Eldorado Environmental Stewardship Committee

July 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance

Committee members: Karen Murry, Nancy Ostiguy, and Stephanie Levy. 

ECIA Board Liaison: David McDonald

Meeting start: 3:15 PM

Approval of Agenda:  Unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes from June 4, 2019: Unanimously approved

ECIA Board Liaison Update – David McDonald

  • Vandalism of Dog Park, Community Garden(2x), Compadres Park, Pool (2X): Female has been identified; one male identified (first name only); at least four individuals, maybe five seem to be responsible; police are investigating.
  • Pinon trees: Angelo (facilities attendant) has noticed the courtyard piñon trees are showing signs of beetle infestation and mites. Tree services will be contacted to evaluate the piñons. Water emitters will be established to help properly water trees at root line.
  • David will be talking to Julie about previous items discussed that are still to be addressed:
    • Mice: sweeps under doors, reversing/changing closure on entryway door, removal of vines (living room and entry hall); sealing of holes (vines); mouse traps inside building.
    • Maintenance closet (entry hallway) needs to be locked/secured.
  • ECIA Community Center rodent problem – Karen will be discussing with F&G committee.
  • Odor in ECIA Community Center bathrooms: Karen will check periodically. EESC will check July 3rd during the continuation of the audit inventory.

Old Business:

  • Environmental Audit
    • Inventory has been started.
    • Will continue the inventory/audit tomorrow, July 3 at 1 PM.
  • Environmental Impact Procedures: to be discussed next time

New Business:

  • New planting proposals around pool, dog park, courts and ball field:
    • Discussion of proposed plantings and locations – preference for native plants with low water needs; Even low water-need plants need to be watered for first 3 years after planting or there is a high probability of plant death.
    • Inspected locations of proposed plantings.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:30 PM to review planting areas.

Next meetings:

            August 14, 2019 at 3pm