ECIA Board Meeting Agenda

Monday January 20, 2020

Open Meeting / 5:00 pm Railroad Room

Call to Order- Welcome

Roll Call / Declaration of Quorum/Recorded Meeting

Approval of Agenda

Consent Agenda Items

  • General Manager’s Report
  • December BOD minutes
  • Acceptance of December’s Covenant Compliance Report


Variance Requests and Architecture Committee

  • 11 Dovela Place – 12 foot fence variance
  • 22 Valencia Loop – screening fence variance
  • 6 Verano Drive – accessory unit variance




TREASURER'S Report and Finance Committee



Election Committee Presentation - Bette Knight


New Business

  • Voices To Be Heard event
  • County Liaison
  • Annual Meeting
  • F & G KPI's
  • Strategic Planning Task Group
  • Policy Review Task Group
  • Office Procedures Review Report
  • Hearing Review Panel


  1. Motion to accept revised December Financials
  2. Motion to reappoint John Reynolds to the Conservation Committee
  3. Motion to adopt the Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s) as recommended by Finance Committee
  4. Motion to approve the development of a Policy Review Task Force
  5. Motion to approve the development of a Strategic Plan Task Force


Open Forum for General Issues


Old Business

  • Boys and Girls Club



  • Conservation Committee
  • Facilities & Grounds Committee
  • Information Committee
  • Road Committee
  • Stable Committee
  • Bylaws Review Ad-hoc Committee
  • Website Task Group


Executive Session

Upcoming Board Meetings: 

                        Board Meeting : Monday, February 17 , 2020 at 5:00 PM, Railroad Room