Ad Hoc Environmental Advisory Committee Minutes

Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes from November 5, 2018

In Attendance: Committee members: Karen Murray, Patty Mann (via phone), Nancy Ostiguy, Russell Winslow and Stephanie Levy.  ECIA Board Liaison: David McDonald. Robert Blanchet excused absence.

Meeting start: 3:15 PM

Approval of Agenda – Moved (Stephanie) Second (Nancy) – Unanimously approved

Approval of minutes – Patty had some modifications

Board Liaison Update – David McDonald

            On Compadres from Herrada to Avenida Eldorado was the only section where Pendulum was used; on Casa del Oro from Avenida Eldorado to Balsa Corn gluten-8 was used; on Casa del Oro from Balsa to Avenida Vista Grande nothing was used.

            The Interim Pesticide Policy was passed by the Board.

            Suggested we review the posting on the hike/bike path.  The company that does the work should be part of the contract – it should be specified in the contract what we want.

            Board approved the facilities rental policy; still working on the rental procedure.  Looking at putting in language requiring recycling. Need to include information about recycling in the rental agreement.

            Status on the irrigation around the pinyon trees: we have new company (Anytime Landscaping Company) is doing ECIA landscaping; will be moving the drip irrigation as close to the parameter of the planter area as possible; getting this done will be on Mike’s list of things to do.


Discussion of list of herbicides for F & G to test in spring.  Nancy will come back with a reduced list of herbicides – what plants are the targets (grass versus broadleaf), etc – for F & G to evaluate.

Discussion of the need to work on our mandate from the Board.

1)     Pest Management Procedure – pest management pyramid; Nancy will bring a draft policy for consideration

2)     New Facilities and Facilities Maintenance – need to policy to provide guidance on kinds of materials to be used in building and maintenance

a.     Less toxic cleaning products

b.     Low volatiles – paint, glues

3)     Annual Audit – what are the pieces of the annual audit; what is the procedure for the annual audit.  Develop guidelines for the annual audit. Stephanie will work with Nancy to begin to develop guidelines for the annual audit.

Our goal will be to have a complete ‘package’ by May.

Adjourned: 4:59 PM

Next meetings:

            December 4 (1st Tuesday)

            January 8 (2nd Tuesday)

            February 5 (1st Tuesday)

            March 5 (1st Tuesday)

            April 2 (1st Tuesday)

            May 7 (1st Tuesday)

            June 4 (1st Tuesday)

Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes from September 25, 2018

In Attendance: Committee members: Patty Mann (via phone) Nancy Ostiguy, and Russell Winslow.  ECIA Board Liaison: David McDonald. Robert Blanchet and Stephanie Levy excused absences.

Meeting start: 3:15 PM

Approval of minutes

It was moved (Nancy) and Seconded (Russell) to approve minutes as corrected by Patty Mann (Linda Weiner suggested the power wash, not John Formby).  Minutes were approved.

Board Liaison Update – David McDonald

Hike and Bike Trail maintenance and repair – next Monday and Tuesday maintenance and repair by AFJ Paving will begin next Monday and Tuesday.  Rock salt will be used on all the big cracks (cut outs). One mile from Balsa Road to Avenida Eldorado will have

Draft Interim Pesticide Application Procedure will be voted on Thursday. This policy will be followed for the Hike Bike Trail. Information will be put into Vistas. Will put in information about those who wish to be on telephone list or a texted list and to sign-up for eBlast.

Julie Navarro, General Manager, has started and is doing well.

Project Manager (lives here in Eldorado) will be starting at the end of October/beginning of November.

Pinyon trees will be watered and fertilized. A new landscaping crew will be starting. With continuing evaluation of the health.

Compadres unpaved Hike and Bike Trails (Vista Grande to Herrada, ~1 to 1.5 miles) – will be looking into using the fine gravel; will be talking with David Padilla (Santa Fe County) about how they did the work so we can mimic it.  Looking at duplicating what was done on the Rail Trail. The County will be doing this work, not ECIA. Facilities and Grounds will be trying to figure out who to talk with at the County.

County roadwork: aprons (area where the roads cross the bike path) – County will paving the areas between other jobs (F&G is working on this) 2) $100,000 from State

Questions were raised concerning:

Who reports to the Board from the EAAC?

The Board Liaison reports.

Who provides the information for Monthly report the goes to the ECIA website?

Julie (as part of Manager’s Report) is responsible for this but last month was very chaotic.

New Board members will be seated on Thursday. Five applicants for three positions.

Old Business

AFJ Paving’s upcoming maintenance/repairs of Hike and Bike Trails:

Patty stated her concerns about the plan to use Pendimethalin on a portion of the hike/bike trail.

F & G (Facilities & Grounds) wants a list of a half dozen or so materials to test in the spring

            Two are being tested 1) Avenger and 2) Industrial Vinegar and Dawn® Soap mixture

Nancy agreed to put together a list. The list will be brought to the EAAHC before forwarding to F & G.

Update from Patty on information from John Formby:

Dr. Formby – disagreed with Cristine Freeman-Silver about pruning.  His recommendation was to remove the dead ends of the trees, not major trimming. Trimming of the trees would not have lured in the bark beetles – greater damage to the bark is necessary for the bark beetles to attack the trees. Twig beetles are a secondary pest. Sometimes the twig beetles die off on their own or move to other trees.  Scale will stay on the trees. Dr. John Formby is willing to come back in the spring.

Safe cleaning products:

Stephanie Levy and Nancy Ostiguy will be working on this list.

The goals of the list should precede the items. [The Committee needs to discuss and agree upon the goals.] List should be divided by uses (e.g. laundry, dishwashing, floor products, bathroom cleaning, etc.). Pros and cons of products should be provided.

Pre- and Post-emergent ‘natural’ herbicide list:

Nancy will be working on this list. This list will be of pre and post emergence ‘natural’ herbicides that includes potential efficacy, safety concerns, etc.  Intent is to select materials to be used by ECIA homeowners

A question was raised about ECIA well – a map will be created to locate the wells, pipes, cisterns, etc. The only well owned by ECIA is between the pool and the dog park.

Meeting end: 5:02 PM

Next Meeting: October 30th 3-5 PM, ECIA Conference Room

Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee August 28, 2018 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Committee members: Chair Karen Murry, Jerry Gulseth, Nancy Ostiguy, Stephanie Levy, Patty Mann (via phone).  ECIA Board Liaison David McDonald. Robert Blanchet, Russell Winslow excused absences.

Call to Order at 3:11pm

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of the July 31, 2018 Meeting Minutes: Approved with agency title correction.

Committee Notifications:

  • Our EAAHC Goals and Charter are being reviewed by the ECIA Board.
  • Community Center piñon trees were evaluated by Coates Tree Service, Tree Doctor 911, Heads Up Landscaping, New Mexico State Forestry Entomologist John Formby and Tree Technologies Arborist Cristine Freeman-Silver. Coates Tree Service suggested deep watering every 2-3 weeks, conifer fertilizer and suspected tree’s might have fungus. Tree Doctor 911 recommended deep watering every 2-3 weeks, and suggested injectable tree trunk treatment now and in the fall for scale and mites. Heads Up Landscaping encouraged deep watering , suspected scale and recommended chemical trunk drench treatment and fertilizer.
  • Special EAAHC meeting August 3, 2018: NM State Forestry Entomologist Dr. John Formby, stated piñon trees were drought stressed and needed better irrigation. He recommended placing a soaker hose at the drip line of each tree and heavy watering once a month. Dr. Formby suggested fertilizing piñon trees with a low nitrogen and high p+k conifer fertilizer. He suggested the patio bricks are not allowing a proper water to the tree roots and some adjustments need to be made. Dr Formby suggested using a high pressure power wash of piñon trees in spring 2019 to remove scale and clean up fallen debris. He also suggested using a power wash of gentle soap and water if needed to remove scale egg webs. Dr Formby noticed twig beetles on some of the trees and recommended a licensed arborist properly prune back all infested branches and dispose trash to prevent further infestation. John recommended  arborist Cristine with Tree Technologies.
  • Special Meeting August 23, 2018: Cristine came out August 23 to evaluate sickly piñon trees, with David McDonald and Karen Murry present. Cristine noticed scale and twig beetle infestation. She recommended spraying with dormant oil mixed with permethrin around April 15 2019 to treat the scale and twig beetle infestation (She recommended to use, Ramone from the “Bug Man” not NM Pest Control as vender). Cristine recommended deep water every 2-3 weeks for the piñon trees. She did not feel it would be healthy to trim twig beetle infestation off the sickly piñon trees as the tree branches are very sparse and thin. She recommended a low nitrogen, high P+K conifer fertilizer.
  • ECIA Board will evaluate all options for the piñon tree treatment at the August 30, 2018 Board Meeting.
  • Task Group: Stephanie Levy wrote a Vista Article for “Contact List for Pesticide Notice” . It was reviewed by the ECIA Board and will be included in the next issue of the Vistas.
  • CC Railroad Room polished concrete flooring has been scheduled for mid-September.

ECIA Board Liaison Update: David McDonald

  • ECIA Board will review all options for the CC piñon tree treatment.
  • Hike-Bike Trail maintenance on Casa Del Oro, Ave Eldorado, Ave Vista Grande. AFJ contractor is the leading vendor for hike/bike trail maintenance contract. ECIA Board will meet with AFJ to determine what herbicide will be used on weeded cracked pavement, when it would be used and how it would be applied. Would like proper notification of scheduled application, so proper Eldorado signage and resident notification can be sent. ECIA Board would like full and proper agreed upon verbiage on formal contract. ECIA Board would like to formalize contract and have maintenance repairs scheduled before end of October. David McDonald and Nancy Ostiguy will attend AFJ contract meeting and help with official contract.

New and Old Business:

  • Update on the review of suggestions of possible eco-safe products to use as weed abatement on the hike/bike trails. Nancy Ostiguy formulated a list of possible eco-safe weed abatement choices.
  • Review of three proposed “Draft Interim for Procedure for Pesticide Application” amendment changes and possible revision. EAAHC Committee voted to approve all three changes to the Draft Interim Procedure for Pesticide Application and revision.
  • Review and formal vote on Draft Interim for Procedure for Pesticide Application. Motion: to send the Interim Procedure for Pesticide Application and two Application Form templates to the ECIA Board for review. Motion approved and was sent to the ECIA Board for review during the September Board meeting.
  • Stephanie Levy presented a list of Eco-safe cleaning products that could be used at the ECIA Community Center and sent to the ECIA Board for review.

Committee Comments: Small verbal celebration for the “Motion to send the Interim Procedure for Pesticide Application” to the ECIA Board for review.

Adjournment: 5:15pm

Next Meeting September 25, 2018 at 3pm in the CC

Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee July 3, 2018 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance; Committee members: Chair Karen Murry, Robert Blanchet, Jerry Gulseth, Nancy Ostiguy, Patty Mann and consultant Ann McCampbell via phone link, Stephanie Levy excused absence; ECIA Board Liaisons: David McDonald and Claudia Ahlstrom; Public attendees: Russell Winslow and Pat Murphy.

Call to Order at 3:00pm

Approval of July Agenda:

Approval of June 5, 2018 Meeting Minutes;


Debra Link has given notice that she is stepping down form the EAAHC.

Board Liaison Update: David McDonald and Claudia Ahlstrom

Public Forum: Pat Murphy, with the Climate Change Lobby, invited interested residents to attend a juried Global Warming Art Exhibition at the Museum of Encaustic Art on July 15, 2018 from 4-7pm at 632 Aqua Fria St, SF,NM.

Russell Winslow, on the ECIA F&G and Road Committees, attended meeting to view and possibly join the Environmental Advisory AH Committee,

Committee Update:

  • Community Center Railroad room’s new polished concrete flooring project approved by the ECIA board in June. EAAHC was asked to recommend notification options, for review by the ECIA Board, for the residents of Eldorado. As project has very little outgassing, most during flooring construction, committee recommended 3 day notification before (e-blast, marque and signage), signage and caution tape during construction, and signage for one week after. HOAMCO to create physical signage for around Railroad room. After Board first review, recommendation for 2 week notification (e-blast and CC signage) before project start. Russell gave an over view of concrete project: HOAMCO to clean the windows, wall hangings (removed) and basic dust removal before project; Illmatic Construction Inc will demo/remove flooring and existing glue, prep floor for polish, repair joints/cracks with polyuria joint fill, grind floor to expose aggregate, polish to 800grit, and seal and burnish. Project to start this summer TBA.
  • The Hike/Bike path scheduled County maintenance for 2018. Environmental Advisory was asked for ideas for eco-safe herbicide recommendations to present to the County to consider for weed abatement. ECIA Board asked the County to please consider our eco friendly environment and to please use eco-safe herbicide if able. Consultant Ann McCampbell expressed the need to not use herbicide if possible. Russell reminded the committee that the maintenance of our hike/bike trails is by the County and we should work together to create an eco friendly direction. It would be a great help to have a list of safe herbicide products to use.
  • Nancy offered to work with Courteney to create an ECIA web page that lists the locations where ECIA is planning on work that might involve chemicals and create a list of materials that could be considered for use.

Text Message or robo call system for notification: Karen is working with HOAMCO and Courteney Handy to try to establish a text notification system Eldorado residents could sign up for. Patty Mann will investigate Forest service cell/land line notification system.

Environmental Advisory AH Committee Mission Statement: Motion was made to approve new wording for the Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee Mission statement. Approved by committee (5 members/ 1 absent) and sent to ECIA Board for review.

Environmental Advisory AH Committee Goals: Committee reviewed goals. Motion was made to approve the Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee Goals statement. Approved by committee  (5 members/ 1 absent) and sent to ECIA Board for review.

Environmental Advisory Charter: Committee reviewed Charter. Motion was made to approve the Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee Charter. Approved by committee (5 members/ 1 absent) and sent to the ECIA Board for review.

Russell Winslow expressed that he would like to join the Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee. Motion was made to approve Russell Winslow to be a committee member of the EAAHC. Approved by committee (5 members, one absent) and sent to the ECIA Board for review.

Draft of Interim Procedure for Pesticide Application was distributed and will be discussed at next meeting.

Committee Comments: Due to meeting running over time and committee members needing to leave, no comments at this time.

Adjournment: 5:05pm

Next Meeting July 31, 2018 at 3pm at the CC.

Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee July 31, 2018 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Committee members: Chair Karen Murry, Russell Winslow, Robert Blanchet, Jerry Gulseth, Nancy Ostiguy, Stephanie Levy, Patty Mann (via phone), ECIA Board Liaison David McDonald.

Call to Order at 3:10pm

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of the July 3, 2018 Meeting Minutes: Approved

Committee Notifications and Board Liaison Updates:

  • Russell Winslow is formally approved by the ECIA Board to join the EAAHC.
  • The EAAHC Goals and Charter are still under review by the ECIA Board. Hopefully news by Aug 3, 2018.
  • Creation of a text message/robo call alert system under review by ECIA Board. Patty Mann contacted the Forestry Service for suggestions on electronic text/robo call systems to use, but was informed the Forestry Service manually calls their alert list. Karen suggested an E-Blast could be sent out inquiring if any Environmental sensitive residents,would like to sign up for E-blast alerts of upcoming ECIA Projects, and for friends and neighbors to help spread the word if they know of anyone not on ECIA E-blast notification system. Task Group was set up to write a Vista article about notification requests.
  • Creation of Web page for ECIA Notifications of upcoming ECIA projects under review and advisement by the ECIA Board.

Update from the July 26, 2018 Special Joint Four Committee Meeting:

  • Committees walked around the CC and reviewed the struggling piñon trees.

   Original recommendation was to continue deep water, but Coates Tree Service  

  review of piñon trees suggested only deep water piñon trees every 4-6 weeks.

  Coates Tree Service did not find scale but suspects fungus from over water and

   draught stress. GM Assistant Anna is awaiting Tree Doctor 911, Plants of the 

   Southwest (does not have this service), and any other tree services found by    


  • David McDonald felt an impartial arborist should be contacted to find out what is wrong with the sick piñon trees. Karen assigned a task group to pursue contacting SF County Forestry, NM Forest Service and BLM land Management for possible arborists with piñon tree knowledge. Patty Man was able to set up a NM State Forestry evaluation for Friday.
  • Discussion on possible weed abatement ideas for projects on the CC grounds and hike/bike paths. Nolan Zisman, from the F&G Committee, asked the EAAHC, if they were willing to demo a section of the Hike/bike trail by the CC. Committee discussion concluded that a demo should entail use of at least four environmentally gentle products to see which is the best with least toxicity. Task group was set up to research various enviro gentle products to conduct trial. Committee recommendations would be sent to the ECIA Board for review and approval or recommendation and then to GM and Maintenance to purchase products and implementation.
  • Nolan Zisman from the F&G Committee, mentioned a hike/bike demo project on the Ave de La Compadres hike/bike path. Nolan asked EAAHC to research “Rhino Snot” as a possible surface. Committee unanimously voted down “Rhino Snot” as not data is available as it is proprietary data. Acrylic polymers are proprietary. Russell recommended using the same product used on the SF County Rail Trail. Motion: Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee recommends not to use Rhino Snot as a test material. Environmental Advisory AH asks that the same materials/specifications that were used by County on the SF Rail Trail be used  to upgrade the unpaved section of the Ave De La Compadres Hike/Bike path. Approved full Committee.

Review of possible eco-safe products to use as weed abatement on the hike/bike paths: Discussion on various possible eco-safe products found but will research and discuss at next meeting.

Small Elms are appearing at the backwash and possible solutions:

AAA Allied Septic will be out in early August to examine system for functionality. A  new engineering study for a new septic system and backwash might be needed, independent of Pool study. Oct 1st Pool Pro will conduct a full pool study. Review of findings should help in determining life of pool and any needed repairs.

Review and recommendation of eco-safe cleaning products to be used at the ECIA. What to use and what not to use.

Review of Draft Interim Procedure for Pesticide Application:

Discussion on a some verbiage and small revision. Russell asked who would be filling out Appendix A, and consensus is it would be filled out by HOAMCO staff. Second, smaller new document, would be filled out by contractors with what info we are requesting. Patty asked that the Product label be included in the document as well as product info and MSDS. ECIA Board would like to see ECIA landscaping contract be put out for bid. Russell mentioned that if you see a problem (broken lights etc.) to please go on ECIA website and fill out a Problem Ticket request. That way the problem can be tracked and fixed.

Committee is waiting on one more request before finalizing draft for vote.

Committee Comments

Adjournment: 5:15pm

Next Meeting August 28, 2018 at 3pm.

Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee June 5, 2018 meeting minutes

In Attendance: Committee members: Chair Karen Murry, Stephanie Levy, Debra Link, Robert Blanchet, Jerry Gulseth, Patty Mann via phone link; ECIA Board Liaisons: David McDonald and Claudia Ahistrom; Public attendees: Jean Stokes and Nancy Ostiguy (possible new member).

Call to Order at 3:10pm.

Approval of June Agenda: Approved

Approval of April 3, 2018 Meeting minutes: Approved

Approval of May 1, 2018 Meeting minutes: Approved


Peggy Cooke has given notice that she is stepping down from the Environmental Advisory Committee.

Patty Mann is stepping down from committee secretary and Chair Karen Murry will assume the position.

Board Liaison Update: David McDonald and Claudia Ahistrom.

  • No new information on ECIA wells. Still researching back records, as is the Facilities and Grounds Committee.
  • Elm Tree (#5 at Pool House) Update: David believes the consensus was to hand dig the elm roots by the pool house wall and see if there was any encroachment through the foundation.
  • Pool Backwash Update: David was not aware of any news on the backwash. Pool Pro was asked to evaluate the pool backwash area but was waiting on the tree removal. F&G Committee will have to ask Pool Pro to evaluate backwash separately now that the trees are removed.

Public Comments: Jean Stokes

  • Long time Eldorado resident, drafted the 1998 IPM for ECIA.

Jean expressed worry about the creation of a new ball field at the Community Center.

She explained problems in 2000, with discussion of sod to create a soccer playing field and worry about the possible use of pesticides to eliminate weeds. No pesticide used and no sod purchased. Karen and David explained that the new F&G Committee proposal was for a dirt baseball playing field for year one and artificial turf installed (similar to the artificial turf at the Eldorado School) for phase two. No pesticides to be used. Maintenance staff will currently mow and weed and outside contractors would be used to eliminate gophers and safely transplant prairie dog colonies. Once artificial turf is installed, limited maintenance will be needed.

 Jean commented about the decision making process involved in CC and Eldorado projects. How Santa Fe has an IPM policy but the County does not.

David McDonald is setting up monthly meetings with  Robert Martinez, Deputy Director of Public Works for Santa Fe County to discuss Eldorado issues to create an open dialog.

Karen proposed creating an online reference site for IPM guidance and education.

Karen discussed need for an electronic text message system through HOAMCO and Courteney to sign up residents who would like to be alerted to Eldorado Community Center pesticide applications.

Committee agreed and Karen will inquire with HOAMCO on how to set up this system.  Information Committee will be copied on this as well.

Karen proposed creating a “green” lecture and education series to help inform Eldorado residents, management staff and ECIA committees.

Nancy expressed interest in joining the Environmental Advisory Committee.

Motion: To nominate Nancy Ostiguy to be a member of the Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee. Approved

Name was forwarded to the ECIA Board for formal approval.


Revisions of the Environmental Advisory Committee goals and the IPM were started, but tabled till next meeting due to time.

Adjournment: 5:15pm

Next meeting July 3, 2018 at 3pm.