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Community Preserve Location: Trail Maps at Community Center

The Community Preserve consists of 4,094 acres of undeveloped land across Highway 285 from Eldorado, continuing across the Galisteo River at Cañoncito and south to Lamy. The Conservation Committee and the ECIA are responsible for management of this day-use area. Truly, this amenity is unrivaled in any other local community.


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Photo by Merlin Emrys, used with permission
On the recommendation of the Conservation Committee, the Board has voted to close the Eldorado Community Preserve to all rock-climbing activities pending damage assessment and restoration. This action was taken in response to rock climbers leaving permanent anchors and other fixtures as well as chalk on the rocks in archaeologically and ecologically sensitive areas and establishing unauthorized “social trails" in the Preserve.

*The Preserve remains open to all approved activities (hiking, biking, horseback riding) by Eldorado residents on the official designated trails.

Conservation 1

Additional Off Road Parking in the Preserve at Trailhead 4

In response to our concern for the safety of people parking on  CR 51, volunteers from the ECIA Conservation Committee and HOAMCO employees have completed fencing an area opposite the Trailhead 4 parking lot where vehicles with adequate clearance can park. The 3 strand wiring is wildlife friendly, that is, only the middle wire is barbed; the top and bottom wires are smooth. This fence also serves to prevent off road vehicles from accessing jeep trails in this part of the Preserve. Although we built some rock structures to control soil erosion, no other improvements are planned. The surface will remain dirt; if it is too muddy to park, it is too muddy to hike.

Conservation 2