it.   Relocation of the mail and paper boxes is expected to be completed by Friday October 17.

Culverts:   All culverts will be removed by the Contractor at the beginning of the project to allow for surveying and construction of the bar ditches before new culverts are installed.   Each resident's driveway will still be passable once the culverts are removed.   The Contractor will remove old culvert pipes from the site.    

Trees and Shrubs:  Trees and Shrubs within the roadway right of way that need to be removed have been flagged with pink flagging. The Contractor will try and only prune where possible instead of removing trees and shrubs The Contractor/project inspector will talk with residents if ornamental trees/shrubs will be impacted.  Vegetation cuttings will be removed from the site by the Contractor.    

Equipment Staging: Some construction equipment (i.e. road grader) will be left on site overnight.  Equipment will be parked within the right of way near the bar ditch line.  The Contractor will coordinate with residents near staging areas to ensure safety.  Equipment staging areas will vary as the project progresses.  Equipment will be marked with barrels and reflectors overnight.    

Utilities Relocation With the exception of PNM, relocation of utilities has been completed.  PNM will have relocations completed west of Avenida de Compadres by September 6.  PNM will begin work on relocations east of Avenida de Compadres on September 9.  Open trenches and holes left unattended will be barricaded for safety.     

Questions? Eldorado Road Committee Felicia Probert @ 466-1563    or Karen Murry @ 699-4376


Greenbelt Trail Work this year in Eldorado

alt    Greenbelt Trail Pilot Project Completed   

   October 8, 2014


The ECIA Conservation Committee has now completed the Greenbelt Pilot Project in the  Pueblo Canyon Greenbelt area.  This work had been approved by the Santa Fe County Land Development Office and is a 2.6 mile long, class 4, multi-use trail for walking, biking or horseback riding and it's location is shown on the below map.  anyone has any questions, please contact the ECIA at 466-4248.


 Thank you, 

The ECIA Conservation Committee

Hen Lawsuit

The poultry lawsuit, ECIA v. Billings et.al., remains in the hands of the New Mexico Court of Appeals.

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