Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes from January 7, 2018

In Attendance: Committee members: Karen Murry, Todd Handy, Patty Mann (via phone), Nancy Ostiguy, Stephanie Levy and Russell Winslow.  ECIA Board Liaison: David McDonald. Staff Liaison: Katrina Pederson (KPederson@hoamco.com). Robert Blanchet excused absence.

Meeting start: 3:15 PM

Approval of Agenda – Moved (Stephanie) Second (Nancy) – Unanimously approved

Approval of minutes – Moved (Stephanie), Second (Russell) – Unanimously approved

Board Liaison Update – David McDonald

            Discussion of the future of this Committee; should we be a stand-alone or a subcommittee of another committee.

            A discussion of where the current documents about pesticide applications are on the ECIA website.

Old Business

Discussion of Procedures for Notification – (Julie Navarro is putting this together and this Committee will look at this once it has been put together: Katrina will check for us.)

Discussion of IPM Pyramid – modified the names of the pyramids

Discussion of draft Pesticide Policy – Some modifications were made during the meeting.  Additional modifications, consistent with comments made during the meeting, will be made and sent to the Committee before the next meeting.

Discussion of the pool needing a separate document from the Pesticide Application Policy.

Discussion of Policy on Materials used in Renovations, New Buildings and Existing Building Maintenance – Postponed to next meeting

Discussion of Annual Environmental Audit – Postponed to next meeting

Meeting Adjourned: 5:20 PM

Next meetings:

February 5 (1st Tuesday) from 3-5 PM in the ECIA Conference Room

            March 5 (1st Tuesday)

            April 1 (1st Monday)

            May 7 (1st Tuesday)

            June 4 (1st Tuesday)