pam henlinePamela Henline

I came to Eldorado in 1999 and started writing the Vistas bird column about then. I have served on the ECIA Board since May 2013, as Board member and as Vice President. There have been some important concerns in the community during that time, including Chickens and ground-mounted solar panels, which the Board members attempted to navigate without splitting the community.

I am an animal lover and outdoor enthusiast even though I was badly injured in an auto accident. My three wheel bike is perfect for our dirt roads and bike path, with my two dogs trotting along. Many days during summer you will find me in the Eldorado pool. I have several horses and get great joy from using their capable four feet.

I initiated the community News Brief e-mail blast as an efficient way to communicate with home owners and I also updated and republished Windmills and Dreams (Eldorado history, available at community center). With several collaborators, I have produced a list of all bird species seen in Eldorado since 1993 which is posted on the Eldorado website.

I participated in the development of the county 285 Plan, was board member of Challenge New Mexico and board member of Northern New Mexico Citizens Advisory Board (citizen oversight of cleanup of Los Alamos legacy waste), have organized Vista Grande Library and Eldorado reading groups, and earned a therapy dog award for my miniature schnauzer while visiting an Alzheimer’s home.

I received BS and MS degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in mathematics and immediately became immersed in computers after graduation. Before retirement, I was responsible for all computer systems and personnel supporting a scientific fusion energy research project, managing a group of 14 people with budget and business responsibility for $6 million annually.