Board StevenSteven Rudnick


I would be particularly interested in picking up Pam’s interest in sustainability issues in Eldorado. I was the chairperson of the Sustainability and Education Committee in Eldorado until the board removed support from that committee. As a former director of a university program in Environmental Studies, I really know quite a bit about this topic. I was also the person who scanned the original ''Windmills and Dreams" so that Pam could edit the new version.


I currently serve on the Santa Fe County Water Policy Advisory Committee and I feel that I can serve as a liaison between that group and ECIA and possibly EAWSD.


I have lived in Eldorado for almost nine-years now. I was elected President of the Avila Homeowners Association during my second year here but a lack of interest on the part of the Avila residents and the resignation of our pro-bono lawyer has allowed that group to become defunct. The positive side of that is that I am quite familiar with the Eldorado Covenants and those of Avila.


I also bring considerable experience with Boards of Directors, albeit non-profits, since I currently serve as President of the RENESAN Institute of Lifelong Learning and formerly as a member of the Board of the Santa Fe Childrens' Museum.


Since Eldorado is nearly completely built out, some of the earlier concerns about maintaining the community's character have become moot although challenges still exist in areas such as solar installations and some variances. The new County Sustainable Land Development Code will have minimal effect on the community with the notable exception of the boundary at 285 and I am certainly interested in that interface as it will impact Eldorado.