To play on the side of caution, the Board of Directors
has cancelled the Candidate Forum that was scheduled
for March 12.

There is one candidate running for the Board of Director’s election in 2020.  David Sorkin is officially a candidate running for a three year term.  See the candidate “goals for the community” statement and photo below.

David Sorkin

Eldorado Community Improvement Association,

I began volunteering at the Finance Committee in late 2017 and served as a member until I was appointed to the ECIA Board of Directors in April of 2019 and have been an integral part of the governance of our community ever since. I’ve experienced turmoil and a sense of mistrust among our residents over the past year and have felt that change was necessary to instill a positive message and attitude that our community was better served by being open and honest, not just  by our words but by our actions.Our Board consists of varied skill levels and unique talents which lends itself to a more welcoming environment.  I intend to take my part in providing the leadership that our members expect by following the governing covenants, bylaws, policies & procedures as written. Our communication is improving, our financial house is in order, the committees are contributing more than ever, and our management team is performing at a much higher level. Teamwork is beginning to show and I hope to continue the progress we’ve attained currently and in the days to come.


Read Mr. Sorkin's candidate forum statement>>