Environmental Stewardship Committee

Meeting Minutes from June 4, 2019

In Attendance: Committee members: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy, and Stephanie Levy. ECIA Board Liaison: Todd Handy; David McDonald; HOAMCO GM Julie Navarro; HOAMCO Staff:Ashley Springer

Meeting start: 3:15 PM

Approval of Agenda – Added building ‘smells”; Unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes from May 7, 2019 – unanimously approved

Board Liaison Update – Todd Handy

  • The Board has full membership
  • Board will be meeting in July for additional training
  • Committee Chair meeting is July 25 (Thursday)

Old Business:

  • Environmental Audit
    • Start with inventory
      • Ashley has been asked to begin inventory in the CC.
      • Go through building by building and do an inventory. Inventory includes 1) chemicals, 2) mechanicals (fans, doors/screens, etc.), 3) critters, 4) energy efficiency (lighting), 5) waste/recycling, 6) public health (rags, etc)
      • Inventory will be conducted by EESC Committee on June 18
    • Environmental Impact Procedures – to be discussed at next meeting.

New Business:

  • Rodent issue: Critter Control evaluated the building. Entry points at doors and one at roof. More traps will be used outside and set inside the building; entry points through the doors/screens will be blocked; an article will be written for Vistas/e-Blast but sent to Committee for review. With the construction and a wet winter we anticipate that nature/critter may intrude into the building; please close the doors!
  • Building odor – seems to be an odor ‘spritzer’ in all CC bathrooms; needs to be removed. Why do we need this solution – not cleaning the bathroom enough, failing septic system, etc.; fans need to be working and be automatic; may need to upgrade fans.
  • Send email to Ashley that no E-Blast should be sent concerning the Transfer Station – it is complicated to explain and we don’t want to get it wrong.
  • Russell Winslow has resigned from the Eldorado Environmental Stewardship Committee
  • Review of Zero Waste Community Center Events – everything went well except the clear stream bags leaked; next time reusable towels will be brought to cleanup and/or the bags will be doubled.

Meeting Adjourned: 5:15 PM

Next meetings: July 2,2019 at 3pm.