Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

                                                                       Minutes from April 1, 2019

Attendance: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy, (Stephanie Levy and Russell Winslow excused absences); David McDonald, Board Liaison: Todd Handy, Staff Liaison: Courtney Handy

Meeting start: 3:20 PM

Agenda Approval: Karen (moved), Nancy (second): Approved

Meeting Minutes: Feb 9 - approved by email; March 19 - Karen (moved) Nancy (second): Approved

Board Liaison Report - Todd is new represent; the change of Environmental Advisory Committee from AdHoc to Standing Committee will be voted on at new Board meeting.

Committee needs to present the highlights of the AdHoc’s work in 2018.

New Standing Committee name would be Environmental Stewardship Committee.

Old Business:

ECIA Integrated Property, Facilities and Pest Management Policy - Discussion of proposed policy. Modifications will be made and sent via email for vote to Committee.

Environmental Committee Charter - has been sent to the Board and will receive any feedback prior to Board meeting.

Changing the Environmental Advisory Committee from AdHoc to Standing Committee is on the next Board meeting.

Environmental Audit - have received email from Todd with examples; working on a draft.

Grass plantings - Would not meet the proposed policy

New Business:

Meeting Adjourned 4:50 PM

Next Meetings:

            * May 7, 2019 @ 3 PM in Community Center