Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes from February 5, 2019

In Attendance: Committee members: Karen Murry, Patty Mann (via phone), Nancy Ostiguy, Stephanie Levy and Todd Handy, visitor.  ECIA Board Liaison: David McDonald. Staff Liaison: Katrina Pederson, Russell Winslow excused absence.

Meeting start: 3:22 PM

Approval of Agenda – Moved (Stephanie) Second (Nancy) – Unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes – Moved (Stephanie), Second (Nancy) – Unanimously approved

Board Liaison Update – David McDonald

            Nothing to report.

Old Business

  • Discussion of Procedures for Pesticide Notification:
    • Done
  • Discussion of IPM Pyramid and see if it is ready for committee vote.
    • Motion to approve IPM pyramids (Nancy), Second (Stephanie) – Unanimously approved
  • Discussion of Procedure for Pesticide Application. Committee made small revisions and corrections of typos.
    • Committee voted on PPA to go to the Board for consideration.
    • Motion to approve for recommendation to the Board (Stephanie), second (Nancy) – Unanimously approved
  • Discussion on PUP (Pesticide Use Proposal) Appendix. Committee made small corrections.
    • Motion to approve (Stephanie), second (Nancy)
  • Discussion on list of recommended safe weed abatement that can be tested on ECIA Hike/Bike trails this spring. (Prototype for use this spring to be discussed with F&G and Board)
    • Sent to Nolan, Julie, Mike, David. F & G will work with Mike & Julie to test the material

New Business:

  • Discussion of Policy on Materials used in Renovations, New Buildings and Existing Maintenance- How do we proceed or can we at this time?
  • Discussion of Annual Audit.

Motion to recommend to the Board to change the status of the EAAHC, an ad hoc committee, be to a standing Environmental Advisory Committee (Nancy), second (Stephanie) – Unanimous approval

  • Community Center use of glue traps for rodent reduction. January meeting with Julie, Mike, David and Karen was very productive. New safe trap rodent control solutions are being explored.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:45 PM

Next meetings:

            March 19 (3rd Tuesday) Due to committee member’s prior commitments.

            April 1 (1st Monday)

            May 7 (1st Tuesday)

            June 4 (1st Tuesday)