Environmental Stewardship Committee Agenda

November 5, 2019 meeting

Call to Order

Approval of the October 8, 2019 Meeting minutes

Approval of the November 5, 2019 Agenda

Board Liaison Report

ECIA board decisions of courtyard elm trees and  pool house elm.

Ask Julie if our recommendations for Hike/bike trail ant hill treatments with diatomaceous earth have been used.

Old Business:

  • Environmental Management Policy discuss recommended environmentally safe pre-approved product’s list.
  • Review full Procedure for Management Policy (PEM) and lists.
  • Discussion of ideas for the community outreach program on environmentally sustainable (and cost effective) practices.
  • Discussion of what topics we wish to cover in the environmental library.
  • Review Environmental audit report and what still needs to be completed at CC.

Committee Comments

Next Meeting December 3, 2019