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Home to great folks, rich culture and beautiful views, Eldorado at Santa Fe is a community of 2650 homes situated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, approximately 25 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza.

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Open Board Position
Director Emily McCormick gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on October 8, 2018 and has been on a maternity leave.  We are sad to announce that she has decided not to return to the ECIA Board of Directors at this time in order to devote her full attention to being the mother of two girls under three years old.  We will miss the youthful perspective and thoughtful insights she brought to the Board, and look forward to the time when she can become involved in the ECIA once again.
Anyone interested in applying for appointment to the ECIA Board of Directors should submit a candidate statement, short bio, resume and photo to David McDonald atd.mcdonald@eldoradosf.org or drop them off at the ECIA offices by Tuesday, December 28, 2018.  We anticipate seating a new Member at the Board meeting on January 24, 2019.
David McDonald, President of the
ECIA Board of Directors