Agenda- Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee Meeting Agenda

April 2, 2019

1) Approval of agenda

2) Appointment of recording secretary

3) Approval of the March minutes

4) Excused absences and Introduction of guests

5) Report from the Board Liaison

6) HOAMCO report

7) 401 Gully Treatment Plan ‐ presentation by Jan‐Willem Jansens

8) Participation in upcoming events (Explora, Garden Fair, Earth Day, Kids' MTB race)

9) Library Trail completion, status update on surveying pilot project

10) Status of New Trail Procedures document

11) Review and discussion of Landscape Practices Document

12) Preserve Trail work schedule ‐ discussion of committee work day April 13th (401 reroute).

13) Old business; status of new signs and maps

14) New Business; election of vice‐chair for upcoming 90 day term, April 2 ‐ July ‐ 2

15) Open Forum