Ad Hoc Environmental Advisory Committee Minutes

Environmental Stewardship July 29, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 1pm

Agenda approved

July 2, 2019 meeting minutes approved

Old Business:

1) Environmental Stewardship Audit was completed and approved.

Motion:The Environmental Stewardship Committee unanimously approved the Environmental Audit of the Community Center to be sent to the ECIA Board for review. 

2) Agreement with ECIA Board that the courtyard pinions are not improved and will need to hire a tree service to review and advise treatment.

3)Committee reviewed areas for possible new plantings by pool and recommendations were made for native plants and installation of irrigation.

Recommendations sent to F&G Committee.

4) Community Center appears to have hired a professional cleaning service. Less rodent droppings observed.

New Business:

Environmental Stewardship will begin work on Procedures Policy for ECIA Community Center.

Next Meeting: September 3, 2019 at 3pm

Meeting Adjourned 3pm.

Eldorado Environmental Stewardship Committee

July 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance

Committee members: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy, and Stephanie Levy. 

ECIA Board Liaison: David McDonald

Meeting start: 3:15 PM

Approval of Agenda:  Unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes from June 4, 2019: Unanimously approved

ECIA Board Liaison Update – David McDonald

  • Vandalism of Dog Park, Community Garden(2x), Compadres Park, Pool (2X): Female has been identified; one male identified (first name only); at least four individuals, maybe five seem to be responsible; police are investigating.
  • Pinon trees: Angelo (facilities attendant) has noticed the courtyard piñon trees are showing signs of beetle infestation and mites. Tree services will be contacted to evaluate the piñons. Water emitters will be established to help properly water trees at root line.
  • David will be talking to Julie about previous items discussed that are still to be addressed:
    • Mice: sweeps under doors, reversing/changing closure on entryway door, removal of vines (living room and entry hall); sealing of holes (vines); mouse traps inside building.
    • Maintenance closet (entry hallway) needs to be locked/secured.
  • ECIA Community Center rodent problem – Karen will be discussing with F&G committee.
  • Odor in ECIA Community Center bathrooms: Karen will check periodically. EESC will check July 3rd during the continuation of the audit inventory.

Old Business:

  • Environmental Audit
    • Inventory has been started.
    • Will continue the inventory/audit tomorrow, July 3 at 1 PM.
  • Environmental Impact Procedures: to be discussed next time

New Business:

  • New planting proposals around pool, dog park, courts and ball field:
    • Discussion of proposed plantings and locations – preference for native plants with low water needs; Even low water-need plants need to be watered for first 3 years after planting or there is a high probability of plant death.
    • Inspected locations of proposed plantings.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:30 PM to review planting areas.

Next meetings:

            August 14, 2019 at 3pm


Environmental Stewardship Committee

Meeting Minutes from June 4, 2019

In Attendance: Committee members: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy, and Stephanie Levy. ECIA Board Liaison: Todd Handy; David McDonald; HOAMCO GM Julie Navarro; HOAMCO Staff:Ashley Springer

Meeting start: 3:15 PM

Approval of Agenda – Added building ‘smells”; Unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes from May 7, 2019 – unanimously approved

Board Liaison Update – Todd Handy

  • The Board has full membership
  • Board will be meeting in July for additional training
  • Committee Chair meeting is July 25 (Thursday)

Old Business:

  • Environmental Audit
    • Start with inventory
      • Ashley has been asked to begin inventory in the CC.
      • Go through building by building and do an inventory. Inventory includes 1) chemicals, 2) mechanicals (fans, doors/screens, etc.), 3) critters, 4) energy efficiency (lighting), 5) waste/recycling, 6) public health (rags, etc)
      • Inventory will be conducted by EESC Committee on June 18
    • Environmental Impact Procedures – to be discussed at next meeting.

New Business:

  • Rodent issue: Critter Control evaluated the building. Entry points at doors and one at roof. More traps will be used outside and set inside the building; entry points through the doors/screens will be blocked; an article will be written for Vistas/e-Blast but sent to Committee for review. With the construction and a wet winter we anticipate that nature/critter may intrude into the building; please close the doors!
  • Building odor – seems to be an odor ‘spritzer’ in all CC bathrooms; needs to be removed. Why do we need this solution – not cleaning the bathroom enough, failing septic system, etc.; fans need to be working and be automatic; may need to upgrade fans.
  • Send email to Ashley that no E-Blast should be sent concerning the Transfer Station – it is complicated to explain and we don’t want to get it wrong.
  • Russell Winslow has resigned from the Eldorado Environmental Stewardship Committee
  • Review of Zero Waste Community Center Events – everything went well except the clear stream bags leaked; next time reusable towels will be brought to cleanup and/or the bags will be doubled.

Meeting Adjourned: 5:15 PM

Next meetings: July 2,2019 at 3pm.

                                                            Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

                                                                       Minutes from April 1, 2019

Attendance: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy, (Stephanie Levy and Russell Winslow excused absences); David McDonald, Board Liaison: Todd Handy, Staff Liaison: Courtney Handy

Meeting start: 3:20 PM

Agenda Approval: Karen (moved), Nancy (second): Approved

Meeting Minutes: Feb 9 - approved by email; March 19 - Karen (moved) Nancy (second): Approved

Board Liaison Report - Todd is new represent; the change of Environmental Advisory Committee from AdHoc to Standing Committee will be voted on at new Board meeting.

Committee needs to present the highlights of the AdHoc’s work in 2018.

New Standing Committee name would be Environmental Stewardship Committee.

Old Business:

ECIA Integrated Property, Facilities and Pest Management Policy - Discussion of proposed policy. Modifications will be made and sent via email for vote to Committee.

Environmental Committee Charter - has been sent to the Board and will receive any feedback prior to Board meeting.

Changing the Environmental Advisory Committee from AdHoc to Standing Committee is on the next Board meeting.

Environmental Audit - have received email from Todd with examples; working on a draft.

Grass plantings - Would not meet the proposed policy

New Business:

Meeting Adjourned 4:50 PM

Next Meetings:

            * May 7, 2019 @ 3 PM in Community Center

Environmental Stewardship Committee

May 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 3:08 pm

Attendance: Karen Murry, Russell Winslow, Stephanie Levy, (Nancy Ostiguy excused absence); Todd Handy ECIA Board Liaison.

Agenda Approval: Approved

Approval of April 1, 2019 Meeting Minutes: Approved, with revision on F&G Proposal for future grass on baseball outfield.

Board Liaison Report:

  • The ECIA Board interviewed 2 applicants for the 2 open Board positions.
  • ECIA Annual Meeting was 7pm Monday night.
  • Todd will make a motion to formally name our four Environmental Stewardship Committee members.
  • Ashley Springer is the new HOAMCO Events Coordinator.

Old Business:

  • High fives for our Environmental Stewardship Committee’s formalization to a standing committee.
  • Approval of all EESC members names to be formally sent to the ECIA Board in Todd’s motion.
  • Discussion on the F&G Committee’s proposal for grass plantings in the baseball outfield is put on hold until our committee can get more information from the F&G Committee.
  • Environmental Audit. Todd helped with ideas and procedure for creating an environmental audit. He suggested tackling project with (Who uses it?, What do we use now?,Where is it used?, and When do we use it?) Committee will work on the different sections between meetings and discuss status in June’s meeting.

New Business:

  • Russell discussed the Bathhouse Elm’s invasive roots entering the bathhouse walls. Suggested removing elm and cutting trunk close to the base. The elm stump would not be ground down due to the proximity of electrical and gas lines. Suggested drilling holes in cut stump and using epson salt to kill the roots.
  • A list of suggested low VOC paints will be gathered, for possible future use at the Community Center.

Committee Comments: Need for an Environmental Guidebook for ECIA  and HOAMCO management and staff should be created.

Next Meeting: Tuesday June 4, 2019 at 3pm in the CC

Meeting Adjourned: 4:50pm.

Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes from March 19, 2019

In Attendance: Committee members: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy, Stephanie Levy and Russel Winslow.  ECIA Board Liaison: Todd Handy. Staff Liaison: Katrina Pederson.

Meeting start: 3:10 PM

Approval of Agenda – Unanimously approved

Karen will resend out February 5, 2019 Meeting minutes and approval will occur by email.

Board Liaison Update – Todd Handy

            Looking for Board Members

            Board will be attending at HOA Seminar (requirement originates from Senate Bill 150)

Old Business:

  • The Procedures for Pesticide Application (PPA) and Pesticide Use Proposal (PUP) and the two IPM Pyramids were approved by the ECIA Board at the February Board meeting, with small revision to include Stables and Conservation Committees and removal of Draft watermark.
  • The Environmental Charter was not approved. ECIA Board felt it needed more background info added. We will be re-writing Charter after we receive information to go ahead. Need to include an education component for Board, Committees & staff.
  • The Environmental Advisory request to change to a Standing Committee from an Ad Hoc was not approved. An ECIA Property Management Policy is needed.
    • Nancy will work on a draft and email it to the Committee for comments prior to next meeting.
    • The policy on materials used in renovations, etc. will be included.
  • Discussion of Environmental Audit
    • The annual Environmental Audit will be a good place to put a review of the Material Safety Data Sheets that are on-line – are they current or out of date?
    • Todd will provide a generic format for audits – Stephanie and Nancy will use this to take another step towards creating an audit system.

New Business:

  • Discussion of options for xeriscape planting (grass) for a possible F&G project for next spring for the ball field. It will be difficult to adhere to the IPM procedure and have a ball field.
  • Discussion of (feedback) Garden Fair event and problems created with new wood flooring in CC Classroom creating loud noise levels (explore sound buffering options) and floor panels shifting (need for molding and door frame flooring edging).

Next meeting: Monday April 1, 2019 at 3pm in the CC.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:55 PM

Next meetings:

            April 1 (1st Monday)

            May 7 (1st Tuesday)

            June 4 (1st Tuesday)

            July 2 (1st Tuesday)