Agenda- Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee Meeting Agenda (2nd draft)

September 4, 2018

  • Vote on acting chair to run the meeting following the agreed on agenda.
  • Appointment of a secretary to take minutes
  • Approval or correction of the August minutes
  • Introduction and comments by guests.
  • Report from the Board Liaison – Pam
  • An Action plan to serve as a framework for Committee activities for the next six to eight months.
  1. Resolve problems of payment to contractors hired at the request of the Committee or to Committee members who have not yet been reimbursed for items they purchased for Committee activities.
    1. Someone needs to check with Jan-Willem just before the meeting.
    2. Apparently we need to approve or suggest approval of the agreement between ECIA and Jan-Willem.
    3. We need to get in touch with Julie Navarro to find out where we stand.
    4. Unless someone else would like to do this, I will touch base with JW and the acting GM. Volunteers please let me know before Wednesday morning because I am leaving for Colorado until Saturday


  1. Discuss and develop Committee consensus: Library Trail completion


  1. Contract with area Licensed Professional Surveyor to locate and mark all lot boundaries for properties adjacent to the Trail and the connecting Greenbelt Access Points.
  2. Contract with individual or company with appropriate expertise to remove or reduce the berms created when the machine work on the trail was done earlier this year, and to reduce or eliminate other problems created by the incorrectly done machine work, insofar as possible.
  3. Mark Young has suggested he intercede with the maintenance crew to explain the problems and the necessity of working under CC supervision.
  4. After the Greenbelt boundaries have been identified and marked, and after the corrective machine work has been satisfactorily completed, set a date for a work day to do any remaining hand-work. Announce a call for volunteers as widely as is reasonably possible.
  • A) Trail projects to consider – we need a plan to propose to Jan Willem Jansens so that he can set aside dates for our collaboration. Also we need to consider projects that can best use the volunteers from the UNM wilderness alliance. Dates that Jan Willem gave us are the following weekends: 9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, and 11/3, possibly early November date if necessary.

Here are his suggested projects (1) completing Trail 404 (2 days), (2) exploring together the parallel path to the Jeep Trail (401), and also the erosion headcut/gully (1 day), (3) exploring improvements to the Trail 101-105 connection area (rutted trail in meadow + better equestrian entrance location) (1 day), and (4) any ad-hoc remediation as needed as a result of monsoonal erosion (1 day). So, we’re looking at 5 dates. I am also available on weekdays, barring any previously made commitments.

Other projects will be discussed at the meeting.

  1. Prepare a template for recording the condition of Preserve trails and other assets, to be used as input to Committee activity planning.
  1. Use template for a complete a condition assessment of the Preserve trail system.
  1. Using information developed for the Condition Assessment, identify other work to be done in the Preserve this fall, and outline possible projects for next spring.
  1. Work day with staff for placing new signs – Need lead person
  1. Review the Committee Charter, update as necessary and submit to the ECIA Board as required.

One person should volunteer to take lead on this and consult the other members.

Consider Paul’s document during revision.

  • Greenbelt vegetation control – Historically the CC has had only an advisory role. What should our role be going forward?
  • Response to letter from the Pellegrino’s – pass to John R?
  • Education and hike on weed control ??? Pam
  • Decision on more Greenbelt maps. (see invoice; hope to find out who pays and which is preferred paper)
  • What constitutes a CC quorum?
  • Vote for new chair and decide if we want a vice chair or co-chair or permanent secretary who would fill in in the absence of the chair.
  • Vote on Mary Clark’s membership?
  • Old business
  • New Business