ECIA Road Committee Meeting Agenda February 13, 2019 Wednesday 5-7 pm ECIA Railroad Building

  1. Call to Order for Official Business 500pm to 545pm
  2. Introductions
  3. Modification/Adoption of Agenda
  4. Chair Comments, Committee Roles and Responsibilities update
  5. Modification/Approval of December 5, 2018 meeting minutes
  6. ECIA Board Liaison Report
  7. S.F. County Transportation Advisory Committee [TAC] Update
  8. Old Business / Open Action Items a. Update on Hike/Bike Apron Paving b. Update Consideration in SF County 2020 General Obligation Bond Issue changed to Legislature Capital Outlay Request for 2019 current session
  9. New Business: a. Spring Road Inspection status, b. Requested change in Road Committee Charter for comment and discussion
  10. Committee Round Robin
  11.  Next Meeting:  545pm – 700pm Open Forum for residents to suggest roads for upgrading. Total miles of upgrading will be dependent upon monies County receives from 2019 Legislature.