Ad Hoc Environmental Advisory Committee Minutes

Environmental Stewardship Committee Agenda

November 5, 2019

Call To Order: Meeting called to order at 3:10pm

Attendance: Karen Murry Stephanie Levy, ECIA Board Liaison David McDonald, Nancy Ostiguy was a few minutes late.

Approval of the October 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes: approved

Approval of the November 5, 2109 Agenda: Approved

Board Liaison Report: David McDonald

Pinon courtyard trees have been injected to control pitch moth.

Pool bathhouse elm tree will be discussed at the Nov F&G meeting. Either removal or air knife and barrier the roots to keep out of Pool bathhouse building.

EESC will ask Julie and F&G if the hike/Bike trails ant hills have been treated with diatomaceous earth.

Old Business:

  • Review of the Environmental Audit. EESC will schedule a meeting with Julie to go over what still needs to be worked on at the CC. Will review installation of smoke alarms, door sweeps, correction of courtyard door part, removal of ivy and patching of holes, move employee posters to more visible area for employee access.
  • Procedure for Environmental Management (PEM) and Proposal of Materials/Purchase Use (PMPU), Appendix A, were given final discussion and approved. Motion to send to the ECIA Board for recommendation the Procedure for Environmental Management (PEM) and the Proposal of Materials/Purchase Use (PMPU), Appendix A. Unanimously approved. New special meeting will be early next week to review and approval the EESC pre-approved List of Materials and Supplies with links to websites for ready access to review products or supplies as they are needed to find the most environmental and least harmful. This document will be included in the motion to send to the board.
  • Discussion of ideas for community outreach was postponed to December’s meeting.

Next Meeting: December 3, 2019 Adjournment 5:15pm

Eldorado Environmental Stewardship Committee

Minutes from October 8, 2019

In Attendance: Committee members: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy, and Stephanie Levy.  ECIA Board Liaison: Bernardo Monserrat

Meeting start: 2:10PM

Approval of the October 8, 2019 Agenda – Unanimously approved

Approval of the August 28, 2019 Meeting Minutes – Unanimously approved

Board Liaison Update –

  • Board has approved the treatment of the piñon trees, and they will be treated (injected) to address pest problem
  • Need to find out what is happening with the elm tree next to pool Bath House. The roots are compromising the Bath House walls.

Old Business:

  • Environmental Committee met with Julie October 7th; work is progressing on the list of 20 items that needed to be addressed and fixed.
  • Discussed a draft recommendation to preserve native trees over non-native trees.
  • Discussion of Procedure for Environmental Management, RMUA, & PMP/U – approved by Committee. Need to complete the pre-approved list of acceptable materials for use before submitting whole packet to Board for approval.
  • After discussion, EESC meetings will continue to be the first Tuesday of every month from 3-5.

New Business:

  • Discussion of community outreach program and topics for environmental library – a compiled list will be sent out via email and discussed in next meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: 3:50 PM

Next meetings:

            November 5

            December 3

            January 7

Environmental Stewardship August 28, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 10:10 am

In attendance: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy and ECIA Board Liaison Todd Handy; Stephanie Levy excused absence.

Agenda approved

July 29, 2019 Meeting Minutes approved

Board Liaison Report:

Todd went over the Board meeting discussions on the EESC Audit Report.

Board recommends Environmental Stewardship meet with Julie and go over action items.

Old Business:

Created a priority list for meeting with GM Julie to go over the critical action items on the EESC Audit.

Working on the general format for an Environmental Stewardship Guidance Procedures for ECIA Community Center and amenities dealing with cleaning, construction, flooring, furniture, landscaping, pest control, renovation and roofing materials.

Next Meeting: October 8, 2019 at 2pm.

Environmental Stewardship July 29, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 1pm

Agenda approved

July 2, 2019 meeting minutes approved

Old Business:

1) Environmental Stewardship Audit was completed and approved.

Motion:The Environmental Stewardship Committee unanimously approved the Environmental Audit of the Community Center to be sent to the ECIA Board for review. 

2) Agreement with ECIA Board that the courtyard pinions are not improved and will need to hire a tree service to review and advise treatment.

3)Committee reviewed areas for possible new plantings by pool and recommendations were made for native plants and installation of irrigation.

Recommendations sent to F&G Committee.

4) Community Center appears to have hired a professional cleaning service. Less rodent droppings observed.

New Business:

Environmental Stewardship will begin work on Procedures Policy for ECIA Community Center.

Next Meeting: September 3, 2019 at 3pm

Meeting Adjourned 3pm.

Eldorado Environmental Stewardship Committee

July 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance

Committee members: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy, and Stephanie Levy. 

ECIA Board Liaison: David McDonald

Meeting start: 3:15 PM

Approval of Agenda:  Unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes from June 4, 2019: Unanimously approved

ECIA Board Liaison Update – David McDonald

  • Vandalism of Dog Park, Community Garden(2x), Compadres Park, Pool (2X): Female has been identified; one male identified (first name only); at least four individuals, maybe five seem to be responsible; police are investigating.
  • Pinon trees: Angelo (facilities attendant) has noticed the courtyard piñon trees are showing signs of beetle infestation and mites. Tree services will be contacted to evaluate the piñons. Water emitters will be established to help properly water trees at root line.
  • David will be talking to Julie about previous items discussed that are still to be addressed:
    • Mice: sweeps under doors, reversing/changing closure on entryway door, removal of vines (living room and entry hall); sealing of holes (vines); mouse traps inside building.
    • Maintenance closet (entry hallway) needs to be locked/secured.
  • ECIA Community Center rodent problem – Karen will be discussing with F&G committee.
  • Odor in ECIA Community Center bathrooms: Karen will check periodically. EESC will check July 3rd during the continuation of the audit inventory.

Old Business:

  • Environmental Audit
    • Inventory has been started.
    • Will continue the inventory/audit tomorrow, July 3 at 1 PM.
  • Environmental Impact Procedures: to be discussed next time

New Business:

  • New planting proposals around pool, dog park, courts and ball field:
    • Discussion of proposed plantings and locations – preference for native plants with low water needs; Even low water-need plants need to be watered for first 3 years after planting or there is a high probability of plant death.
    • Inspected locations of proposed plantings.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:30 PM to review planting areas.

Next meetings:

            August 14, 2019 at 3pm