Environmental Stewardship Committee

May 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 3:08 pm

Attendance: Karen Murry, Russell Winslow, Stephanie Levy, (Nancy Ostiguy excused absence); Todd Handy ECIA Board Liaison.

Agenda Approval: Approved

Approval of April 1, 2019 Meeting Minutes: Approved, with revision on F&G Proposal for future grass on baseball outfield.

Board Liaison Report:

  • The ECIA Board interviewed 2 applicants for the 2 open Board positions.
  • ECIA Annual Meeting was 7pm Monday night.
  • Todd will make a motion to formally name our four Environmental Stewardship Committee members.
  • Ashley Springer is the new HOAMCO Events Coordinator.

Old Business:

  • High fives for our Environmental Stewardship Committee’s formalization to a standing committee.
  • Approval of all EESC members names to be formally sent to the ECIA Board in Todd’s motion.
  • Discussion on the F&G Committee’s proposal for grass plantings in the baseball outfield is put on hold until our committee can get more information from the F&G Committee.
  • Environmental Audit. Todd helped with ideas and procedure for creating an environmental audit. He suggested tackling project with (Who uses it?, What do we use now?,Where is it used?, and When do we use it?) Committee will work on the different sections between meetings and discuss status in June’s meeting.

New Business:

  • Russell discussed the Bathhouse Elm’s invasive roots entering the bathhouse walls. Suggested removing elm and cutting trunk close to the base. The elm stump would not be ground down due to the proximity of electrical and gas lines. Suggested drilling holes in cut stump and using epson salt to kill the roots.
  • A list of suggested low VOC paints will be gathered, for possible future use at the Community Center.

Committee Comments: Need for an Environmental Guidebook for ECIA  and HOAMCO management and staff should be created.

Next Meeting: Tuesday June 4, 2019 at 3pm in the CC

Meeting Adjourned: 4:50pm.